Friday, February 22, 2013

Week 39... Random Topics


So, this week, I thought I would share some totally "Random Topics" I have been involved in over the last week or two, much like in Week 7... Random Thoughts, when I touched on several subjects.

A Tale of Two Different Days

A week or so ago, while at work, a Bus Driver was out for the afternoon run.  I filled in for him.  In the afternoon, your first pick up is at the Elementary School for Kindergarten through 3rd Graders to take them home.  I was parked and waiting for the kids to come out and come on board.  As they start filtering out and making their way to my bus, it's funny watching their facial expressions as they start to board the bus and they see a "different" driver.  They are programmed, so to speak, that their bus is in a certain spot each day and that's where they go.  And when they see a different driver on what they thought was their bus, they are confused a bit, and they back up and look at the Route number on the side of the bus to make sure they have the right bus.  Some of the kids recognize me, others don't.  A little Kindergartner boy came on the bus that I had never seen, did not know, and he did not know me.  He took his seat in the first row, as Kindergartner's all sit up in the front of the bus.  About a minute later, while others are still coming on board, this same little Kindergartner slides up beside me and he is just bawling, his lips quivering, and I asked him what was wrong...  With tears streaming down his face and through those quivering lips, he told me that I did not know where he lived, cause I was a "new" driver and that I would not find his house (and I guess he thought he would never see his parents again).  I had to laugh a little as I assured him that I knew where he lived and that I would get him home to see his parents.  He did not believe me and just kept crying.  As I pulled up to his house several minutes later, he got off the bus very quickly and jumped into his Dad's hands, who was standing there waiting.  I don't think he liked me...  On the other hand:

The very next day, another Driver was out and I had to fill in for her afternoon Route at the same school.  Same scenario as I was sitting in the bus waiting for the kids to come out and board the bus.  As they are coming on, a little 1st Grader boy comes on the bus.  Again, I had never seen him before, did not know him at all.  I'm sitting there in my driver's seat, he walks onto the bus, sees me, and comes straight over to me with a little smile on his face, gives me a hug, and plants a kiss on my cheek.  I'm thinking:  What's up with that???  I just said, "Hey Buddy."  He walked back to his seat.  Go figure.  I think he liked me.  I guess he really liked having a different Driver.  For whatever reason, two totally different feelings from two different kids. 

And just for grins, because it was so cute...  On Monday of this week, I did a "ride along" to help out a Driver with his Elementary Kids, who had gotten a bit wild, if you will.  I was just gonna help him "rein them back in."  As we left the school and headed toward taking them to their stops, a little Kindergartner turns back to me and says, "Hey, Jackson has to go."  I told the both of them that we can't stop now, just hold on and we'll be home in a few minutes.  About a minute later, the same little boy turns around and says, "Jackson really has to go."  I just said to "hang on."  Well, about a minute or two later, the same little boy turns around and says, "Too late, Jackson went."  I started walking toward where they were sitting and I could see a tee-tiny "water trail" making its way up front on the floor.  I just had to smile.  I asked Jackson if he was OK and he said, "Yeah."  Ha!!!

Family Bowling Day

Last Sunday afternoon, "La Familia" decided to have a "Bowling Get Together" and a Burger and Shake afterwards at the new "Steak 'n Shake."  We live in League City and decided that everybody would meet at the Pearland Bowling Center in Pearland, about 25 minutes from our place.  Just as we pulled into the parking lot, Donna's son, Steven, called to say that we could not get a lane(s) because they were having "League Bowling" til 6pm...  it was 3pm.  Nobody called to check...  so off we go back to near where we live:  Main Event, a multi-event center and bowling is included.  There were 10 of us in our group.  Of the 10, only I walk in all "Billy B. A." with my shoulder bag that includes my own bowling ball and bowling shoes.  Having said that, understand that Donna & I have not gone bowling for years and my "bag" has been stored out in the garage.  While everybody else is standing in line for their shoes and trying to find a ball, I'm over at our lanes unpacking my stuff.  I zip open my bag and my zipper breaks.  I then struggle to get my bag open, but when I do, I see that my ball is not only cracked, but it's a raised crack, rendering it useless.  Which means I have to join everybody else and search for a ball.  Nothing like having your very own ball that fits your hand just right and having to use an "alley" ball.  After finding one that would have to do, I grab my shoes out of my bag and put them on.  I am ready.  My name is last on the score-board.  As I walk up to grab my ball and bowl, I can feel something that is just not right...  I literally walked right out of the "soles" of my bowling shoes.  Are you kidding me???  See below:

The other one would soon follow...  :-(

I proceed to bowl in my "broken" shoes since it was my turn.  As if things could not get any worse...  A gutter ball!!!  And then off to the front desk for a "rental" pair of shoes:  Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!  While everybody else is doing quite nicely, Munchkin included, I am "bringing up the rear."  

Donna with almost "perfect" form that netted her a few Strikes!!!
Munchkin with her own form, looking pretty good...
Some of the "Gang" looking on with "wild" anticipation...  As you can clearly see.
Scooter, Kristen, & Jude (Law) appear to be having fun...

We paid for one hour.  As the clock wound down, being last on the list, I did not even get to attempt my final 10th frame.  That's how my day went.  Donna had a few strikes, Munchkin threw an 8 or a 9 consecutively four or five times.  Our Son-n-Law, Stephen, said he had his best day ever.  Go figure.  I truly think I had my worst day ever, including not even finishing.  BUT, we had FUN!!!  And that's all that counts...  And then, it was off to Steak 'n Shake.  You just can't ever go wrong with a burger and a shake.

