Friday, December 28, 2012

Week 31... Mall Date (Galleria)


Ahhhhhhhhh, This week, a recount of last weekend, spent at the Westin Hotel Galleria, our (the Little Bride & I) Christmas Gift to each other, just prior to our Christmas Day Celebration.    

Day 1

Our weekend started last Friday afternoon, as we left League City for Uptown Houston.  Nothing like parking your car for the entire weekend and having absolutely everything at your disposal, all under one roof, so to speak.  Except, we checked in, showered, and left the building, to go to Downtown Houston.  We did leave the car parked though and hailed a cab as we headed to a party at Sambuca's (thanks KR & Fam) DowntownNothing like a Hip-Happening party with free food to lure you away from "absolutely everything at your disposal, all under one roof."  Did I mention Libations???  It is the Holiday Season, you know.  No pics though:  It was a Private Party.  But, it was a blast.  And then, it was time for our cab ride back to the hotel.  There are only two ways to describe this particular cab ride experience:  1)  Have you ever been in a cab in New York City???  or, 2)  It takes approximately 20 minutes or so, one way, to get from where we started, to where we were going.  I think we made it in 7 minutes flat, some of which felt like we were on only two wheels.  The kind of ride where, when (and if) you reach your destination, you want to get out, kneel down and kiss the ground, indicating that you made it and you are still alive and on solid ground.  Now, imagine sitting next to Donna (backseat driver that she is) during this ride:  Just sayin'...

Day 2

In bed from the party at 2am means a slow and lazy Day 2 morning that spills into early afternoon.  But, finally, by 2:30pm, we were dressed and ready to take on the Galleria, one Bar at a time.  Nothing like shopping, eating, and Mall Bar hopping.  Only at the Galleria.  As soon as we left our Hotel (opened a door) and entered the Mall portion of the Galleria, I think we literally took 20 steps and just like that, there was the 1st Grill & Bar.  Boooooooya!!!  

# 1 With a Bullet...
So, this is pretty much how Day #2 started...  enter the Mall, walk a few feet, and grab a quick bite and have a Libation.  You have to get in the proper mood to "Walk & Shop," right???  So, some snacks and libations later, it was back out into the Mall:

Busy on all levels...
It is the Christmas Season and of course, the Big Fella in Red was there...

The Line was Massive to see Santa
So, a little window shopping, some "people looking," and boom...  another place to take a short break:

One quick Libation later, it was time to head back out into the Mall, but once we left the above Grill & Bar, there was another one two doors down, so...

At #3, and having a good time and looking forward to more...
While at #3, we noticed that there was #4 right next door, so we had to check it out, right???

Now, it should be noted right here that:  According to Donna, The "Oceanaire Seafood Room" in the Houston Galleria has the BEST Bloody Mary that she has ever tasted in her entire life!!!  OK, the stuffed shrimp was pretty good too.

Of course, along the way, we HAD to make a CHOCOLATE stop...  Ha!!!
Now, if you are at the Galleria, you have to stop by the Ice Skating Rink.  It's the original from way back in the day...

Year 'round Ice Skating inside the Mall...
And then, there was #5...
After having yet another snack and more Libations, we left the Cheesecake Factory and ventured back out into the Mall, and there, we had a nice surprise...  On the eve of last Sunday's big game between the Texans and Vikings, we ran into Minnesota Vikings Running Back & NFL Leading Rusher, Adrian Peterson.  He was kind enough to let us take his picture:

Adrian Peterson, my "Little Bride," and her Sister...  They tried their best to take away his "mo-jo"  (ha!!!)
Donna and I thought this next picture was pretty cute:  A couple below us wanted their picture taken (they tried several times themselves with their cell phone) and then a "passer-by" was nice enough to get the job done for them.  A random act of kindness:

Pretty cool...
And right after I took this next picture, I was stunned...  Have you ever seen the movie, "Mall Cop" with Kevin James?  I took the Flag picture (below) and a "Mall Cop" approached me.

Shame on me...
The "Mall Cop" informed me that it was against the "Mall Law" to take pictures inside the Galleria, unless I was down by the Ice Skating Rink.  I was thinking he was going to "confiscate" my camera.  Donna was worried I was going to the "Mall Jail."  Thankfully, he only issued me a "verbal warning," but he had that look about him that said, "Don't let me catch you taking anymore pictures!"  That said:  see below...

