Friday, September 28, 2012

Week 19... What I "Don't" Like


In my Blog just 5 weeks ago, my title was "What I Like," and it has turned out to be my most viewed Blog.  So, this week, I have decided to write the complete opposite of that Blog Post and share with you "What I Don't Like."

As with my "Like" list, the following "Dislikes" are just a few of the things that I really don't like.  You may agree with some and you certainly may disagree with some or all, but it is absolutely not my intention to offend anyone.  This is just how I roll these days...

I Don't Like the Stench of Cigarettes.  If you are a smoker, absolute more power to you if that is your thing yikes!!!.  I myself enjoy a good cigar along with a good libation when the time is right.  For me, it is 30 to 45 minutes of pure pleasure.  However, my complaint stems from the "stench" that cigarettes generate.  As in: inside one's car, on the furniture and interior of one's house, on the clothing of a smoker, and on a smokers breath, etc.  I can understand, that, as a smoker, it may be difficult to separate the habit/taste and the lingering odor.  As a non-smoker, the "stench" that permeates can be extremely overpowering and, at least for me, unwelcome.  From a "non-smoker's" perspective.  Sorry, just sayin'.

I Don't Like Loud and Obnoxious.  Is there anything worse than being out and about in public and someone suddenly gets on their cell phone and acts as if they are all alone in a private room while talking on their phone?  But, you are actually sitting right next to them in a waiting room at a Doctor's Office.  Or, you are in an elevator with them.  Or, you are in a Public Restroom with them.  Or, you are behind them, waiting in a line to check out at any store.  And after five minutes, you feel like you somehow know everything that is currently going on in their life.  And how about the guy that walks around with the "Bluetooth" earpiece?  He is on permanent "standby" to be Loud and Obnoxious.  And suddenly, your cell phone rings.  What do you do?  I cancel the call and text back.  "What's up?"  I just can't won't compete with Loud and Obnoxious guy.  Nor do I want to.  I take my calls in a more private environment, so as to not bother those around me. 

With the Fire Chief & Mayor "sans" tie...  After 30 years
I Don't Like Ties.  This is actually a difficult one for me because Donna likes ties.  I have never been a "suit" type of guy.  In fact, I'm pretty much all about "casual."  Suits for me are just plain and simple awkward and uncomfortable.  Throw in a tie and awkward and uncomfortable compounds.  If I have to play "dress up," I'm more comfortable in a pair of slacks, a nice shirt, and a sports jacket, sans tie.  Give me a nice pair of cargo shorts, a nice button up shirt, my fedora, and hey, I'm ready to go.

I Don't Like Liars/Lying.  This is another difficult one for me because under various circumstances, pretty much "all of us" have told a "Little White Lie."  But, when someone looks you right in the eye and tells you a "Bold-Faced Lie," someone that you trust, and you take them at their word, I have a problem with that.  And then, to keep from getting caught lying, they have to tell another lie to cover their original lie and then it spirals out of control with even more "covering" lies.  And more than likely, they will eventually get caught in their lies, which can lead to hurt feelings and trust issues, etc.  I lean on:  Tell me the truth.  If it's bad, just be honest with me and we will work our way through the issue, whatever it is.  But, respect me by being honest.  Don't hide behind a lie.
My worst "foodie" nightmare...

I Don't Like Brussel Sprouts.  Holy smokes!!!  I have tried.  I have gone so far as to find a recipe(s) that looked to be a sure fire, no brainer, way of cooking them that would forever change my mind.  There is just no amount of salt & pepper or butter that, for me, can make Brussel Sprouts taste good.  Heck, I don't even like the way they look.  You won't find them on my plate.

I Don't Like Dirty Kitchens.  Dirty is relative.  My kitchen can actually be clean, but have dishes piled up in the sink, too much debris on the counter-tops, and certain things out of place and it's a "visual" I just can't deal with.  Un-rinsed dishes drive me nuts.  A glass left on the counter with milk still in it drives me nuts.  Don't pour more than you can swallow and don't waste my beloved milk for crying out loud.  A "Spotless" kitchen makes me smile.

And finally, on a more serious note...

I Don't Like Illegal Drugs.  No matter how "uncool" it may be to say that.  I've been there, done that.  More than likely, most of us have at some point in our lives.  If you have not, from the bottom of my heart, I sincerely say, "good for you."  Donna and I have been through "Hell" over the years with issues related to family and drugs.  It has been painful to say the least.  God has blessed us thus far in that we have not yet lost any of our children or close family to drugs.  Maybe, just maybe, a corner was turned recently and with God's continued Blessings, prayer, and hopefully a strong and focused will, we can get beyond this "evil."  As Neil Young sings in Needle and the Damage Done, "I watched the needle take another man...  Gone, gone, the damage done."  We have experienced the loss of those close to our family.  I say loud and clear:  Drugs are not Cool under any Circumstance, they are Insanely Evil.  

