Friday, October 5, 2012

Week 20... Good News, Bad News


Wow...  It's just been one of "those" weeks where there is certainly some Good News to share.  But, you just know if there is good news, it's inevitable:  There has to be Bad News as well.  Right?  It absolutely has to be why the saying, "Good News, Bad News" came to be.  One follows right after the other.

In a simple three day span this week, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, there was enough of the Good and the Bad to go around to last anyone else a "Month of Sunday's."  But, I got mine or, we got ours in short order...

Sunday:  The day started off very well with sleeping in just a bit, a pot of my beloved coffee, a little computer time, some conversation with Donna, all leading up to the noon kickoff for the Texans football game.  This really makes me smile.  The Texans were 3 and 0 for the first time in their ten year history coming into their home game against the Tennessee Titans.   A 38 to 14 win for Houston propelled them to 4 and 0, a feat not done in Houston NFL history, as the Houston Oilers, in their entire time here, had never accomplished such a start.  As a huge Texans fan, this was absolutely Good News.  And later in the day, it was "icing on the cake" to hear the National Sports Media on multiple channels speak in glowing terms of "my" Texans.  Bad News???  Well, the weekend came to an end.  I think every single Sunday night, before bed, I say, "Where did my weekend go?"  And every Sunday night, Donna will say, "Babe, you say that every Sunday night."  But, they come and go so fast. 

Monday:  Being that it was October 1st, several things were clicking, seemingly all at once.  The really Good News of the day is that after months and months of endless "red-tape," my Step-Son-N-Law, Stephen, and his wife, Lauren (Donna's oldest daughter), were "handed the keys," if you will, and are now the legal and sole owners of a business.

My new T-Shirt Shop....
Check out the "spacing" on those hangers...

A local "Surf and Skate" store that includes male and female clothing and accessories.  A thriving, established business that has been around for more than 30 years.  The two of them would stop by our apartment later that evening with a bottle of Champagne to celebrate along with other family members as well.  Smiles all around.  On another note, just prior to leaving work on Monday for lunch, my Boss and I were discussing the weather and how nice it was.  After I left, he texted me this:  "Pretty much no chance of rain til next Tuesday."  Once I got home for lunch, a quick check of Just Weather corroborated his text.  Sunny and beautiful the rest of the week.  All 0's on any chance of rain.  I went straight to my garage and proceeded to take the top off of my Jeep.  I would be on "convertible" status the rest of the week.  This was absolutely Good News.  Anytime the top is off, it's all good.  Also, on the 1st of every month, there is a Direct Deposit ($$$) into our bank account from the Renters that lease our house.  Monday was no different.  Always Good News.  But, on this particular Monday, my Renter texted me and asked me for my e-mail address.  Due to a text several days earlier from her, I had a sneaky suspicion regarding what her e-mail would be about.  And of course, following two days of nothing but Good News (well, but for the weekend ending), something had to give, right?  Right!!!  Her e-mail was a "formal" 30 Day Notice that her and her husband would be ending their lease in our house and moving back closer to her parents.  She stated she is pregnant with her first child and wanted to be near her Mom.  Good News for her.  Certainly Bad News for me.  No more Direct Deposits on the first (temporarily, I hope).  Cleaning up the house after the "move out."  To be followed by the whole "experience" of having to find a new "Renter."  You know, will they take care of your investment house?  Will they pay on time?  Even if they pay on time, will their check end up bouncing like a (remember these) "Super ball?"  Are they "trustworthy?"  Just things that oooze Bad News.  Everything had been rocking along so well.

Tuesday:  I walked outside Tuesday morning at 5:00am to leave for work.  There was a "chill" in the air that was so refreshing and felt so good.  I put a "hoodie" on that I keep in my garage for this type of cool early morning when I have the top off the Jeep.  The drive to work was incredible.  One of the reasons I bought my Jeep was for mornings like Tuesday.  At lunch time, I drove back home, had lunch, and then drove back to work, sans top.  It was a beautiful day out.  Absolutely Good News.  Then, around 5:30pm, I walked outside my office to leave and come home.  Just barely more than 24 hours after receiving the text from my Boss regarding "no chance of rain til Tuesday," I'm staring at a sky that is completely covered with very dark clouds.  Of course, I am immediately thinking, "Holy smokes, did he mean today Tuesday when he texted til Tuesday and not next Tuesday?"  You see, on a Jeep with a Hard Top, when it comes off, it stays in your garage (unless you cart it around in a trailer and that's not happening).  

The Hard Top stays in the Garage...

