Friday, October 26, 2012

Week 23... My Week


I thought I would share with you how my week, beginning last Friday, has played out.  It has certainly been a very busy "week" and it will end on a very busy Saturday (that would be tomorrow) with lots of smiles and lots of miles.  You may ask, "Why not end it on Sunday?"  Well, the Texans are off this week and therefore, there is no "emotional" investmentSo, after a busy week and a really busy Saturday to end it, Sunday will be a day of doing absolutely nothingOK, there will be coffee, Smooth Jazz, something to eat delivery, some football, and more than likely, libations...  but NOTHING else.

Friday Night:  We had "munchkin" spend the night with us and we needed something to do.  With Halloween upon us, we decided on "Haunted Putt Putt Golf."  At night...  What were we thinking?  Ever play putt putt at night?  When they dim the lights so much, for the "scary" effect, that you can't see the hole just 15 feet away.  And then, this "zombie" like guy very annoyingly walks around you, stops in front of you, stands over the hole, etc.  As well, other "creatures" are lurking about and slithering around, in and out of the bushes and scaring the "pee" out of munchkin.  

Nana & Munchkin (a little scared), & some Freaky Dude
On one hole, we looked up & The "Count" was just "hangin' around"
She literally begged them not to scare her because she "had to go potty."  So, what do you think they kept doing???  In the end, she got 3 "holes in one," had fun, and wished we could have invited them to Cherry Berry to have ice cream with us afterwards.  NOT!!!  I had enough of "zombie" guy.

Saturday:  Double "Sluder Surprise" for my Little Bride.  After "munchkin" left, we were off, unbeknownst to Donna, to the new Tanger Outlet Mall, only 15 minutes from where we live.  It formally opened on Friday, a day earlier.  On the way, she guessed where we were going.  Go figure.  Surprise #2:  a new dress for the Wedding we are attending on the following Saturday morning (that would be tomorrow).  Nothing like lots of brand spanking new stores.  And I think we went in most of them.  But in the end, out of the "ga-zillion" dresses she tried on, she did indeed find one she liked.  And we bought it.  Mission accomplished.  Shoes???  Another day.

Saturday Night:  My son, Shane, had called earlier and said him and his girlfriend, Porsche', were coming in from Sam Houston State in Huntsville and wanted to visit.  Well, that sounded like a perfect opportunity to meet them at Pappasito's Cantina.  Chips & Salsa, Chili con Queso, Cheese Enchiladas, Flour Tortilla's, Beef Fajita's, Grilled Onions, Grated Cheese & Sour Cream, Stuffed Grilled Shrimp with a Secret Butter Dipping Sauce, Charro Beans & Rice, Frozen Margarita's (AKA Libations), and yes, Tres Leches Cake and Ice Cream.  Just a little bit of heaven on a Saturday night...  And if you're wondering, Shane and Porsche' are doing just fine.  Their grades are good too.

Sunday:  Just nothing like having your coffee on a Sunday morning.  And that segued right into a noon kickoff for the Houston Texans and Baltimore Ravens, both 5 & 1 and playing for control of the AFC in the NFL.  After getting smoked last week by the Green Bay Packers, on this Sunday afternoon, the Texans would absolutely SMOKE the Ravens, 43 to 13, and stand alone, both in their Division, and over the entire 16 team AFC.  Look who's smiling now.

Sunday Night:  Donna's daughter Lauren, and her husband, Stephen, came over:  OMG!!!  You see, when Lauren goes ANYWHERE, she travels with 14, give or take, large bags of STUFF!!!  You just never know when you "might need something."  So, wherever she is at any given moment, if she needs anything, she has it covered.  On this night, she came over to "work" on her Halloween Costume and needed/wanted her Mom's help.  All I'll say is that the costume involved feathers...  lots of them.  And when they left later that evening, it seriously looked like we had de-feathered hundreds of black birds.  Everywhere.  Vacuum and broom time.  I should have taken a picture.

Monday:  Can you say, "Jury Duty?"  A drive to the Galveston County Courthouse in Galveston, Texas.  Don't you just hate getting that notice in the mail?  And worse...  having to go and just sit and hope they don't call your name.  And while you're sitting there, they run a 15 minute video to pump you up, make you feel ashamed that you hated being there in the first place, but that you were there fulfilling your Civic Duty.  And then a Judge comes in and reinforces what the video presentation just did.  And for just a second, you're thinking, "OK, I can do this."  And then, the Clerk dismisses you...  and you can't get OUT OF THERE quick enough...  you know, before they change their minds.  I will say, however, before I made my "getaway," I did go upstairs and exercised my right to VOTE.  Meanwhile, while I'm taking care of my "Civic Duty," Donna has been fretting all weekend about her new dress for the upcoming wedding.  And to make a long story short, she went back to the Outlet Mall and returned the dress.  She then came back home and sat down in front of the computer.  Nothing like being able to shop at the comfort of your "fingertips."  And just like that, a new dress and a new pair of shoes are on their way to our doorstep, courtesy of UPS.  No more fretting...  Donna is smiling.

Monday Night:  The third and final Presidential Debate.  Who do you think won the night???  As of this writing, just a little over one week left til the Election.  Get out and vote.  Let your voice be heard.

Tuesday:  Actually, Tuesday was a pretty quiet day, all things considered.  The only negative is that Donna is getting sick and not feeling very good.