Ok, I'm done with my "soap-box."  But, I wanted to get that in.  I appreciate your indulgence.

Houston Texans Football:  Wow!!!  For the first time in team history, the Texans are off to a 3 & 0 start.  A 31 to 25 win over the Denver Broncos last week put us in rare air.  Of all 32 teams in the NFL, we are one of only three teams left undefeated.  This week, we are back at home in Reliant Stadium to play the Tennessee Titans, 1 & 2 so far.  Currently, the Texans are -12 point favorites.  Week 3 Wagers:  I went 1 & 1.  Through 3 weeks, I am 4 & 2 (66%) and I am up +$15.

Recipe's:  This week, I am highlighting one of my all time favorite "comfort food" dishes that I have made at home for years.  It's a simple, but very flavorful dish.  I call it "Mac and Tuna."  Prepare a Family Size Box of Kraft Velveeta Shells and Cheese.  Once done, add in two 12 ounce cans of Star-Kist Chunk Light Tuna in Water (drained), and finally, add in a 12 ounce bag of Frozen Sweet Peas (once microwaved).  Add just a touch of milk, a little butter, salt and pepper and I promise, you will find your smile.

Please forgive my Serving Dish...  An "oldie, but a goodie"
Market Watch:  Last week, Facebook jumped $3.00 and showed some life.  This week, it headed South again as it closed yesterday at 20.32, losing $2.00+ from last week.  To make matters worse, an Industry Expert this week suggested that it is still "over-priced."  Ouch...  that has to sting just a bit.

The EndAgain, Thank You so much for stopping by.  As always, I appreciate your time and hope you will check back next week for more.

Be safe, be smart, and always smile...  It's "Happy Friday"



  1. Hi Slu! Brussel sprouts are the bom-diggy. They MAKE Christmas for me! In fact my Mum always had to make double just to satisfy my LOVE of them... and no need for butter or salt - straight up sprouts for me!! Fair warning to all - keep your distance from Momma until way after Boxing Day.......!

    1. JB: "bom-diggy," i just love the GB lingo. i am truly glad they (BS) work for you. you can have mine. ha!!! thanks & take care, slu

  2. Ha! The first time he put "Mac and Tuna" on the table, I looked at it and I said "Are you kidding me??), but I must say...I LOVE the stuff! I can eat my weight in it and that's a lot! Absolutely premium comfort food! This week (I am dieting) I asked him to put it away before I got home! I just can't resist it! LOL! I think we agree on all other points except for ties...I think a man in a tie is super hot! Oh well, I like fedoras too! ;-)
    Love you, Babe!

    1. i guess i'll have to surprise you in a tie sometime, even though I... we'll see. and i love you back!!!

  3. Hey Slu- First, (there's always a first) I agree with all of your dislikes except the tie thing. It's probably because I don't have to wear them. Mark hates wearing them too.
    2nd, cigarette smoke screams Casino or bowling alley. Casinos, I don't mind..but when I get home, everything goes straight to the laundry.
    3rd, Congrats once again to your Texans! Our overtime game against the Titans nearly killed me; I wish you better luck this week. (with real refs, no less!)
    Lastly, Mac and Tuna sounds delicious. Definitely a cooler weather, comfort food.
    Have an awesome weekend. Take your woman out and wear a tie! Or football jersey. :P

    1. Double M: after her comment above, i just might have to put a tie on one night. ha!!!

      agreed... straight to the laundry.

      and good luck to your lions as well.

      take care, slu

  4. Closing out the week with a peek at your blog.
    I hate all the things you hate except the ties, but admit they are a bit over rated and way too expensive. My husband hates them too. I have the same level of disdain for panty hose. I would have to be under a "court order" before I'd try to wiggle into a pair these days. Besides, I think once you become a grandparent you should not have to wear stupid ties or panty hose any more! We should make it a rule. Have a great weekend my friend.
    Donna S.

    1. Ha!! We are of "equal" minds... thanks, Slu

  5. Hi Stephen!

    Found you while blog hopping.

    All those things in your list, I hate them too, especially ties and dirty kitchens. I always go for casual dress unless when it is really necessary to wear formal dress.
    Dirty kitchens, I hate them and hate cleaning them up :)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. ha!! sounds like we are on the same page... thanks, slu

  6. Hey Slu! I'm with you on all these things except brussel sprouts---I love 'em and have all sorts of creative ways to cook them---but they sure do stink up the house! I'm lovin' the mac and tuna though--that's some good stuff! AND...don't feel so bad--I have the same casserole dish!!

    1. Ha!!! I just can't get into them... I have so many people respond on how much they like them. Go figure. The dish??? I'm really glad to hear that. Thanks & take care, Slu


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