Friday, November 9, 2012

Week 25... I Passed!!!


This week, I want to share with you my Wednesday...  yes, the day AFTER the Election.  No, not about the Election.  Although, there is a story there as well.  But, I will not go there.

No, on this Wednesday, I was scheduled for my 6 months Dental Cleaning.  And there is nothing...  nothing, I dread more than going to the Dentist.  Now, to put this in perspective, I am very fortunate that I have my health.  I have not been diagnosed with any major "something" and therefore, I am not lying in a hospital bed clinging to life with wires in me.  That said, yes, relatively speaking, I am whining about how much I dread going to the Dentist.

My appointment was at 11:00am.  But first, there would be work.  And 7 or 8 (School Bus) driver's were out sick or away on a Field Trip.  And that means I, and most everybody else in the office, would be driving a bus to plug all the "holes."  

I am always blown away when I drive a route for first, second, and third graders by how "smart" they are regarding the "route" itself.  Even though I know the route and all the turns and directions, because I am not the "regular" driver, all the little ones up front want to "help" me because I surely can't know where I'm going.  You know, like when I pull up to a stop sign, a little girl will say, "Turn left here."  It doesn't register with her that I say, "I know."  Because at the very next stop sign, that same little girl will say, "Go straight."  And when you see the next "rider" up ahead to be picked up, that same little girl will say, "Ok, you need to stop up there where that Mom is."  I just smile and say, "OK."  It gets really crazy when I pretend I don't know where I'm going and I will say, "Do I turn here?"  And they will scream, "Yes."  And I will say, "Are you sure?"  And they will ALL scream, "YES!!!"  It really is too funny. 

But after the morning run, I got back for one or two quick cups of coffee, before I had to "brush & floss" for my rapidly approaching Dreaded Dental Date.

"Good morning Mr. Sluder.  Have a seat and we will be right with you."  I barely got seated when the door opens and the Hygienist smiles and says, "Mr. Sluder, come on back."  My immediate thought is...  "Do I have to?"  I really do not like going to the Dentist.  A necessary Evil.

I get escorted back, get fitted with my bib, and lay back in my chair.  I can't help but notice the "instrument" table.  The same instruments that are the very reason why I dread going to the Dentist.  The same instruments that have the little "hook" end and are very pointedly sharp.  The same instruments that get gouged into your gums, which causes you to flinch in agonizing pain and which always causes the Hygienist to pause and say, "Oops, I'm sorry."  Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!  

Now, how many of you can relate to this?  You are laying back with your mouth gaped wide open, at least two to three various types of "instuments" inside your mouth at once...  a sharp pointed hook or worse, a drill, a suction hose, a water nozzle, and who knows how many latex gloved fingers.  All you can think of you certainly can't talk is, "How much longer???"  And the Hygienist asks you, "So, what have you been up to?"  Or, "How about those Texans this year?"  In my mind, I'm thinking, "Really?"  In reality, I do my very best mumble answer, "Mmmmmm mmmm mmmm mmm, mmmm mmmm."  And of course, the Hygienist acts like she clearly understands what you just said and asks you another question.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!  To be fair, my Hygienist is a very sweet and friendly lady.  I just cringe at being there in the first place and it's compounded by being held "captive" in that chair for an hour.  "You can spit now."  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

When she is done, she informs me that I have "passed."  Honestly, I did not realize that I was taking a test.  But I'm all about "passing" any test.  So, I go with it.  But when she is done, I have to continue to sit there, because now, the "real" Dentist has to come in there and check me out.  But it's more like he is checking her out, to see if she "passed" her test.  He asks me how I'm doing?  I tell him I feel great because I was just told that I had "passed" and that I was done.  He looks at me and says "Oh yeah?"   But I know he was thinking, "Wait a minute Big Guy, we'll see about that.  You'll "pass" and be done only if I say you "pass" and I say we're done.  He then probes and prods and feels my neck and throat area.  He runs those same "instruments" through my mouth.  Finally, he says, "OK, we're done.  You PASSED!"  I'm smiling.  I love "passing."  And I now know too, I don't have to come back for 6 whole months.  Lots of time to study.

The last thing the Hygienist does before I go is give me what she refers to as my "reward."  But, I feel cheated somehow because everyone gets a reward.  Everybody walks out with a "Bag."  A new toothbrush and some dental floss.  I take it anyway and quickly make my "getaway."

My "Reward" for "Passing"
Houston Texans FootballThis week, it is "On Like Donkey Kong."  The 7 & 1 Texans travel to Chicago to play the 7 & 1 Bears on Sunday Night Football.  I am totally stoked about this game.  I can't wait to hear Faith Hill sing the SNF intro...  No more Hank:  Are you ready for some football???

Music:  On the recommendation of Sami, my step-daughter, for the past several days, I have been listening to Pandora Garth Brooks.  I'm not too heavy into Country & Western music, although Donna is.  But I have enjoyed a little C & W this week and the various artists that play on the Garth Brooks station.  Give a listen to one of my absolute favorite Garth Brooks songs: Friends In Low Places.  You will find your smile...

Market Watch:  After the Election on Tuesday, the Market has had two consecutive terrible days, falling over 300 and 100 points, respectively.  That said, Facebook went South again, but only ever so slightly.  It closed yesterday at 19.99...  Dude should be pretty happy about that.

The End:  A very big and hearty Thank You for stopping by and checking in on Slu's World.  I appreciate it very much.  Stop by again next week.  Til then...

Be safe, be smart, and always smile...  It's "Happy Friday"

adios...  vaya con dios  


  1. I feel your pain. I just recently "passed " my dental exam too. White knuckled through the whole thing.
    Karen Fitch

    1. Ha!!! I don't think there is anything I dislike more... 6 months!!!

  2. Be sure to keep those appointments every 6 months

    so your smile will stay AWESOME ;)

    Keep Smiling,
    Big Sis

    1. ha!!! i'll keep those appointments every 6 months so i don't lose anything that would prevent me from smiling. lol... take care, lil bro

  3. Call me twisted, but I love getting my teeth cleaned. I never miss my appointments. I know lots of people who dread going to the dentist, but compared to having all my "lady parts" tested each year, a trip to the dentist is really nothing! You have such a great smile Slu, so I am sure that it was worth the discomfort and hassle to keep your pearly whites...well, pearly and white!
    You always tell us to "keep smiling" and now you can flash your smile knowing you have healthy teeth and gums!
    Smiling Back at You!
    Donna S.

    1. love it!!! love your comments... have a great weekend, slu

  4. You are just like my husband--he has a panic attack at the very thought of visiting the dentist. I go so often that I'm pretty much used to it. The scariest things? Root canals! Or gum surgery! I wrote a post a year ago on this frightening topic that you would probably enjoy called, " Teeth From Menopausal Hell"--check it out--it might give you goosebumps! Anyway, congrats on passing your exam--hopefully you won't have tp go back for at least another 6 months!

    1. ha!!! i will absolutely look it up... i'm sure it's good reading. thanks for checking in. take care, slu

  5. Catching up (even though I posted on your next blog). Congrats on passing your dentist appointment. It really is a big deal. My husband loathes the cleanings as well; so much in fact, he was conveniently working this past Saturday. Our family appt. was at 8 am (Ugh!) Getting that bag of goodies is in no way prize enough for him. I'd say good luck on your Texans, but we both know that they won and my team lost. Basketball season is getting underway... I'll actually be able to root for a local team. (the Jazz). Pretty great, since the Pistons are off to a terrible start. Happy Weekend!

    1. thanks... looking forward to next thursday with great anticipation. i will keep an eye on your Jazz. probably middle of the road this year for my rockets. slu


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