Friday, March 8, 2013

Week 41... Spring Break


It's that time of year...  It's Spring Break.  Ok, for me, not officially until 5pm later today, but who's counting.  So, for the next 9 days, I am going to see how much or how little I can get done.  There is much to do, so we'll see.  Donna works pretty much right through the middle portion of it, so we are staying close to home, with maybe a weekend trip to the Island.  I have 3 garages that need cleaning out and a patio that needs fresh plants.  Having said that, this week, I have been going back and forth between NO Blog Post and a LIGHT Blog Post:  Not a lot happening this past week.  At the last minute, I decided on a Light Blog Post, so this will be "Short & Sweet."

Ain't "No More Wheat"
(say it ain't so)

Donna and I mostly Donna made the decision to go on a Gluten Free Diet.  As of this past Tuesday, "It's on like Donkey Kong."  It's a bit of a challenge, especially when you walk into an early morning meeting on the very 1st day of your new "lifestyle" and you see multiple boxes of my beloved Shipley's Donuts.  Holy Smokes!!!  Also, it means no more spur of the moment swings through the Whataburger Drive Thru for my favorite "Double Meat with Cheese & a Large Fries."  Instead, while off on my break, in addition to reading "Freshwater Aquariums:  How to Set Up One Like an Expert" (see last weeks Blog), I'll also be reading, courtesy of Donna, "What Can I Eat?  Gluten Free Diet" as well as "Wheat Belly."  I think I might have a "Wheat Belly."  Ha...  So, we'll see how all this goes.  As we go forward, I'll keep you posted. 

My New Pinterest Board
"Quotes I'm Into"

I recently started a new Board on Pinterest that I named "Quotes I'm Into" simply because I have started seeing more and more quotes on there that I like.  Below are a few of my favorites that I have collected so far that I would like to share here...

Just a few of what I like so far...  I thought these were all pretty neat.  And finally, former Houston Oilers Quarterback, Dante Pastorini, posted a quote on Facebook this week that caught my attention:  

"They laugh at me because I'm different...  I laugh at them because they're all the same.

Munchkin's Birthday
Three Pics

Such a "Poser"
A Dog with her Ketchup...
Making a "Wish"

Last Night's MealI should have taken a picture, but, I'll just verbalize:  Perfectly seasoned and grilled Flat Iron Steak (medium rare) along with a Crisp Salad and a Glass of Wine.  Not bad for a "Gluten Free Meal." 

MusicOK, so in honor of Spring Break next week, you can't ever go wrong by selecting a song from the Beach Boys...  One of their biggest hits and one of my all time fave's:  Give a listen to California Girls and I bet you find your smile. 

Market WatchThe Market as a whole is just busting out in a major way, climbing this week to over 14,300Facebook crept up as well to a closing last night of 28.57.

The EndKinda sorta short & sweet and I appreciate you stopping by.  Thank You very much.  I hope you have a great weekend and I hope you'll stop by again next week.

Be safe, be smart, and always smile...  It's "Happy Friday"

adios...  vaya con dios


  1. Enjoy your week. :-)
    Big Sis

    1. I plan on it, although when I look into those 3 garages, all I see is "YIKES!!!" But I know I will be much more happy getting them cleaned out.

      We are meeting Shane & Porsche' in Galveston tonight for dinner on the Strand... that will be fun.

      Thanks for checking in, Lil Bro

  2. How nice to have the week off. I wish I had Spring Break! Why did ya'll (Ms. Donna) decide to go gluten free? I have read some articles that indicate that gluten free is the way to go for children with autism. My daughter does not seem to think it makes any difference with Haiden. Let me know if you feel better after going gluten free. It seems like a lot of work to me (but I am a lazy cook).
    Don't overdo it next week! Catch you after your refreshing, re-energizing, reinvigorating, recharging and gluten free week!
    Donna S.

    1. DS... The great thing about retirement from HFD is that I can now work a "part-time" job, one that I love, and it is actually a "part-time" of a "part-time" job, if that makes any sense. Working for a School District allows you all the days off the students have throughout the school year, so it's a win-win for me.

