Friday, November 2, 2012

Week 24... Tid Bits = More Smiles


This week, I have several things to share with you...  just a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  Hang in there with me as I quickly bounce all over the place.

In honor of the Texas Lone Star Rally that takes place this weekend in Galveston, Texas, the 2nd largest "Biker Rally" in the country, I could not resist posting the following pic:

Don't know this guy, but Little "Biker Dude" is ready for a Rally...

The "Wedding" from last Saturday...  At 11:00am Saturday morning, it was an absolutely beautiful wedding, outdoors on a sunny, cool, day.  Just perfect weather.  Good music and beautiful participants.  Inside at the reception, the Bride & Groom, Best Man & Bridesmaid, each took the micro-phone and gave their little speech.  I am very proud to say that my buddy, Kenneth Earl (Boom-Boom), while talking about how "schmoooooooopie" he has become since meeting his new Bride, Pat, bestowed upon myself and Donna, the title of King and Queen of Schmoooooooopieville.  Ha!!!  I love it.  

Bride & Groom cutting the Groom's Cake
Sunday:  The "Day After."  I had said it was going to be R & R day...  It was.  I don't think I left my "football watching chair" all day.  Except to pay the Pizza Delivery guy and make another Libation.  

Halloween:  Pumpkins and Candy???  Someone who totally understands will have to one day explain to me how those two items became "joined at the hip" as the "norm" for this "Spooky" kind of day.  Speaking of "Spooky," Halloween is supposed to be scary.  It's "Fright Night," right???  Check out our Munchkin for Halloween this year:  Is she going to "scare" anybody as Bunny Bunny Foo Foo???  No.  Is she going to get "Ooohhs & Aawwws?"  Yes.  On Halloween.  Go figure.  Or, is it all about just having fun???  Just sayin'

Munchkin in her "Bunny Foo Foo" outfit...  I guess her "teeth" are scary!!!
Now, earlier in the week, she was heavily into her "favorite" activity...
November 1st:  Holy Smokes!!!  A few weeks back, in "Good News, Bad News," I stated that my current House Renters had given us 30 Days Notice that they were moving out on October 31 speaking of scary.  Certainly Bad News after two years of renting from us.  A sign went up in the yard and within one week, my Agent called to inform me we had secured New Renters that are moving in on November 1st (that would be yesterday) at a higher monthly rate.  Ha!!!  I need not tell you how big and permanent my smile is.  Very happy.

Here We Go Again:  Another "Blogging" friend notified me this week that she has awarded me the "Sunshine Blogger Award."  Wow!!!  A huge, heartfelt Thank You to a newly found friend, Michele Marriott.  Michele has an awesome Blog, titled, follow me home, that is a witty, awesome read.  I hope you will click on her link and give her Blog a look.  Please do not hold it against her that she is a Detroit Lions fan.  

The Rules of The Sunshine Blogger Award are as follows:

Thank the Award Giver...  That would be Michele (see above).
Link back to the Award Giver...  That would be Michele (see above).
Post the Award...  See Below (and also on my left sidebar).

And finally, list 10 facts about myself:  (Not Easy!!!)

1...  I have sat down for 9 Tattoos, but it only looks like I have 4.

2...  I have at least one more in mind, then:  That's it.

3...  I'm a Steak & Potatoes guy, but I LOVE Mexican Food.

4...  Speaking of Halloween, I LOVE Dark Chocolate (that flavor...  wow!!!).

5...  Libations not included:  It's Coffee, Cold Milk, & Diet Coke. 

6...  Have I made it clear just how MUCH I LOVE my Little Bride???

7...  I am a Pandora listening Freak!!!  Love me some Pandora.

8...  I would LOVE to have One Night back with my Mom & Dad.

9...  I wish my Mom & Dad could have met Donna (and the Motley Crew).

10...  I LOVE my Life and Those IN it...  Makes me Smile!!!

There...  again, thanks to Michele.

Houston Texans Football:  This week, the 6 & 1 Texans are back at Reliant Stadium to play the 3 & 4 Buffalo Bills (and Mario Williams).  Currently, the Texans are -10 point favorites.  Let's get this done and get to 7 & 1 at the "half way" point.

Music:  Again, back on the Halloween theme...  I have always liked this particular song from 1968.  From the Classics IV, give a listen to an old favorite:  Spooky.  

Market WatchThis week, I would say that Facebook is just hangin' around, closing yesterday at 21.21...  close to where it was last week. 

The End:  As always, Thank You for stopping by and checking out Slu's World.  I hope you'll be back next week for more.  Til then...

Be safe, be smart, and always smile...  It's "Happy Friday"



  1. Congrats on the award, my friend. I think you mean, "Check out her awesome blog ESPECIALLY because she is a Detroit Lions Fan!" -There are so few of us left...
    I love your ten facts, mostly 8,9 and 10. So sweet.
    Let's see, seamless Renters..that rocks.
    Good luck to your Texans! (I'm not well-versed on the Bills)
    Halloween is all about how much Chocolate one can amass...and Dark chocolate is the best.
    Have a wonderful weekend, man :)

    1. Hey you... Much appreciated!!!

      I truly meant 8, 9, & 10... I'm blessed.

      Wow!!! got very lucky on the renters. Ha!!!

      Dark Chocolate with nuts... YUM!!!

      take care, slu

  2. Congratulations on the new award. Your blog has been very good from the from the very first one. I enjoy it each week and I'm glad so many others do also. I agree that Mom and Dad left us way too soon. I miss the all the time. There are so many wonderful things I wish all of us could have experienced together. You keep that smile on your face and continue to enjoy your life every day :-) .
    Love you both,
    Big Sis

    1. Thanks Sis... Agreed on Mom & Dad. We are truly blessed. Love y'all back. Lil Bro

  3. That is the most adorable little biker I've ever seen in my life!

    1. Is that not just too cool... found that on FB. Thanks for checking in, Slu

  4. #3 yes to Mexican food--my fav, but you gotta throw in some prickly pear margaritas with it! Congrats on the award--I found Michelle awhile ago and have long since been a fan of hers. Thanks once again for sharing some awesome pics (btw I happen to love the bunny foo foo costume!).

    1. Thanks... always look forward to your comments. Much appreciated. Take care, Slu

  5. I used the word tit-bits in a recent blog post and one of my commenters questioned my use of tit-bits as opposed to tid-bits. So of course I Googled it (just in case I'm forgetting my British) and who do you think I stumbled across? There you were - my FIRST hit! What a small world!
    Congratulations for getting The Sunshine Award.:) I've sat down for three tattoos but it only looks like have one..! Man - how alike are we? ;)

    1. Too funny... and yes: small world.

      I've got some "catching up" to do... you are spitting them out. Can't wait. Thanks for checking in, Slu


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