Sunday, November 24, 2013

Pretty Dang Lucky...

Hey Yo: 

Yep, I'd say I'm "Pretty Dang Lucky."  This is a 'Two Part-er' today, so, I hope you'll hang in there with me while I share my Luck.

Part 1
So...  My good friend and Fellow Blogger Marcia, from Menopausal Mother, offered up another Award for Slu's World The Liebster Award!!! 

Thanks Marcia...
And I must say, Marcia has been very kind to this Space.  So, on this day Marcia, as you sit, hopefully, in your Beautiful Garden, please raise your wine glass and accept my Sincere Thanks for being so thoughtful and so generous.  Please know I'm Smiling!!!  I hope those reading this today will click on her Link and see for yourself just how much she has going on.  It truly is incredible, as she is featured on many well publicized Blogs.

Now, there are a few Rules for receiving The Liebster Award, which I will bend just a bit...  That is just how I roll.  They are:

...Post 11 (or just 1) Random Fact(s) about yourself.  OK...

#1)  I like to think of myself as Rugged and Billy B. A., you know: A Man's Man.
       But when I see a child that has been mistreated and/or harmed by an
       Adult, it often times brings tears to my eyes.  It seriously just breaks my
       heart.  (Now, give me just 5 minutes with that adult!!!)
...Answer Marcia's 11 Questions of her Nominee's.  OK...

#1)  What is your biggest phobia?
       Of dying too soon.  (Not sure when I'll cross that line of:  OK, it's time)

#2)  Have you ever buried your face in a cake?
        I have not, although it probably looks as though I do when I eat cake.

#3)  If you could change ONE thing about yourself, what would it be?
       Probably that I would never BITE MY NAILS again.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

#4)  Have you ever been in a Bounce House while intoxicated at a Kid
        Birthday Party? 
        Quick answer:  No...  Standing nearby with a Libation:  Yes

#5)  If someone handed you $1,000 right now, what is the 1st thing you
        would do?
        I would say:  Holy Smokes!!!  Then I would have Donna call all the Kids
        and we would treat all of them to a very nice dinner out.  I would like to
        think that with what was left over, I would help somebody out.

#6)  Has your neighbor ever seen you in your underwear?
        Unless they can see through the blinds, NO.

#7)  What is the ONE Food Time you can't live without?
        Hardly ever eat breakfast.  So, probably Dinner.  Lunch is a close 2nd!!!

#8)  Do you sleep in the buff?
        Although I have, as a rule, NO.  Gym Shorts for me.

#9)  When you were little, what did you want to be when you became a
        Easy...  A Professional Baseball Player.  As a kid, it was a Passion.

#10)  Have you ever gone Skinny-Dipping?  Details.
         The short answer is YES.  Much younger.  Camping with several couples.

#11)  Have you ever had a Bowel Malfunction BEFORE you could reach
         the Toilet? 
         YES!!!  On vacation many years ago.  Key West, Florida.  About to watch
         the Sun Set on a Pier near a Bar.  And it hit right then and there. 
         Absolute EMERGENCY!!!  Said I would be right back.  Entered the Bar. 
         Did not see a restroom.  Time was of the essence.  Went up to the Bar
         and asked the Bartender where the nearest restroom was.  He said there
         were two.  "One over there, and one over there."  (Opposite ends of the
         room).  I chose the one on my right.  My "cheeks were squeezed tightly"
         as I hurriedly walked toward the restroom door, feeling extremely
         uncomfortable.  My "Volcano" was about to BLOW!!!  I put my hand on
         the door knob and turned feeling all kinds of relief that I was so close to a
         toilet.  But, the door was LOCKED!!!  My heart sunk, and so did all my
         will power.  Right then and there, at that door, I lost it.  And yes, I had on
         WHITE SHORTS.  And yes, I walked all the way over to the other side of
         the Bar to the other restroom.  And there, a one urinal, one stall,
         restroom, I stripped, threw away my underwear, and hand washed my
         shorts in the sink as clean as I could get them.  I had to clean myself as
         well.  I had to put my soaked shorts back on and walk out, through the
         Bar, and back out to the Pier, where my wife at the time asked:  "Where
         have you been?"  All I could say was:  "You don't even want to know." 
         The Sun Set???  Long Gone!!!  Also, no cell phones back then...

