Friday, October 12, 2012

Week 21... Gruene Music & Wine Fest


This week, I want to share with you my story, mostly pictures, of the 3 day weekend trip Donna and I took last weekend to New Braunfels, Texas, and more specifically, The Gruene Music and Wine Festival.  We left on Friday evening and returned home Monday night, just in time for Monday Night Football Texans 23, Jets 17...

In a weekend that was "mostly" lots of fun, we who am I kidding, I did not get off to such a good start:  Hello DPS Traffic Stop,  81 in a 75 (just 6 stinking MPH over), $225!!!  That was Friday night.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!  From that point on, however, it was all smiles.  If Donna is Happy, then Slu is Happy.  We won't talk anymore about Friday night.  Just sayin'...

Day 1

Saturday...  Standing in line to get the "Party" started.
After getting in late Friday night, sleeping in just a tad on Saturday morning, and moving kinda slow to get going, we finally did get in line to enjoy this festival.  You will see from a few of the pics that there were literally 14,000,003 people there on Saturday (Yikes!!!).  

Told ya...  very crowded!!!  But, the more the merrier, right???
Benches and seats were at a premium for getting off your feet... 
Once you got through the gate, you collected your souvenir "Wine Glass" and proceeded to the wine tasting tent.  Armed with your glass and tasting tickets, it was all about "what looked good."

Check out the inside of that "Tasting Tent."  Not for the Timid!!!
And then, after you had your fill of "elbows," it was time to enjoy the afternoon sun and chill on the grass with a wine bottle(s), some snacks, a cigar, live music, and good friends.

Boom-Boom (Remember "Starsky & Hutch?") and his Fiance', Pat

Boom-Boom's Son, #3 (you know, the 3rd), and his Bride, Cassandra
Slu and his "Woman," Donna...  Just love that smile!!!

As Boom-Boom dubbed us...  The "Three Amigo's."  Got my Libation & my Cigar, good Friends: Life is Good.   
As the afternoon wound down, we decided that we needed to go find a Sports Bar and grab a bite to eat, but more importantly, watch the Texas Longhorns play West Virginia.

"Longhorns" on the brain...
The group next to us...  very "happy."  More than half the bottles had been taken away.
The Ruby Jane Smith Band...
And after a little music, it was time to head out and find that Longhorn game...  and have more libations.  Now, you will have to take my word that we did find the game at a local New Braunfels Sports Bar, because I clearly forgot to take my camera inside.  Our phones???  Dying a slow battery death.  Once the game was over (and they lost a nail-biter, 48 to 45), well, it was time to head down the street and find more libations at a neat little Wine Bar.  Can you say "Choco-Shots?"

Chocolate and Red Wine mixed...  Seriously!!!  Choco-Shots with Boom-Boom & Pat.
Day 2

My Little Bride was a little slow to get going on Sunday morning.  Saturday was a long day with lots of libations.  Sunday would be just the two of us going at a "slower" pace.  

Sunday Tickets...
Sunday was a little different in that the Wine was gone and had been replaced by Beer and "Que."  Samples of Barbeque and Beer tasting.  A little bit of Heaven.  And there was more music...

The Famous "Gruene Hall," a Texas Music Landmark
Caught my eye...  Just wasn't sure about this.  That's all I'll say.
The Courtyard at Gruene Hall...  The smokers and cell phone talkers.
Inside and time for a "Bud."
Inside, we caught an "acoustic" hour of Stoney LaRue...  On the right.
As the evening was coming to an end, I captured the Water Tower hovering behind Gruene Hall...
Although it was only 10:00pm, there was not much in the way of food (Restaurant's) that were open, other than fast food.  So we settled for a late night dessert at a little German place that was pretty awesome.  The "Fork & Spoon."  And then, back to the hotel.  Earlier in the day, we sneaked in a little shopping and I bought Donna a ring and of course, she wanted some earrings...  see below:

Ok, so Donna wanted a ring...  and well, she got earrings too.  So, that got me a smile and that's all I need.
  Day 3

The "View" from our Hotel Balcony...  Worth the Trip for this alone!!!  The Guadalupe River in the background.
We checked out of our Hotel on Monday morning and asked the Hostess for her recommendation on a good place to have breakfast...  and of course, she said we should go to the "Fork & Spoon," where we had dessert the night before.

Back again for Breakfast..
The Real Deal...  Bacon, Cheese, & Avocado Omelette
And then...  it was time to go home.  A good 3 day trip.  Before we hit the road:  Well, we needed gas, so you have to stop at the largest Buc-ee's in the country if you are in New Braunfels.  So, see pic below.  And on the way home:  you better believe my Cruise Control was set to 75...

And this is probably just "half" of how much there is to see...  HUGE!!!  Like 60 Pumps Huge.

