Friday, June 8, 2012

Week 3... Having Fun


Well, I am into week 3 now and I must say, I'm having fun with this blog.  That was the point going in and I have certainly exceeded my expectations.  I appreciate you having a look and the feedback I am receiving.  

This week, I'll share a humiliating funny story from last Thursday on myself regarding a very stupid confused moment I had.  As I state above, I work for a School District.  The last day of school was on Wednesday, the 30th.  On Thursday (31st), we had our annual, end of the year, District meeting/luncheon, where awards are given out, which include 5, 10, 15, & 20 year (or more) pins as well as recognizing retiree's and such. Hundreds of people attend, including Administration, Teachers, Transportation, Maintenance, Custodial, etc.  Lunch was served.  As we entered the cafeteria, numbered tickets were handed out to each person.  In between the awards, those hosting the event called out numbers.  If your ticket number matched the number called, you won the "prize" being handed out.  Prizes ranged from Gift Baskets, to $50 and $100 Gift Cards, to Sports Equipment, etc. 

I was sitting with my group, near the back of the cafeteria, holding ticket numbers 722064 and 722074.  Near the end of the event, a lady stepped up to the microphone and called out number 722704.  As she said the numbers 704, in my mind, I heard 074!!!  I pumped my fist, let out a "Yo-Yo-Yo" and was up and on my way, hearing the sounds of hearty clapping, to the front of the room to collect someone else's MY gift basket, high 5ing those I knew, along the way.

Now, as I approached the mid-way point to the front, my mind started playing tricks on me and I was now thinking to myself, "Did she say 704?"  "Did she?"  "What if she did?"  "OMG, what are you going to do if she did?"  As I got closer to the front, the lady that hands out the gifts started making her way toward me with a huge smile on her face.  As I greeted her, I handed her my ticket and I asked her (now with absolutely no confidence), "You said 074, right?"  And just that fast, her smile was gone (and now mine was leaving very fast, followed by red & warmth on my face) as she uttered the words, "Oh no, I'm sorry, we called 704!!!"  And as she said those words (in what seemed like forever slow-motion), she also did a quick retreat with my someone else's Gift Basket.

And so now, I was left to turn and face approximately 500 people and while I heard something muttered over the PA about a "wrong number," I then had to walk what I call the "Walk of Shame" back to my seat.  Along the way, I saw lots of smiles (but no high 5's), and I can only imagine what they were truly thinking.  Next time, I'll turn to my neighbor and ask "What number did they call?"  Ha!!!  

Here's a quote from Martin Charnin:  "You're never fully dressed without a smile."  Love this quote...

Recipe'sLast night, I prepared a dish from one of my favorite sites, Skinnytaste, and the multiple flavors in the dish just popped!!!  Overall, a pretty easy meal to make and you can find the recipe here.  So, if you get a chance, check it out and enjoy "Thai Chicken and Pineapple Stir Fry" served over some Jasmine Rice and you have a winner.

Libations Anyone???: This week, I am highlighting what my "little bride" refers to as the perfect poolside drink.  Nothing new, but as we start summer, a reminder of a cool and refreshing drink and the exact recipe can be found here.  So, this weekend, try a "Vodka Tonic" and enjoy.

MusicMy motley crew family & I spent last weekend at Canyon Lake and on Sunday evening, we sprang from the house to go have dinner at the Gristmill Restaurant in Gruene, Texas, near New Braunfels.  After dinner, we walked next door to Gruene Hall for some cold beer and live music.  The band was very good and entertaining.  I would like to "plug" them here...  They were the Damn Quails from Oklahoma and their bluesy country rock sound was awesome.  I hope you will check them out and give them a listen.

PhotosSpeaking of my family...  Here are a couple of pics from last weekend up around Canyon Lake and Gruene:  

La Familia...  Having dinner at the Gristmill

Speaking of my "Motley Crew"  The Kids (and still missing 6), Love 'em to death...

Market WatchFacebook is into week 3 as well and is tanking not doing so good.  It opened this morning (Friday) in the 26.58 range, down just under 12 points from its original opening...  Yikes!!!

The EndAs always, I appreciate you stopping by. Don't forget to scroll down below and check out the Food & Wine Pairing tool and you can feed my fish as well.  Thanks...

Be safe, be smart, & always smile...  It's "Happy Friday"



  1. Really, really funny. I bet the whole walk of shame is already forgotten.LOL
    Cute pics of the family. :)

  2. Can you spell D-Y-S-L-E-X-A-I ? Cute story, yes embarrassing. Love the family pics, too!

  3. Super funny story!! Loved the way you wrote it too...Lol Laughing "with" you, not "at" you.... That was just one of those moments you can look back on and know you were the "Star' of the moment and smile like you always do, even if it lasted a half a second (a half hour in your mind..Lol) It's what you make of it....I think I'd enjoy having an "Oooops" moment like that.... :D

  4. I am going back and reading your past blogs. I am new at reading blogs so I am not sure how to get to week 2&3 but I will figure it out. :-) Loved your story. Looking at the pics, you say that 6 are missing. I have looked all over to try to see how many children you have. Enlighten me. Well, on to reading week 4. Later. Dee


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