...And finally, Nominate 11 Bloggers for The Liebster Award.  OK...  (My Way)

For me, I just find that task way too difficult.  So, I'll open it up.  If you are a Blogger, Love what you do as a Blogger, and you want an Award, say a Liebster Award, you go on right here, right now, and Grab It!!!  It's yours.  You deserve it.  And it's from Slu and Slu's World...  Take it and Enjoy it!!!

Thank you again Marcia...  You are too sweet.  Happy Friday to you from Slu.

Part 2
Two days ago, on Wednesday (that would be November 20), my lovely Bride (Donna) and I celebrated our 14th Wedding Anniversary.  I posted an announcement, if you will, on Facebook, and the response was overwhelming.  The Comments and Likes were so very sweet and we appreciate all the Love from our Friends and Family. 
The Early Years, in our First Home
As my Title states:  I'm "Pretty Dang Lucky."  I met Donna when I was 42 years old. We have been together ever since.  In the beginning, someone said that we would not last a year together.  Well, it's actually been 15 years now that we have been together, and married for 14 of those years.  That day, November 20, 1999, when she said, "I Do," my Life changed FOREVER.  My life revolves around her.  I Love her more than I can ever articulate here.  She makes me so extremely Happy.  I am so very Proud to call her my Wife.  As I have said many times, I am truly Blessed.  She says she is my Wife for Life and that, my friends, absolutely melts my Heart.  We have our future right in front of us and I wouldn't want to spend it with anyone else.  Yep, Pretty Dang Lucky, if I may say so.  
Our recent Animated Look...  
Takin' it "To the House"
Houston Texans Football:  8 Losses in a row now.  Just plain Sad!!!
Market Watch:  Holy Smokes!!!  The Dow closed yesterday at a Record 16,009.  First time to ever close above 16,000.  Congrats!!!  Facebook, on the other hand, closed at 46.70...  a slight nose dive from its high a few weeks ago in the low 50's. 

Music:  I asked Donna for a selection this week.  Her taste is a little different than mine.  She gave me a couple of choices.  How could I resist 'Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You' by Lauryn Hill???  The Title alone was a Winner.  Enjoy...  (source

The End:  Another one in the books...  So Glad you Stopped By.  Much appreciated.  Hope to see ya back next week.  Til then...

Be safe, be smart, and always show your Smile...  It's "Happy Friday"

adios...  vaya con dios


  1. Congratulations to a beautiful couple. Oh Em Gee, thank you for the hysterical laugh about your bowel malfunction. My belly hurts now from laughing and I'm sure that bartender has entertained people for many years retelling the story of the guy in the white/brown/wet shorts.

    1. Debster... Thanks!!! Much appreciated. I always wondered if he had a Story to tell??? lol


    1. Thanks Deb... Always appreciate you stopping by. Hope your weekend is awesome as well, Slu

  3. Happy beautiful 14th Wedding Anniversary Slu and Donna. How wonderful to have come this far, with many more great years ahead of you. You look like Hollywood stars in that photo :)

    Loved the story of your speedy bowel blast, that was so funny mate, you had me in stitches. Next time you're out and about like that, carry a little container, ha ha ha. And I enjoyed Lauryn Hill, the woman can sing when she's ready.

    I hope you both have a really good weekend and congrats again mate.

    1. Thank You My Man... So good to hear from you each week. Always look forward to your visits. Ha: Maybe I need a "container." lol

      Have a great week yourself, Slu

  4. Happy (belated) Anniversary. You and Donna are both very lucky to have found each other.

    1. Thanks Karen... Agreed!!! Ha. Thanks for stopping by, Slu

  5. I think you and Donna are both lucky to have each other. I hope you have many more years together, and your grand kids are adorable. As of the speedy trip to the bathroom, I think this has happened to everyone, well the ones that will admit it. Always Cuz

    1. Hey Cuz... Thanks!!! I think we are, and the GK's are icing on the cake.

      The Bathroom??? I hope I'm not alone... lol See ya next time, cuz

  6. Donna's pick of songs this week offers a glimpse into the very heart of the woman who loves you most. Yea, I’d say you were dang lucky! It is always nice to hear you speak so lovingly of Donna, and I think her song choice this week speaks of her love for you. Every woman wants to be cherished. And it is clear to your friends and blog readers that you cherish Donna, and that the feeling is completely mutual. My love song back to you is “Never My Love” by the Association. Seems like a good anniversary song choice for two people whose hearts have endured 15 years of marriage, and whose love is stronger than ever. We should all be so dang lucky! Happy Anniversary, my friends. Love, Donna S.

