Friday, May 25, 2012

Week 1... Ready, Set, Go


Well, to quote a famous Texan, the "Reverend Willie G," aka Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top), I am "Live & Nationwide."  Finally!!!  I recently posted a quote I came across last week on Facebook from Ralph Waldo Emerson that stated:  "Do the thing you fear, and the death of fear is certain."  As I write this post and prepare to click the "publish" button, that quote is certainly on my mind.

As I launch this blog, I would like to set some parameters.  I mention in the "About Me" that this is not Rocket Science.  I'm here to have fun, share some thoughts, and maybe send some links and photos your way that I think you might be interested in.  Along the way, I hope to get a smile out of you (but not at my expense, yo???).  Therefore, please know up front that I will not discuss politics from either side.  It's just too much of a "hot button" topic for some and not worth the arguments that could result in that type of conversation.  Also, I am not a "mud slinger" and will not take cheap shots at others.  I try to live my life by a simple quote I came across many years ago by John Cassis that states:  "It's nice to be important, but, much more, it's important to be nice."  That's just how I roll.  With that said...

As I go forward with this in the coming weeks, I think that I would like to try to do this on a weekly basis, rather than on a daily basis (I mean, how much can one guy talk about?).  Although, my wife, Donna, whom I lovingly refer to as the "little bride," told me I should have plenty to talk about by simply talking about our family.  Ahhhhhh, she left me a nice opening there.  So here's a funny story:  A couple of months ago, I attended a work related, district wide meeting where several School Districts were represented.  During a break, a manager from another district was talking to my partner and I and we were discussing a former employee with my district, but a current employee with the manager's district.  This employee was known to "fly off the handle" at times over her frustration with her co-workers.  The manager went on to tell us about a certain book that was recommended to her that might help her with her "problem."  The title of the book is...  "Living Successfully With Screwed-Up People" by Elizabeth Brown.  Ok yo, are you kidding me???  I bought the book the next day.  Ha!!!  Seriously, I have not had time to read more than just a few pages to date, but hey, I showed the book title to Donna's kids and the expression on their faces was to die for priceless.  Ok, now they think I got the book because of some crazy people I work with (and holy smokes, that's another story for another day), but as I get into this book more, I hope to share some tidbits from it in the future.

Recipe's:  I would like to include in the blog each time a recipe I have found that I think you might be interested in and I think I have one for you here at one of my favorite sites,, in which Gina has some very amazing and healthy recipe's.  There are other recipe sites as well I will pass on along the way.  But for this blog, check out the "Bangin' Grilled Shrimp Skewers."

MusicI like a pretty broad spectrum of music and I hope to be able to share some of it with you as I go forward.  I love my music.  I keep hearing new stuff on my Pandora and recently, a friend introduced me to some up & coming Texas Country Rock Bands that I want to explore.

PhotosI like to take/share photos and will certainly be including some pics along the way too.  This one came my way a couple of days ago:   

My grand-daughter, Riley (munchkin), leading the Kindergarten class in reading...  too funny: her favorite thing to do in class

Market Watch:  Facebook opened for the very first time last Friday at 38 and will open this morning, one week later, at 33...  Yikes!!!

The EndAs I end this first blog, I would encourage you to scroll down a bit and feed my fish by clicking your mouse in the water several times.  Pretty cool watching them chase their food.  I appreciate you stopping by and hope you will check back for more.  Let me just say...  Welcome to Slu's World.

Always Smile...  It's a very "Happy Friday"  


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