Friday, April 12, 2013

Week 45... About Those Awards: Part 2


Boooooooya!!!  I thought I would change the Site up just a tad...  I have been thinking about changing the "Look" of my page for a while and decided that this week was as good as any.  So, let me know:  What do you think???

Well, I said last week that I would follow up this week on the "Set of Rules" that go along with being awarded the Awards for Slu's World.  There were two and so, my work is cut out for me.  But, there is a "but," so hang in there.

Usually, with these awards, they stipulate that you Link back to the Fellow Blogger that bestowed the award to you, that you display the award on your sidebar, that you list several things about yourself, and finally, that you pass on the award to other very deserving Bloggers.

Well, the first two in that "set" are very easy.  The second two in that "set" are downright hard.  So, here is where the "but" comes into play.  I'm going to change up the "Set of Rules" just a bit.  You know...  Blogger Discretion!!!

So, here is the deal:  When you get right down to it, these awards get handed out quite frequently and therefore, a lot of the Bloggers that I know have already received these two awards.  I don't want to be redundant and so...  here is what I am going to do:

Award #1...  
The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Again, as a reminder, this award was given to Slu's World by Marcia Doyle, author of Menopausal Mother.  Please have a look at her Blog and check out her Resume (Wow!!!).  OK, the second half of the "Set of Rules" state that I must list 7 things about myself and then nominate 15 fellow Bloggers for the award.  Yikes!!!  Hang in there...

  Award #2...
The Epically Awesome Award of Epic Awesomeness 

This award was given to Slu's World by Jon Whiting, author of Speaking My Mind.  I hope you will have a look at his Blog and see what is on his mind.  OK, the second half of the "Set of Rules" for this award state that I must list 10 things about myself and then nominate 10 fellow Bloggers for the award.  Yikes X 2!!!  This is where it gets a little dicey.  And this is where I am going to change it up a bit...

I am going to kinda-sorta combine the two "Sets of Rules" and list a few things about myself and hope I don't put you to sleep.  Then, rather than nominate 25 Bloggers, I am going to nominate just one or two that I have in mind and then I am going to Highlight some very well deserving Bloggers that I think deserve a "Shout Out" because their Blogs are spectacular.  No awards...  they each have several.  Just recognition from Slu's World for an outstanding Blog.  And if you have not, I hope that you will take a few minutes and visit each Blogger's site and see that there is amazing and entertaining talent out there.  

A Few Things About Myself
that you probably already know 

1Try as I might...  I just can't stop biting my nails.

2:  I have a little OCD at the Gas Pump...  Check out this pic:

In my case, I actually never look at the "Gallons."  But I can NEVER leave the Pump until I get the cents on .00, or any increment of .05...  I might spend .40 extra cents or so, just to "round it off."

3:  I'm known as the "Yo-Yo-Yo Man" on the School Bus.

4:  I am a Pandora listening "Freak-a-Zoid."  Love my music.

5:  Top Chef is my favorite TV Show (not counting football).
       (ahhhhh, if I had it to do all over again...  just sayin')

6:  When at a Casino, I absolutely love Roulette and 23 is my top number.  

7:  I am NOT happy about turning 60 in less than 3 years!!!

8:  No more "mixers" for my Whiskey & Vodka:  Both just straight up...  :-)

9:  Going Tent Camping today.  Has been a long time.  Love Camping...

10:  I absolutely love a good Cigar...  Ahhhhhh, this weekend!!!

A few months ago:  That would be ME in the middle...  (with the Cigar)
11:  I love my Whiskey, love my Dr. Pepper, love Cold Milk, but I can't go without my Coffee.  Straight up black!!!  Gotta have it...  3 to 6 per day.

12:  Speaking of Coffee...  I love my Keurig Coffee Maker.  So Simple!!!

13:  Speaking of Dr. Pepper (or Diet Coke):  If the time allows, I stick it in the freezer for about 15 to 20 minutes before I drink it.  I like it really cold.  And then, after opening it...  Those first few swallows, when it's really cold, which allows that BURN sensation in your throat...  HOLY SMOKES!!!  That's what I'm talking about. 