    1. Donna S... 1st: I hope you come back and read this. 2nd:

      As Donna & I sat at the Bar at Lupe Tortilla Friday evening (our Friday hangout), we each read your comment from my phone. That said... I cannot even begin to tell you how touched we both were by your so very kind words and thoughts.

      I could not draw it up on paper any better. It took me a while to get it right, but I did and I am in a place that I truly wish others could experience & enjoy. I think you know what I am talking about as You & Jim seem to have 'it' too. We are Blessed. Thank you so very much for stopping by, Slu

  7. OMG I am DYING laughing over here at #11!!! That is one of THE BEST "volcano blowout' stories I have ever heard! Congrats on your anniversary--you guys are a BEAUTIFUL couple! So happy for you. Thank you also for the kind words in your shout-out. I appreciate this more than I can say. You are da bomb, Slu!

    1. Thanks Marcia... Always appreciate what you have done & said for this Space. You have a place in my heart.

      The story??? Ha... Crazy times. Thanks again, Slu

  8. #4's hilarious! Good questions and I enjoyed your answers Slu. Love Meno Mama to pieces - she's a riot! Congrats on your Liebster Slu-ster! :)

    1. Ha... Appreciate it. Thanks for dropping by. Always nice to see you here, Slu

  9. Congrats on the award! Cool questions and answers there. And a very happy anniversary and thanksgiving!

    1. Thank you so much Michelle... Very much appreciated, Slu

      Hope your Thanksgiving is Special as well.

  10. Hey, great post, Congrats on the award!!!! Great answers and you are so funny. I'm so glad you and Donna found each other, you are perfect for each other. Happy Anniversary!!!!
    Love you both,
    Big Sis

    1. Hey Yo... Thanks. I think we are too. Ha... And Thanks again.

      Y'all have a great Thanksgiving. Tell everybody we said Hi.

      Love y'all, Lil Bro

  11. Hey Slu..
    What can I say to a post that has such a beautiful tribute to your wedding AND a white shorts washing story as well? THANK YOU!!! Haha. I'm so glad you and your bride are so happy. Even though I call Mark my "first" husband, I'm pretty sure we'll last tip someone cuts off our oxygen tanks..
    Congratulations on your award. Marcia is one of my favorite people.
    So sorry to hear about your Texans (genuinely), and their coach. If you saw the disaster that was the snow bowl yesterday, you'll know I get where you're at.
    I hope your holidays have been and will continue to be wonderful.
    Thanks for the smiles :)

    1. What a pleasant surprise. Thanks...

      Texans = :-(

      I watched the Snow Bowl = YIKES!!!

      And Merry Christmas to You & your Crew...

      Thanks for stopping by, Slu

  12. Happy Anniversary to you and your wife, Slu! omg - Key West! lol So funny but sorry about that! We all have our blow out moments. My husband has a hilarious one and I hope he lets me write about it at some point now that I'm over the trauma. lol

    1. Thanks!!! Much appreciated...

      Yes. We. Do. lol

      Would love to hear it... Ha!!! Thanks for stopping by, Slu

  13. Slu, I haven't been here in a long time... I have no excuse... but Im glad I got here! You guys are a lovely couple...congrats! Now I gotta know why anyone would think you wouldn't make it a year?

    1. Thanks Zoe... It's actually a good thing you have not been here in a while. I have not written anything in a while. Trying to get motivated.

      Now, about that 'person.' That's an interesting story. Ha!!!

      Thanks for stopping by, Slu

  14. Hey Slu! Keep checking back here to see if you have a new post up yet. I miss them! We all do. Come baaaaack!


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