You play "chicken" with the weather.  And on this day, Bad News.  I would lose at "chicken."  Between work and home, the skies opened up.  I could see it coming my way and quickly found a gas station and ducked in under their cover.  I sat there for 10 minutes.  Once I thought it was clear, I tried to get closer to home.  I got close, but not close enough.  I could see more rain coming down ahead of me.  But, I was stuck in traffic, waiting to get through a red light.  And at the corner where the light was???  Another gas station with a cover.  But the red light would not cooperate.  Not on this day.  So, as I looked intently at the gas station cover, so close, but so far away, the rain came down.  On me and inside my jeep.  Really Bad News!!!  The light finally turned green and I got underneath that cover...  and then tried to dry off the best I could (no towel).  After about 15 minutes of solid pouring down rain, it slacked up just enough for me to get home and to the safety of my garage.  But the damage was done.  My "baby" was wet inside.  Not drenched, but wet.  And of course, as I did another check on the weather for the remainder of the week, all 0's and sunny skies.  But not on that Tuesday evening, 15 minute, drive home.  I would say I was, "Hung out to dry."  But, that somehow wouldn't work in this case.  Good or Bad, you just gotta keep smiling.  That's how I roll.

Update:  I'm not even going to get into the Good and the really Bad from Wednesday and Thursday.  Suffice to say...  Just one of those weeks.  

Houston Texans Football:  See above...  Ha!!  4 and 0 and going to New York this week to play the Jets on Monday Night Football.  This is the game I have been waiting for.  This is the one game I want us to win in the worst way (well, this one and our Thanksgiving Day game).  Currently, the Texans are -8 point favorites against the 2 and 2 Jets.  Week 4 Wagers:  I did not place a bet last week and therefore, my record is still 4 and 2 (66%) and I am still up +$15.    

Recipe's:  I have not done many, if any, side dishes in this space.  This week, even though our Summer is in the rearview mirror, I think this side dish still rocks and can be used now.  It works on both your grill or on the stove, whichever is convenient for you.  Again, from my "go-to" site, SkinnyTaste, try some Warm Mexican Corn Salad.  Anything that combines both lime and cilantro just pops with flavor.  You will find your smile with this dish.  Check it out. 

Market Watch:  This thing is just a "yo-yo" with its back and forth, its up and down each week.  It just can't make up its mind what it wants to do, so to speak.  Yesterday, it closed at 21.95...  Up from last week's Thursday close  by almost $2.00...  Stay tuned.

The End:  As always, Thank You.  I hope you will check back in next week.  Donna and I are off for the weekend to take in a Wine Festival in Gruene, near New Braunfels, Texas.  Wine, food, Texas music, and friends.  You can't beat that.  I'll see if I can get a story out of it.

Be safe, be smart, and always smile...  It's "Happy Friday"



  1. Slu, I can't show this post to the man. He would divorce me if he thought a garage could really look that clean!! (sorry about the wet jeep)

    Fingers crossed that you will find a reliable tenant soon.

    Congrats to your kids on the new business venture and of course, to your Texans. It is wonderful to see the different teams get to play on Monday nights. Sanchez is awful this year, so there is a lot of hope. Not that an undefeated team needs it. At least when Sunday night comes this week, you'll have something to look forward to.

    Have fun at the WINE FESTIVAL- Have two sweeter words ever been uttered?
    Happy Friday!

    1. Ha... actually, i have been slacking on my jeep garage. is there ever enough time in the day???

      thanks on both congrats... we are very excited on both fronts!!!

      and finally, if i have my way: we will have fun, no doubt!!!

      Happy Friday back at ya... take care, slu

  2. Congrats to the kids on the new business. I know what u mean about the ups and downs we get. Mine has been similar the past couple of days too. Fingers crossed on the renter hope an amazing one rents. It would be cool if the ones leaving could refer someone to you.

    1. Thanks Brenda... appreciate the fingers crossed. Take care, Slu

  3. Oh, Slu! I know it's mean (hey, I'm British) but the thought of you in your swanky jeep getting rained on had me in tears - and not the mourning-for-your-car-upholstery kind!

    I was really enjoying reading about your week and - call me a sadist - I was SOOOO disappointed not to hear about Wednesday and Thursday also!

    We recently lost our long standing tenants back in Scotland - a logistical nightmare dealing with it from Texas! But now we have new tenants - good news!

    Enjoy your weekend! Time speeds up as you get older - it's a fact:D

    1. ha!!! you must know, as i was sitting there in the jeep, boxed in by other cars, looking at that light, looking at the gas station cover, and being pelted by rain, my thoughts were... "are you kidding me???" but, looking back on it now, it was pretty funny. and i'm sure all the other people in cars close by were having a good laugh as well.

      thanks & take care, slu


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