Friday, March 1, 2013

Week 40... FREEDOM!!!


This week, I want to share with you a couple of things, both of them HUGE in their own right, and the first is in direct relation to my title that I chose for this post.  The second, you'll see below.

Mel, or "William Wallace" before things went South...
How many of you have seen the movie, Braveheart, with Mel Gibson???  There is a scene near the end of the movie, where Mel's character, William Wallace, has been captured, and is lying on a table, strapped down.  An evil looking man who intends to do great harm to "William Wallace" is standing over him with some very serious and evil looking tools at his side.  He asks him to say just one thing, "Mercy," so that he might die a quick death.  Instead, William Wallace yells in his loudest voice, "F R E E D O M!!!"  Well, from there, things went South and North and East & West for William WallaceAnd the rest, they say, is history.  Which brings me to my point...

At 57 years of age, I am "enjoying" my new found "Freedom" and I am NOT giving it back.  You see, as of about 3 to 4 weeks ago, I have my very own "Man-Cave."  Freedom you ask???  Well, in the 14 plus years that Donna and I have been together, probably 98% of that time, we have had one or more of the Kids living with us.  And several of those years included munchkin as well.  Almost 3 years ago, Donna and I chose to move out of our house that we own and rent it out.  We decided we wanted to downsize, move to a nice two bedroom apartment (room for munchkin when she would come over), and just chillax, now that it was just the two of us.  No "Empty-Nester" here!!!  The second bedroom was going to be my Office/Man-Cave since I spend a lot of time on the computer, watch sports, and listen to a lot of music.  But those plans went South (just like William Wallace) when, very quickly after we moved in, one of the Kids needed a place to stay.  Adios Man-Cave!!!  Until now...  Occupant GONE!!!  There was a bed in this room:  GONE!!! dumpster.  The space is mine again...  I have the "cave" set up now, and I am making plans to "spruce" it up even more.  As I type this, I have ordered a new wall-mount to hang my HD Flat Screen TV.  Donna & I have found the coolest Wall World Map for one of my walls from IKEA.  I am also researching Aquariums.  I am undecided on Fresh-Water or Salt-Water.  More than anything else, walking in to the "cave" and seeing an awesome looking aquarium and everything else has me so excited.  I told the little munchkin that she could name my fish for me.  I have moved my puzzle from Donna's dining table to a portable table in the "cave."  And now, I am not rushed to get it done in order to clear her table.  Can you see my smile???  Now, in the big scheme of things, sure, my "cave" is not such a big deal the heck you say, but from my "vantage point," and if you are reading between the lines consider me "William Wallace" and hear me scream, "F R E E D O M!!!"

Happy Birthday, Little Munchkin

Where does the time go???  Today, March 1st, Riley Renee Bates, or better known in our house as Munchkin, or Bug, is 7 years old.  I told the story of how I first found out Munchkin was on the way almost 8 years ago now in my Week 9... And Along Came "Bug" Blog Post.  I remember the day Donna told me Sami was pregnant.  I remember not being very happy about the "situation."  I remember thinking, "They will live with us forever now."  Grrrrrrrrrrrr...  Ha!!!  I remember Donna just beaming through the whole period.  But then, on this date in 2006, Little Munch was born and, again, the rest, they say, is history.  She has made quite the impression in 7 short years.  And looking back, we wouldn't have it any other way.  Below, a pictorial tribute:

Munchkin looking pretty "Spiffy" a couple of years ago...
When she was "tee-tiny" and got her feet all dirty at Gruene Hall...
A "wink" for Papa on Christmas morning, 2011...
A few years ago, with Nana & Papa at Moody Gardens in Galveston...  (Papa is #1)
Grand-Parents Day at School Lunch (Nana took Pic)
With her Mommy a few years ago...
All "SMILES" with Mommy...
Singing Happy Birthday to Papa for my "Double-Nickel"
A little "SPOOKY" this past Halloween, with Nana & a Friend...
Looking all kinds of "CUTE" in the past year or so...

MusicThis week, I have a selection with my "Little Bride" in mind.  As we sat and watched The Oscars last Sunday night, I think she must have said 20 times how much she liked this particular song...  So, I hope you'll join her in giving a listen to the Oscar Winning Song from the James Bond thriller, "Skyfall," sung by Adele and called Skyfall as well.

