Friday, April 19, 2013

Week 46... So Yes, We Went Camping


Ahhhhhh yes, last week, I mentioned that we were going camping for the weekend...  and that we did.  The weather was perfect, the food was perfect, my cigars were perfect, the lake for my kayak was perfect, and the camping area was perfect.  Toby, our dog???  Now that's another story.  Well, and then there were those danged coyote's.  And oh yeah, "Jeremy" too...

OK, so as we sat around the dining table on Easter Sunday afternoon playing Yahtzee with some of the kids, we decided that it would be really cool to go tent camping while the weather was still somewhat cool and not too hot to go.  So, the "plan" was set in motion.  Donna got on the computer and over the course of the next few days, she found a place not too far away that "looked" like a good place to try.  It has been a while since we have been camping and our camping "main-stay" had become over run with a breed of ants that made it impossible to continue going there.  So, we settled on Double Lake Recreation Area in Coldspring, Texas, just North of Houston. 

Almost there...
...Made it!!!
OK, you know when you go camping, there is always the "set up."  You have to unload all your stuff and then set up your site.  You know, you have to work for about an hour or maybe more, so you can then sit back and relax...

Our Tent...  Ready to Go
John, Sami, & Munchkin's...

Munchkin enjoying the Hammock in front of Stephen & Lauren's tent...
After Friday night burgers, a campfire, Libations, and a cigar, the weather would bring a rather cold night of sleeping.  But cold promotes "snuggling" and that is never a bad thing.  

Saturday turned out to be a perfect weather day.  Lots of sunshine and just right warm temperatures.  The frisbee and football were thrown about, volleyball was played, and my kayak got wet...

The Tobester...  Before things went South for the Little Guy
In his own chair, nose up in the air!!!
It was "On like Donkey Kong" on the Volleyball Court
I think Munchkin got "Busted" here...
And here:  Munch wanted to push Papa off the shore...
...And she did a good job!!!
A look from my View...
Lauren took it to the edge...  way out there!!!
Sambo & Munchkin  hit the water too...
My Kayak...  Done for the Day
So, back at the Camp Site, it was time to shower, settle in for the evening, prepare dinner (OMG), and build a fire.  Stephen would make his specialty:  Slow Cooked Grilled Baby Back Ribs...  He "knocked it out of the park."  I added some grilled Link Sausage and Baked Beans.  YUM!!!  Sami & John started our campfire, and I reached for a Cigar.  Of course, there were S'mores too.

Our Camp Site...  Chillin' on Saturday Evening
The "Dudes"   L to R:  John, Slu, (Toby), Shane, & Stephen

The "Dudettes"   L to R:   Donna, Sambo, Munchkin (with Jeremy), Lauren, & Porsche (and Toby hiding)
Shane & Porsche made it for Saturday Dinner (Ribs)...
Saturday night Campfire, courtesy of Sami & John

As cold as Friday night was for sleeping, Saturday night was nearly perfect:  Not too cold, not too hot.  It was perfect.  And then...  the Coyote's made their presence known.  Not once, but two or three times.  Thankfully, not in our camp, but they were not far from us and they made sure they woke us up.

Sunday was another beautiful day.  Sunday is always "break-down" day.  The sad day.  It's go home day.  Throughout the weekend, Munchkin made a new friend.  "Jeremy."  It took her a while to warm up to him, but once she did, she wore him out...  He was probably thinking:  "Aren't y'all leaving today?"

Munchkin and her new friend, "Jeremy"
The funny thing was that everywhere we walked, she would see one of these little guys and say:  "Jeremy, how did you get over here so fast?"  And poor Toby...  Dude got sick and could not keep anything down.  Bummer weekend for him.  Bummer Monday for us:  $280 Vet Bill!!!

OK...  one last pic.  I found a friend as well.  While breaking down the tent:
Inside the Tent...
Well, that was our weekend in pictures.  Lots of fun.  And we are already trying to figure out when we can go back before it gets too hot.  

Takin' it "To the House"
Last week, in my "15 Things About Myself," my #4 stated:  I am a Pandora listening Freak-a-Zoid.  Later that day (the 12th), I received an e-mail from Pandora.  It stated that I was nearing my "Free Listening Limit."  Ha!!!  I never knew that you had 40 Hours per month of free listening before they charge you, unless you are listening on your PC, which I rarely do...

I love My Music!!!
MusicThis week, in keeping with the Camping "Laid-Back" theme, I want to share a tune that I truly love.  It's laid-back and it would have been perfect around the campfire.  Kumbaya...  I'm kidding!!!  No, I hope you will give this tune a listen.  From Santana, one of my fave's:  Europa...   

QuoteI saw this quote a few days ago, remembered it from back in the day, and just had to share it...  It is just too cool:  From Shakespeare, "I would challenge you to a battle of wits, but I see you are unarmed."  How great is that???

Market WatchA bit of a down-slide for both Facebook, closing yesterday at 25.69, and the Dow, closing yesterday at 14,537...  although the Dow is still looking very strong.