Wednesday:  A busy work day for both Donna and myself...  a fairly quiet night around the house.  Donna is still not feeling so good.  And when she is not feeling so good, I seldom see her smile, and that, for me, is sad, for that is what brightens my day each and every day.

Thursday: The third day of "not feeling so good for my little bride." I myself went "Dress Up" pants shopping...  for the wedding.  I guess I would be out of place in my shorts and vans.

Friday:  Donna is showing some improvement.  It is "Happy Friday" and that means it is "Publish the Blog" day as well.  An early morning of work and back home to get the Blog published.  A few other things to get done around the house, or on the computer, and back to work for just a bit...  From this point on, I'm telling you what is going to happen, not what has happened.  Ha!!!

Friday Night:  The wedding is an hour drive from where we live.  It is also an early morning wedding...  early by Donna's standards.  It is at 11:00am.  So, her "solution" for an early morning "Dress Up" event an hour away:  Stay at a Hotel near the event the night before.  That's the "little bride" that I know and love.  So, an hour drive we go.  Hello Hotel Time.

Saturday:  The Big Event...  Wedding Day.  If you have read my Blog, you have seen me mention my Arson Partner, Boom-Boom, my buddy, Kenneth Earl, a few times.  He has been single for 27 years.  Yikes!!!  And then, he met Pat about 16 months ago.  And she ROCKED his world.  Brought him out of his "bubble."  And made him smile.  You know:  "Who is this guy and what have you done with Kenneth Earl???"  I love it...  together, they have found "schmooooooooopieville."  

Can't get any more "Schmooooooooooooopie" than this...
The "Happy Couple" just a couple of weeks ago, preparing for "I Do"
I have never known him to be this happy.  So, we are very HAPPY for them...  Best wishes guys.  And then, finally, afterwards, there is the Reception:  Libations!!!

Saturday Night:     Just a lotta nadaladaenchilada...  It's R & R time!!!

Special Mention:  Last week, I very proudly told you of the Award that I had received, my second such Award.  And then, two days later, another "Blogger Friend," Brenda Porter, notified me that she was awarding me with my second Versatile Blogger Award.  My third overall Award, of which I am very excited to display on my Sidebar up above.  Brenda is a tireless "worker" in the Blogging Community.  She has an awesome Blog titled, My Tribute to the Beatles that I think "ROCKS."  She also has one titled, A New Day With Christ that is awesome as well.  I hope that you will click on the links and give her Blogs a look.  Absolutely worth the time.  Thanks again Brenda.

Market Watch:  As expected from it's recent "history," the "zig-zag" has turned back upward over the last week and Facebook closed yesterday at 22.56.  It's getting very predictable each week.  Ha!!!

The End:  As always, Thank You for stopping by Slu's World.  It is appreciated more than you know.  Check back in next week.  Til then...

Be safe, be smart, and always smile...  It's a "Happy Friday"



  1. Okay, I am exhausted after reading your week in review. I am a complete slacker and did nothing interesting compared to your week!
    I was sick all last week too, and had no voice! It is hard to boss people around when you sound like Mini Mouse! I hope Donna is over the crud and that she enjoys the big wedding. I am sure she will look absolutely lovely in her new dress. And you - in your fancy man pants are sure to be eye candy for the rest of the ladies!

    I am feeling blue because the the Texans are off this weekend. I am sure they welcome the break though. Well, I am going to have to get some plans in place for next week. You can't have ALL the fun!
    Donna S.

    1. DS... I too am "blue" regarding a "No Texans" day.

      I have to laugh... it was a busy week, but it seems like they all are.

      One of these days, we will slow down.

      Thanks for checking in... love your comments. Take care, Slu

  2. Sounds like an awesome week---well, except for the scary putt putt golf thing....but I'll admit I am thirsty for a frozen margarita right now! Love the post, Slu--good job! I just put up a new Facebook page for Menopausalmother if you want to swing by and "like " the page! Thank you! Mother

    1. Thanks... I will absolutely go to your FB page...

      Have a good week, Slu

  3. Replies
    1. Ha!!! It was actually a lot of fun... Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate you joining the site. Take care, Slu

  4. Heck ya to the frozen Margaritas and the Tanger Outlet. (we have one too). I'm glad to read that your better half is feeling well again (Online shopping always helps with that, BTW) and that your other better half had a nice wedding.

    My comments aren't as lively due to the serious whipping we took in the World Series...Ugh.

    On a good note, you received ANOTHER award. This one from me. "the Sunshine Award" You can just post it or you can play the game. To be totally honest, I really wanted to give you the "sisterhood blogger" award...:) One at a time, man! Happy Whatever day it is!!

    1. Double M... Agreed & Thanks on the 1st paragraph.

      The Tigers??? At least they got there. The Lions??? Nothing like a "last second," come from behind, victory. Good for y'all.

      And finally... Wow!!! You are too sweet, and kind, and awesome, etc.!!! Ha... Thank you so much: much appreciated. I will display it proudly. Give me a few days (We found a renter for the 1st), lots to do. Slu

  5. Wow Slu.....sounds like you've been pretty busy with match making and funerals....ooppss, I meant weddings !! As always good to hear whats going on. Man, I just have a hard time keeping my blog up to date, sure making me look bad, LOL. I really liked the part where you recited the WHOLE Papasito's menu items.....I gotta go eat now, Im hungry. Take care.

    1. My man... good to hear from you. Have been busy. Seems like there is never enough time. Take care, Slu


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