Houston Texans Football:  Well, it was closer than it should have been, but in the end, the Texans pulled out a 23 to 17 WIN over the Jets to go to 5 & 0.  This week, we are on Sunday Night Football against the Green Bay Packers.  The Texans are currently -3 1/2 point favorites over the 2 & 3 Packers.  Week 5 Wagers:  YIKES!!!  1 & 3 last week as I missed one straight up bet and 2 point spreads.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!  Not a good day.  Just sayin'.

Libations Anyone???Ok, I've been saying this for years and on Saturday evening, I got a little satisfaction when we were walking through downtown New Braunfels on our way to a local Sports Bar and happened onto a corner Bar with the following window display:

I Love "Confirmation"
Music:  We heard several bands during the weekend at the Festival.  They were all good in their own way.  But, for me, one stood out for their "quirkiness" and their "sound."  When they came on stage, I would have never thought they would appeal to me.  And then, they started playing.  Holy Smokes!!!  
My Man on the Left was Awesome!!!

Their Bio describes their music as "Country Funk."  It was different for sure and just caught my ear.  If you get a chance, please check out the Stone River Boys.  The Lead Singer is a Trip!!!  The Baritone Guitar Player is just awesome.  Give a listen to this:  Bluebonnet Blue and see what you think...

Market Watch:  Another week of "yo-yo-ing" as Facebook went South again to the tune of just over $2.00, down to 19.75...  I would love to see the graph on this.  Probably a perfect "zig-zag."

The EndWeek 21 is in the books and again, I Thank You very much for stopping by.  Check back in next week.  Til then...

Be safe, be smart, and always smile...  It's "Happy Friday"



  1. My GOD this looks like fun! I am sooo jealous!!!!! Slu, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award.Please stop by my site and pick up you badge. Leave a comment there to let me know you got it. Congrats!!!

    1. meno mama... 1st: it was a blast!!!

      2nd: wow!!! you are too sweet. thank you very much. i will display it proudly. just awesome!!! thanks, slu

  2. Well, other than the ticket, it looks like a wonderful weekend. I have to admit, you are the first to use the word "libations" in my world...But we learn something new every day. Mark would totally take a picture to prove a point, too; that's pretty funny. The jewelry rocks. Donna has great taste!
    Hmm. Congrats on that Monday night was a little close, but a win is a win is a win! Good luck Sunday night.
    I hope you saved your souvenir wine glass...Am I noticing a lanyard on the glasses? Nine kinds of awesome.
    Happy Weekend, flu :)

    1. yeah, the ticket sucks!!! ha...

      i just love the word "libations."

      donna loves her jewelry.

      nervous about Sunday night. they got beat last week.

      finally, did save the glass (should have taken a pic)... yes, you saw a lanyard on boom-boom & pat, not on us. too easy to spill: ha!!!

      thanks, slu

  3. Sunday morning, coffee and toast, and a virtual trip to Gruene with Slu and Donna! Loved the trip review and pictures. It looks like everyone had a good time. I can see from your blogs and pictures that you and Donna have the perfect recipe to make each other happy. You take great pictures by the way. Your camera investment was a good one.

    Jim and I stayed at a place that you and Donna would love: Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa. We stayed there last year right before Thanksgiving. Great rooms, food, spirits, spa (Windflower - the Hill Country Spa) and views. It was very romantic. Check it out. You can thank me later.

    I am nervous about tonight's game too, but if they (insert "L-Word" here)don't have a good game, it might actually take some pressure off the team. I am not expecting a perfect season anyway. I just don't want anyone else to have a season-ending injury. The Texans are so focused right now, it will be hard for anyone to beat them.

    Well, thanks for another great blog. Now you've got ME smiling!
    Donna S.

    1. Donna, you are just too sweet... It simply makes me smile from "ear to ear" when someone says that (your compliment) about Donna & I. It truly means a lot. It's real and I'm so happy that we "convey" that.

      Donna has heard of your Hotel... we will check it out.

      Thanks regarding the camera... I love it.

      Go Texans!!!

      Have a great Sunday, Slu

  4. Looks like you had a lovely weekend in Gruene. We live about 30 minutes away - you'd think we'd be out there all the time it's such a cute little place. I didn't even know about the festival, I'm so out of touch with what's going on outside my house in the real world at the moment! I love Gruene Hall - the courtyard out back is great for little ones, and they do lots of FREE concerts (gotta love the word FREE). After your brekkie pics I'm itching to check out The Fork and Spoon!! Thanks Slu for another fab post! Looking forward to tomorrow's.....

    1. Wow!!! Would have been really cool to have gotten to meet you there. We absolutely love it there (Gruene & New Braunfels). Please try the F & S... you will love it as well.

      Thanks, Slu


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