OK, I have not mentioned Donna in my first 13...  On purpose, no less.  So, I will close with:  

14:  Finally, does it get any better than being out on your Patio, maybe at a Restaurant, on their Patio, in nice weather, with your Woman (that would be Donna)... (Insert Man here if you are female), Libations in hand, maybe a cigar, maybe with some friends as well, listening to some good music, and just chatting & smiling the night away???  Winning!!!  (think of:  "around the camp-fire this weekend)

15:  And for good measure...  Have I ever mentioned how MUCH I LOVE my WIFE???  Just sayin'

Shout Out to Some Amazing Bloggers
or:  open your eyes to a lot of smiles & serious thinking

So, I want to share with you some of the Blogs that I read each week.  I truly hope that if you have not already, you will click on their Links and see what these Bloggers are all about.  But watch out, you just might get "hooked."

Above, I have already mentioned Menopausal Mother and Speaking My Mind...  Here are a few more:

Follow Me Home...  By Michele A peek into their house with Michele and her Husband, their 3 Kids, and as of recently, 2 Dogs.  In a very witty and charming way, you will find your smile as you get to know the Marriott's.  One of my Fave's...

Rum Punch Drunk...  I call him RPD Here, you will find an excellent Blog that will "Stimulate discussion and the free flow of ideas, as well as provoke thought."  After a very interesting read, you could spend another hour reading the many comments from his readers that will just blow you away.  Absolutely worth your time...

Baking In A Tornado...  By KarenA Mom of two teenage boys in High School, from Boston, but living in the Midwest.  Her Blog aims to "Bake, Laugh, and sometimes Rant through some difficult times."  Yes, Bake...  you will always find an amazing recipe from Karen's kitchen on her Blog.  You should check it out...

Just Keepin' It Real, Folks...  By Deb:  A succinct look at the real world, in a humorous way.  Often times, straight from the news itself.  For me, JKIRF is new on my radar and I am lovin' it.  She keeps it "short & sweet," but highly entertaining.  I hope you will check her out. 

Go Momma...  By Josie B:  From the UK, but living in the Hill Country of Texas.  She is a "Stay at Home" Mom of 3 little ones.  A "No-Holds Barred" look at life while raising 3 at once...  Comedy & Spice(y) is what you'll find on her Blog.  Be sure and give her a visit.

And Now...  The Award Goes To: 
The Epically Awesome Award of Epic Awesomeness

Mari's Notebook...  By Marisol:  She is a College Student living in New York City.  Her Blog is "About anything and everything that comes to mind--books, movies, fashion, beauty, style, recipes, design, current events, and the daily dramas, musings, and daydreams of a nineteen-year-old making her way through college in this economy."  I love her Blog and I hope you will give it a look.   

Marisol...  I truly hope you enjoy this Award and as per me:  You set your own "Set of Rules" with it.  Don't feel like you have to do anything.  Totally up to you (But I do hope you will "hang" it in your Buttons & Awards tab).  Congrats on a great Blog.

Takin' it "To The House"

Music:   OK, in lieu of the theme of this Blog today, and with my #2 (music) from above, this week, I am going "Old School."  From 1975, check out the "Bell-Bottom Pants" on Three Dog Night as they perform Celebrate...  I hope you'll give it a listen.

Market Watch:   This week, Facebook showed a minor improvement, closing yesterday at 28.02, and the Market as a whole showed major improvement, closing yesterday at over 14,860

This WeekendHeading out today for a 3 Day Camping trip.  So stoked!!!  Hope to have lots of pics for next week.  Tents, looks like awesome weather, good food, libations, cigars, games, camp fires, horse-shoes, & kayaking.  How can you beat that???

The End:  Another week in the booksThanks to All of the above Bloggers for keeping me entertained, for making me smile, and for being a friend.  Thanks to All of you that stop by each week and check in at Slu's World.  Please know I appreciate it very much!!!  Til next week...  

Be safe, be smart, and always Smile...  "It's "Happy Friday"

adios...  vaya con dios


  1. I noticed you said, cold milk. It must be a Sluder thing. I put mine in freezer or drink it with ice. It has to be really cold. Like the blog layout. My mind is on Donna's mother. I hope she is getting better and I have had her in my prayers. cuz

    1. Hey cuz... I do love it COLD!!!

      Donna's Mom is doing so good and I think it all relates to where she was taken and the care she is receiving. And now, she has been accepted into the TIRR Rehab program, which is supposed to be one of the, if not the, best in the country. Great things happening.

      Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the like. Take care, cuz

  2. thank you so much Slu! can't wait to get started on my "facts about me"! that's going to take some thought... :)

    1. You are so very welcome. I can't wait to see them. Looking forward to it, Slu

  3. Thank you for the shout out Slu! I love a good shout-out without any rules :) You are always so kind to me and the fam.
    I'm a huge fan of many of the blogs listed; there are a few others mentioned here that I need to check out.
    Let's see- A big old yes to the Keurig (and to the multiple cups of coffee), check on the Dr. Pepper, too. But for all that is good, Milk? No No No (Unless it's frozen and in the form of chocolate chip ice cream).
    ps. Mark showed me that meme on the gas tank. I always round up, even if some spills out of the car. Crazy, but accurate. That's me.
    Have a blessed week, man.

    1. Double M... You absolutely deserve the Shout Out. Love your Blog, love your stories.

      I have to laugh about the milk. I probably have 3 good glasses a day. Drink it with all meals at home. The Keurig is a blessing.

      Gas Pump craziness... Gotta love it.

      And Thanks on the like... Thanks as well for stopping by, Slu

    2. And may the Marriott week be awesome in every way... :-)

  4. You have GREAT taste in blogs (well, of course I'd say that, I made the list), there's only one there I don't know. Thank you so much putting me in with such good company. You made my day!
    And like my friend Michele, I love your new look too.

    1. Karen... In a short time, I have really enjoyed your Blog and love what you have to say each week. And the recipe's "ain't bad either."

      Thanks so much for stopping by, Slu

      ps... thanks for the like

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! It's fun getting to know you better! I'm with you on the camping and the Keuring machine for sure and most importantly, drinks out on the patio, good company, great libations....ahhhh yes, that's the life! Have fun camping, Slu, and thanks again for the shout out!

    1. Thanks Meno Mama... I think we have a lot in common.

      We had a blast camping. Hated to come back home. Beautiful weather.

      Thanks for stopping by, Slu

  6. I always find it so interesting when reading the list of things about bloggers when they get awards. Some things are just so funny. I mean OCD at the gas pump? I can see you standing there for hours trying to get it right. I don't mean to laugh but can't help myself Slu. No:14 is a good one too, could do with the nice weather right now.
    THANK YOU so much for mentioning me here Slu with a link and I've always appreciated the many times you stop by to have a read and leave comments. I will also check out some of the other blogs that I haven't seen before too.

    I like you new layout but it might be the browser I'm using right now (I'll switch to another browser later just to make sure) but I can't see any pictures or words in the boxes on the right hand side of your blog ie: the ones labeled 'very proud of this..1st, 2nd etc.

    1. Dude... My OCD is what it is: Ha!!!

      Your Blog is on my "short list." I seriously love your Blog. And I appreciate the conversation you bring forth.

      I hope you can get the kinks worked out, but it could very well be on my end, although no one else has said anything.

      Thanks for stopping by Buddy, Slu

  7. Two thumbs up on the new design--cleaner and easier on my less than young eyes. Some things about you haven't changed in years OCD and biting finger nails. Ha. I'm very much on board with the whiskey and coffee comments. However, I grind my coffee and Maker's Mark/water is my choice of libations. Have a great time camping.


    1. KD... Thanks for the like. I like it too.

      I guess some things never change. Ha!!!

      I do like Maker's Mark... good stuff. And we had a blast camping. It was great to get the kayak back in the water.

      Thanks for stopping by, Slu

  8. Still like my old stove top percolator.... :)

    1. Now that is a blast from the past... But, it's all about the coffee.

      Thanks for stopping by, Slu

  9. I am honored to be on the short list!!! Thank you so much. And hey, when you reach that important milestone you can claim super, sexy, stupendous and sixty!!!

    1. Well... Thank you back. And hey, you are too sweet!!!

      Thanks for stopping by & have a great week, Slu


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