Market WatchAnother fairly Ho-Hum week for Facebook as it stayed pretty much where it has been for a while, closing yesterday at 27.25...  Overall, the Market, as a whole, bounced back to over 14,000.

The EndAnother week in the books.  I appreciate each and everyone of you stopping by Slu's World.  I hope to see you again next week.  Til then, Thank You.

Be safe, be smart, and always smile...  It's "Happy Friday"

adios...  vaya con dios


  1. Beautiful little girl. I know the happiness and the love they bring to the table. I know you are gonna have music in your man cave. Have a good week. cuz

    1. Ha... I absolutely am. Love my music.

      Looking forward to munchkin's BD party today: at the bowling alley. Ha!!!

      Thanks for checking in, cuz

  2. I can't believe it's been nearly 7 yrs since y'all came up to see us and you brought little baby Riley with you. She was a real baby doll then and she is just as cute as can be now. Wishing her a Very Happy Birthday!!! I know you are going to love your new cave. Just remember to come out occasionally.
    Love ya,
    Big Sis

    1. Ha... Munchkin is a handful and a laugh a minute. And yes, I will come out of the cave. Donna & I do spend a lot of time together when we are both here (when we are both not on the computer).

      Thanks for checking in, Lil Bro...

  3. FREEDOM for true but make the most of it fast before the kids come knocking on the day again. In fact, but a nice little CCTV camera over the front-door so when the kids come round packed with a suitcase, you'll see them coming so just don't let them in, ha ha ha ha.

    Seriously though, enjoy the space, peace and quiet and enjoy filling your home with all the desires of your heart. You've done your bit in life and it's nice to sit down with pure FREEDOM every now and again.

    Munchkin is such a good looking little girl. Her mother better watch out as she gets older, I can see that the young men will be cueing up at the door to bring her flowers. Oh, I do love the Adele tune too.

    1. Ha!!! I truly have waited a LONG time for this "day." Seriously, I should put a camera at the front door... lol!!! No, they know they are loved and welcomed, they just need to have a life now "away" from home.

      I am loving my room and I am super stoked about the aquarium... Hanging the TV today.

      Munchkin is just too sweet and is a blessing in our lives. Thank you for the kind words.

      Thanks for checking in, Slu

  4. A big Freedom high-five from my man. He loves the idea of the "man cave". I hope it turns out to be everything you need. Just remember to pick up your socks and empty cans after the big games! Ha! Let us know if you hand the tv with the cords inside the wall. We're still trying to figure that out.

    You little munchkin is adorable. She's very lucky to be loved by so many people. Happy Birthday to her!

    I have nothing but big love for Adele. She is incredible.

    Happy whats-left-of-the-weekend, Slu

    1. ...And "five" right back to my Man!!! The cords??? Since we are in an apartment, I will probably not go "inside" the walls. I am looking at decent looking "conduits," if you will.

      The Munch is a bunch, and yes, she is loved lots.

      Thanks for checking in and y'all have a great weekend as well, Slu

  5. Congrats on the Man Cave! I found my freedom/ bliss when my youngest daughter moved out and her bedroom became....available. My Hubs has basically taken over the living room because that is where the big screen TV is. I'm not a big TV watcher, so that is fine with me. I have the bedroom which has been converted into my office but also has a comfy couch in there and a GREAT view--it is my serenity and I love that I can just shut the door and create whatever I want. I call it a Woman Cave or what? Libations have been known to be served in there....

    1. "meno-mama," The "WoMan-Cave," a computer, and Libations... can it get any better??? Well, maybe on the patio on a beautiful day. Ha!!!

      Thanks for checking in, Slu

  6. Nice analogy. In the movie, he was being tortured! HA!
    Love you anyway man,
    One of the Crew ;)

    PS I LOVE the pics of Riley!

    1. Dude... as a card carrying member of the "Motley Crew," you should and obviously did "get" the whole "Torture" analogy. Now... "Freedom at Last." Oh wait... that's a "whole 'nother story." Ha!!!

      Take care, Slu


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