The EndIn the books!!!  I appreciate you stopping by very much.  Thank You and I hope to see you back next week.  Til then...

Be safe, be smart, and always Smile...  It's "Happy Friday"

adios...  vaya con dios


  1. Glad you had a great time. I'm leaving on the 26th for Washington on the Brazos. Hope Toby is better. Have a great week. Cuz

    1. We absolutely did... Here's hoping you have a great time. Toby's meds have kicked in and he is doing fine. You have a great week as well.

      Thanks for stopping by, cuz

  2. WOW, I'm impressed because I could never in a million, no zillion years, go camping. I don't do critters, sleep on the ground, or bathe in a community shower. For a redneck I sure am high maintenance!

    1. Well... The critters stay on the outside, we sleep on a 22" high, queen size air mattress, & the showers are amazingly clean (but wear your flip flops). Ha!!! If the weather was just right, I bet you would have fun.

      Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend, Slu

  3. Looks like you had a really good time on that camping trip. Wish I was there to taste the food, but glad I wasn't there to experience the noise of those Coyote's. I don't think I would be able to get a good nights sleep without someone doing security duty though, as don't fancy waking up looking at a bear debating who is on whose land, ha ha ha. Nice pics too.

    1. RPD... We absolutely did have a good time. The food was simply amazing!!! lol on the "animals"

      Glad you stopped by. Thanks, Slu

  4. Replies
    1. Welcome to Slu's World Sharon...

      Camping is great under the right conditions (smiling too).

      Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope to see you back.

      Have a great weekend, Slu

  5. I haven't camped in many many years, but you brought back a lot of fun memories. Your pics captured the camping experience perfectly.

    1. Thanks Karen... We truly did have fun. Just never long enough, it seems.

      Thanks for stopping by, Slu

  6. What a nice trip and family experience. You guys know how to do it right. The prrof is in all the great pictures and story line. What happened to your dog? I think I missed that.

    I tried to go camping - once. It's not for me. I wish I was not such a weenie. The Sluder's are up for any adventure, and I am glad you had a good one!
    Have a great weekend.

    Donna S.
    PS: I spent the day with Shelly Stevens today. We had a blast.

    1. Thanks DS... You're right: It was good times with family. You just can't beat that!!! Toby got sick and just could not keep anything down once he did. The Vet said it was a bacterial infection. On meds: He's back to running around and having fun.

      Have a great weekend yourself... Glad you & Shelly had a good time. Love her pics.

      Thanks for stopping by, Slu

  7. WOW!! It's apparent y'all had a wonderful time while camping. Hope you get another chance to go soon. We went to Branson, MO last week, saw some really good music shows, went shopping and really enjoyed ourselves. I'm glad Toby is doing better. And I'm glad Donna's mother is doing so well.
    Love y'all
    Big Sis

    1. We did have a good time. Sounds like y'all did too. I'm glad to hear y'all were able to get out & enjoy things.

      Saw Donna's Mom last night. She is making awesome progress.

      Love y'all back. Thanks for checking in, Lil Bro

  8. Oh Slu, this makes me miss my camping days!!! It has been 18 months since our last adventure! I loved every minute of camping....except the canoes..had a bad experience with those, so next time I'll just stick with the hiking trails.... This is such an awesome post---makes me feel like I am right there with y'all and the pictures are fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing a slice of your family life with us!

    1. Double M (#2)... You just gotta love camping. Glad to hear someone else likes it just as much. Had fun taking the pics too.

      Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend, Slu

      ps: you'll have to share that canoe story!!! ha...

  9. Slu,

    What a fun weekend! It's wonderful to see your family having all that fun together. Sorry about Toby, though. :( BTW, No one warned us about the actual monetary cost of having dogs...Wow.

    I HAVE to laugh that your first tent pic showed a broom. You are the neatest person I know!

    The fire, the food and kayaking sound AMAZING. But the coyotes and the fact that you didn't have, well, a hotel room; not so much. I'm scared of spiders and snakes, man! Your munchkin's new friend "Jeremy", though, was adorable. "How did you get over here so fast? ; that's priceless.

    This was a great read. I hope your weekend is off to a great start!

    1. Double M... Get-away-family weekends are a lot of fun for us. And Toby is running around the house like nothing ever happened, so it's all good.

      I learned a long time ago... If you camp, you need a broom. Ha!!! My tent is clean and my "porch" stays clean. lol

      If you have not, y'all should absolutely try this sometime. Your fears will go unrealized. Good Lord, if Donna can do this, anybody can. Seriously, if you have a good tent, a good air mattress (high off the ground), & good blankets and pillows: that's 90% of it. It's a blast.

      Munchkin... well, she absolutely had a blast.

      The weekend is good. Back at ya... Thanks for stopping by, Slu

  10. Glad you had a wonderful time!! I have never gone camping.. Its on my bucket list LOL!

    1. Nina, you should absolutely make sure you "scratch" that one off on your list as "done."

      What fun. Just go when the weather is really comfortable.

      Thanks for stopping by, Slu


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