#6 on our tour...  Booooooooooya Mr. Mall Cop!!!
Finally, a Meal, not snacks, at Ninfa's...  and a Margarita (code for Libation) to end the night.  Smiles!!!
So, it's working on 11pm and we're getting a little tired.  We've seen pretty much all of the Mall, bought a few things for the "little munchkin," and it's time to walk, not drive, back to the room.  Nothing like being "right there" for ending the night after a long day.

Day 3

Day 3 included checking out of the Hotel and driving as quickly as possible over to the Pappasito's Cantina near where we live to eat, have more libations, and watch the Texans game.  Nothing like ending the night (Day 2) eating Mexican Food and waking up the next morning (Day 3) to have Mexican Food yet again.  Gotta love it.  Tamales and Margaritas.  YUM!!!  The only downer...  The Texans got SMOKED by the Vikings!!!  Yikes...  And then, back home to reality again.  Take Toby out, feed Toby, unpack, wash clothes, etc.  You know, real, everyday type stuff.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Merry Christmas

Papa & Munchkin on Christmas Morning in front of her tree...
Munchkin's Christmas Gift to Texans Football Loving Papa...
I'm just trying to figure out from the picture if Houston Texans Football is #1, or if JJ Watt is #1, or (and what I think), if Papa is #1.

Christmas Day was a good day as we had a large portion of our "Family" over to our place for dinner:  It's Sluder Tradition on Christmas Day...  Beef and Cheese Enchiladas, Pork Tamales, Spanish Rice, Refried Beans, Guacamole, Queso, Chips & Salsa, and Libations.  Mexican Food!!!  Seriously, what else would we have???  Ha!!!  And then, there was the "Left - Right" Game.  Crazy stuff.

Happy New Year

Just a quick ending here this week as I would like to say "Happy New Year" to everybody.  I hope that all of you have a safe and fun New Years Eve and that you start the New Year with a huge, beautiful smile.  May 2013 be the best yet for all of us in some form or fashion.

Now, I've got to go find (buy) me a new puzzle to work on...  Pics to follow.

The EndAgain, Thank You so much for checking in and seeing what is going on in Slu's World each week.  I appreciate each and everyone of you and your comments each week truly mean so very much to me.  I hope to see you back in 2013.

Be safe, be smart, and always smile...  It's "Happy Friday"

adios...  vaya con dios 


  1. Wow, that Santa was much more realistic looking than any of the shopping centre Santas we have here. Of course, here they are all sweating their asses off in the summer heat, but still!

    1. And in person, he was even more "real" like...

      Thanks for checking in, Slu

  2. Looks like a weekend with a lot of fun. Wishing both of you a wonderful New Year!!!
    Love y'all
    Big Sis

    1. Thanks Sis... It was fun and nice to get "away" for a couple of days.

      Hope Y'all have a great New Year as well. Tell everybody "hey yo" from Lil Bro.

  3. I think you ate/drank everywhere in the Galleria...sounds so fun! Happy New Year, Slu!

    1. All I can say is: We sure tried!!! Ha...

      It was fun... we think we might even make it an annual event.

      Thanks for checking in. Happy New Year back at ya, Slu

  4. Sounds like your holiday was awesome--LOVE the mall pics--good one of you & Donna and of course you had to show my fave--Godiva.....yum! Happy New Year, Slu!

    1. Ha!!! It was awesome. We love our Libations, but chocolate is a close 2nd!!!

      Thanks for checking in & Happy New Year, Slu

  5. Happy New Year, Slu! The Galleria sounds amazing! An ice rink inside? I can't even imagine!
    Let's two make an adorable couple, I now want a bloody Mary, I can't believe you got a pic with Adrian Peterson and your grand daughter is beautiful!
    Oh, and I think "God" being in the word GODIVA is no mistake. That chocolate is insanely good.
    What a wonderfully busy weekend.

    1. "Double M"

      I'll admit... the Galleria is amazing. Skated there while in High School. It has "grown" since then.

      Thanks for checking in... appreciate all the comments (the chocolate was amazing, as well).

      Happy New Year back at ya, Slu


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