      Too early to tell so far on the new diet, but I will say this: Although I did not weigh on Tuesday morning, when we started, I'm already down 6.5 pounds from the middle of last week, as of this morning. And I'm finding that we can still eat a lot of foods that I love. It's just adjusting to the few that I love that I need to do without.

      Thanks for checking in... always love your comments, Slu

  3. Gluten free? Rather you than me, as I love food much too much to limit myself. Steak, chips, dogs, they all do it for me right now as it's a Friday night and I feel like eating.

    Slu, what do we do when we have a break? Give ourselves more work. So why not do absolutely nothing (the hardest thing in the world to do). Relax, take stock and be ready for the next round of human hectic life.

    Love the quotes too, especially the Downtown Abbey one! And last but not least, that birthday cake looks delicious, can you put a big bit in the post for me please?

    1. Hey Buddy... I will admit, this is going to take some getting used to, no doubt. Much like yourself, I am a "food lover" and that has probably put me in the position I am in. And I guess that at my age, it is time to do something about it. So, we shall see. I'm already down more than 6 pounds.

      I'm with you... It might be real easy to do absolutely nothing this next week. Sounds pretty nice. Ha!!!

      I'm diggin' those quotes as well and the one you mention really caught my eye. The cake??? It was pretty amazing.

      Thanks so much for checking in... I see I have a couple from you now that I look forward to catching up on. Take care, Slu

  4. Good Luck on your Gluten Free lifestyle. It's become quite popular. I wonder if I could talk to the man about it. Let's just say we have another name for his "wheat belly" :)

    I need that birthday candle hat. Your munchkin really is adorable.

    I have a quote page on Pinterest too, but I haven't pinned anything in forever.

    Breathe during that bit of a break, Slu. You deserve it.

    Happy Friday! (I'm actually reading this ON a Friday!). I know. I rock. It's absolutely ok to agree.

    Take care, you.

    1. Double M... Always love seeing your name on the "Comments" page. Thanks!!! As of this morning, I'm more than 6 pounds down, so today, I'm kinda diggin' this new diet. Two weeks from now, we'll see. I would love to hear that "name" for my man. Ha...

      Munchkin is off the charts... she was here last night and was none too happy that her Mom came to get her. She really wanted to stay with "NanaPapa." Another day.

      We will have to hook up on Pinterest if we have not already. I am really liking it. Donna brought me on "board" kicking & screaming, but I love it.

      LOL: Reading on "Happy Friday." You Rock!!! Ha...

      I will enjoy my week. You guys have a great weekend.

      Thanks for checking in. I will be on your page later today. Take care, Slu

  5. We all live such a fast pace life where it is so easy to drive thru whataburger and get a combo (mine with jalapenos). It takes a lot of time and dedication to eat healthier. Good luck, and keep us posted on results. Hope Munchkin had a good birthday. Take care and don't overdo this week. Cuz

    1. Hey cuz... Oh, I will miss Whataburger, but I can still fly through there every now & again and just remove the bread/buns. Not exactly the same, but close.

      I will keep everyone posted on my/our results: Down 6.5 lbs this morning. Ha!!!

      The birthday was good... Everybody had a good time.

      Thanks for checking in... cuz

  6. Love that quote about laughing at people who are all the same. I do that all the time in this small town I live in. I call them the Stepford wives 'cause they all dress the same, do the same activities and probably even have sex in the same positions.

    1. Ha!!! When I saw the quote, I loved it as well.

      Thanks so much for checking in & welcome.

      Looking forward to seeing more of your Blog. Take care, Slu

  7. Oh, so is THAT what they are calling it now---wheat belly?? Gee, and all this time i thought it was just a wine belly!!!

    1. Well... The good news is: The wine can keep flowing. The bread and/or flour can't. The whiskey can keep flowing. The beer can't.

      Just started reading the "belly" book this afternoon: Wow!!! So far, an eye opener. Sure makes one think.

      So, we'll a see how all this goes.

      Thanks for checking in, Slu


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