For all you "Pulp Fiction" freaks, they serve a "Royal Burger with Cheese"
Waiting outside for our table:  John & "Sambo" with a "Photo-Bomb" by Donna...
Stephen & Lauren
Stephen & Munchkin
More Scooter (Steven), Kristen, & my man Jude (Law)
And the "Leaders of the Pack," My Woman & Myself... 
All in all, a good and fun day...  Even if my score did not reflect it!!!

Recipe'sSpeaking of food, this week, I tried another Pinterest recipe I found and Holy Smokes, did it bring a smile...  I love cooking Asian Dishes in the Wok.  Enough said...  from Rainy Day GalBeef With Broccoli was easy to make, had a great flavor, tasted awesome, and I think you should give it a try.  If you can't find Flank Steak, I would suggest Flat Iron Steak.  I bet you find your smile.

MusicSo, in listening to my Pandora this week, I have heard the Rolling Stones quite a bit.  I could pick any number of songs and be happy with my selection, but one that stands out for me, one that I really get into, is Can't You Hear Me Knocking, which I hope you will give a listen to.  A really cool song. 

Sadly, there is no Puzzle Update.  Just been too busy or lazy.

Market WatchThis week, more "back-sliding" as Facebook slipped to 27.28 yesterday, continuing a recent, ever so slight, nose-dive.  The Market as a whole, slipped as well to below 13,900.

The EndAnother week in the books.  I Thank You very much and appreciate you taking the time each week to drop in at Slu's World.  I hope to see you back next week.  

Be safe, be smart, and always smile...  It's "Happy Friday"

adios...  vaya con dios


  1. Really!!?? no comments? I thought this was hilarious and I was there and had heard the stories before! I love the way you spin a tale, Babe! So much fun when you tell it! Nice uplifting blog and well, kids say the darndest things! As always, entertaining. I promise we will head out to buy a new ball and shoes soon. We need to keep the "Billy B A" image intact at the local bowling alley!! Love you bunches! D.

    1. That's the Woman that I know & love... Thanks!!! And I can't wait, you know I love my "image." Ha!!! Love you back.

  2. Hey, just now got a chance to read this week's update. It's a cool look into your daily life and it is, as always fun and smile worthy. Love you, Big Sis :-)

    1. Hey... been missing you each week. Hope all is well with everybody. Thanks for checking in. Take care, Lil Bro...

  3. Very cute kid stories. I am off to the closet to check my bowling ball. It has been in there 3 or 4 years. Sounds like you have my luck. cuz

    1. Ha... The "Kid" stories just keep on coming when you are around them on the School Bus. They are just too funny. Hope your ball is OK.

      Thanks for checking in, cuz

  4. Playing catch up this week on th eblog. I love the school bus stories. Jim and I laughed out loud when I read them to him.

    We are drinking Starbucks and talking about how fun it would be to bowl again. I used to be in a league with my sister Mary and Jon Joseph. I loved it, but was no good. You, my friend, had a totally "jinxed" game! Hilarious, but jinxed. So glad you all had a good time.

    Hope you and Donna are off to a lovely Sunday. Have a great week.
    Donna S.

    1. So glad to hear from you... Yes, although a lot of fun, it seemed that nothing went my way. Ha!!! Our family loves to go bowling, so I live for another day.

      There are always "Bus Stories." The kids are just too cute.

      Thanks so much for checking in, Slu

  5. That is an AWESOME picture of you and Donna!!! My Hubs and I love to go bowling too--it's best when we can get all the kids in for it, too! Loved the bus stories---that poor little boy who was crying--and how funny that the next day one kissed you on the cheek. Kids are so funny and honest and sweet with their emotions. Too bad more adults aren't like that, eh?

    1. Thanks!!! I love that pic, not because of my "mug," but because I think Donna is really pretty in it.

      The Bus "stories" just keep on coming and they are all so cute & funny.

      You know... Bowling is just plain fun when all the family is involved.

      Thanks for checking in, Slu

  6. Slu, this was adorable. I love the bus stories. I can't tell you how many times my students would miss the bus because there was a "new" driver. We teach all day long not to talk to strangers and then these kinds of situations come upon us. I laughed also, because I remember so many times,backing up my body to check the bus number....The little kids are the best!
    Your bowling day: Sorry about that! I have a pink ball and my shoes are light blue and pink. I usually walk in looking like I know what I'm doing only to gutter ball so much that I ask if I can have the bumper pads....Hahaha
    I'm writing late because I made the man rent "Flight". After your heart-felt review, I wanted to see it. It was wrenching to watch. Denzel did an amazing job.
    How was Steak and Shake? "Royale with cheese?" THAT was a crazy movie.
    Happy Monday, Slu

    1. You know, I keep saying jokingly, but really, it's true... there is a story every day of some kind with these little kids. They are too funny.

      Bowling was a blast even with my "bad" day.

      When we watched that movie and had our discussion, I just thought about it all week and decided that's what I would write about. Like you, the subject has touched parts of our life through Donna's family.

      S & S was good for a burger & shake. Ha!!! And Pulp Fiction??? One of my all time fave's.

      Thanks for checking in... I see you have a new one on the board. Will check out your = 45 soon, Slu


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