Friday, June 1, 2012

Week 2... Here We Go


As Alice Cooper once sang:  "Schoooooooools out for summer!!!"  That should bring a smile to your face, unless, of course, you are one of those parents that loves school simply because it helps keep your kids out of the house expanding their knowledge and growth.  Ha!!!  Well, here's hoping your summer is sunny, but not too hot, full of adventure, and fun.

As a result of some events that took place last Friday night (and last weekend), I have been thinking about relationships this past week.  I am truly blessed with the relationship I have with my "little bride."  But I want to talk about the relationships my 3 step-daughters have and why I'm smiling.  I have two with Donna that I will refer to as D #1 and D #2.  I have one from a previous marriage that I will refer to as S #1.  They are all in their mid to late 20's, with S #1 turning 30 in about 6 weeks.

D #1Married now just a little over 8 years, she actually met her future husband in the 6th grade.  They have been in each others lives ever since.  It has not always been great or pretty.  In fact, there were quite a few struggles along the way in their "long and strange trip."  But along that way, D #1's husband found something (from up above), that for him, changed his life forever.  That was the start of their relationship finding its way.  Today, they are a solid, loving, maturing couple about to embark on a dream adventure come true as in the next few weeks, they will take ownership of a thriving business, that for them, is akin to playing in the surf.  In addition, now past a surgical scare, D #1's doctor has given her/them permission to start making giving us grand-babies!!!  Ha...

D #2Munchkin's mom has struggled in years past with finding that just right "someone" that could make her happy for the long-term and be a good father figure as well to munchkin.  Along the way, she has been searching for a job that she could be happy at and thrive in as well.  As I type this, and as we approach July 4th, D #2 will celebrate 1 full year with her "someone" that constantly is nuts puts a smile, not only on her face, but munchkin's as well, and has changed her heart.  I could not help but notice this past weekend the post & pics she put on FB that shouted out:  "Family time by the pool" and another of them "eating out together."  It should be noted too that D #1 helped her baby sister get a job recently that she really loves and is quite good at.  

S #1She has been in my life since she was a 1 year old.  As she approaches 30, she has seen her struggles with relationships in the past as well (and jobs too).  But a little over two years ago (and get this), while driving down the freeway, her (unbeknownst to her) "someone" noticed her (and she noticed right back) and it just so happened on that day, they met up in a parking lot, exchanged pleasantries, and eventually hooked up for a date.  Now, two years later, after meeting by a totally dangerous fluke circumstance, their relationship is thriving, loving, & growing.  How sweet it is to constantly see her state/post/text how happy he makes her.  S #1 was just recently hired for a new job that she can now embrace and has room to grow.

So, it hasn't always been kum-ba-yah, but let me tell ya...  I just have to say: Great Job Guys, cause, you gotta know, I'm smiling now.  And I mention jobs in all 3 scenarios because I firmly believe that if you are happy at work, you have a better chance at being happy at home as well.

A side note regarding S #1Right after they met, Donna & I decided to fore-go house living and move to and live in an apartment (a move we still are very happy about).  But that meant making some changes in our life, one of which was getting rid of farming out 3 of our 4 dogs.  Well, S #1 and her new guy took my baby, Jordy, our adopted greyhound, and she is very happy in her new home with her new friends:  check out this pic (of mutt & jeff)...

this is Jordy and the little guy is Tiger

Saw this quote this week and it sure applies to us "Boomers."  Another one from Ralph Waldo Eerson:  "The first wealth is health."

Recipe'sOk, if you enjoy cooking in the crock pot, this is a winnerThis recipe takes approximately 6 to 8 hours (depending on your particular pot).  I have tried it twice and both times, it was simply amazing.  The website is Macheesmo and I'll be honest:  this is the only recipe I have created from his site, but his other recipe's look great as well.  So, give the "Crock Pot Chicken Tortilla Soup" a try and enjoy.  You'll be glad you did.

Also, in my weekly e-mail list of recipe's I receive, one stood out as we head into summer...  "Mango Martini" and the recipe can be found at Casa Veneracion for your libation enjoyment.   

MusicThrough a recommendation of a friend, this weeks featured artist/band is an up & coming Texas Country Rock Band, formed 11 years ago, while attending college at North Texas University.  They are the Eli Young Band and I hope you'll give them a listen.

Photos:  Ok yo...  I came across some photos this week I could not pass up.  Check these out.  The first one is sure to bring a smile to your face: 

Is this just too funny or what???
And this next one...  What was this guy thinking???  Or, was he???  Yikes!!!

Can you say "Ka-Booooom"

Market WatchWell, at the end of two weeks, after opening at 38, Facebook closed yesterday (Thursday) at 29.6 and people are starting to wonder if it is "overvalued."  Yikes!!!

The End:  Hey, I appreciate you stopping by and having a look and read.  If you like it, pass it on to a friend.  Don't forget to scroll down and feed my fish (just click on the water).  Also, check out my Wine & Food Pairing section.  Pretty cool stuff.  It's all in Slu's World.  

Always smile...  It's a very "Happy Friday"  


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