Friday, December 21, 2012

Week 30... Do "Old Guy's Rule?"


First, let's get this whole "Mayan Apocalypse" thing out of the way.  Still here, still breathing, still smiling!!!  Booooooooooya...

This week, I am asking:  Do "Old Guy's Rule?"  A part of me says, "Heck yeah they do," and another part of me says, "Well, let's see."  Hang in there with me and let's figure this out.

Obviously, there is the macho side of me that says us "old" guy's do rule rock because we've "been there, done that."  We have experience on our side and in most cases, we are the better, wiser, person for it.  Mostly, we have aged gracefully.  Nothing against the "younger" guy...  "Magic Mike" aside, their time will come, some day.  But, I should also say there is the doubtful side of me that looks in the mirror and often times, I don't like what I see.  

Mirror, Mirror...  Tell Me The Truth (Doubtful Side)

Twenty four days from today's date, I will turn 57 years old.  Now, when I was much younger and my Mom and Dad hit their 40's, I thought they were a step away from their grave.  They were "old."  At least, I thought they were.  So, as I get ready to turn 57, I have a much higher appreciation for "old."  Let's not confuse old with 96 and in a nursing home living out one's final days.  That's a whole 'nother area I don't even want to think about.  But, as I look in that mirror to shave, there are things I see that I just plain and simple don't like.  My "six-pack" abs are completely covered up now, encased in a much softer, larger than I like, "wrapping."  My upper chest, once akin to hardened steel (ha!!!), now lives in that "soft butter" state.  And then, I put on my "readers" to shave and it get's really scary.  Older certainly means two things involving males:  1)  Hair starts growing on your ears, and 2)  Hair becomes much thicker inside your nostrils.  What is up with that???  Thicker and more course.  Like, you seriously almost need hedge clippers thick.  Yikes!!!

Macho Side  

Ok, so, I drive a Jeep.  My Jeep has a stick!!!  Heck, do younger guys even know what a stick is???  I wear shorts in the winter and I own a kayak.  I'm the cook in our household and I am down with that.  I am retired from the Houston Fire Department and I occasionally drive a School Bus.  And when I attend the Texas Lone Star Rally in Galveston, it's an "older" Biker crowd.  My hair is turning more and more grey (code for mature).  And I love football.  I can hear Tim "the Tool Man" Taylor grunting right now.  Can you feel me???  Now, I'm speaking mainly of myself here, but the "apostrophe s" in Guy's refers to my "Brothers from other Mothers." And...

I wear "Old Guy's Rule" Hats and T-Shirts!!!  That, in and of itself, makes it official.  See below:

In my Jeep:  My Hat, Work Gloves, & a Chair for...  You just never know (but I'm ready)
Seriously...  Need I add anymore to what this says???  Just sayin'
Can't you just hear Tim "the Tool Man" Taylor right now???
I want to Cook something!!! 
Toby Keith sings, "I ain't as good as I once was, but I'm as good once as I ever was."  A little older, a little wiser, a little better.  Do "Old Guy's Rule?"  Dang straight we do...

The "Puzzle" Re-visited

When I last showed a pic of the "Puzzle," it was about half way done.  I've had some help along the way, but this was pretty much my Baby.  Here is the before:

Straight out of the box...
...And here, about half way done
And finally...  DONE!!!
I learned a couple of things working on this puzzle.  First, I realized I really liked spending the time putting it together (even though it took forever), and second, I want to do more.  So...

On a Serious Note

Last Friday morning, an absolute nightmare unfolded as a gunman walked into Newtown, Connecticut Sandy Hook Elementary School, and proceeded to shoot and kill 20 Children and 6 Adults.  He wounded 2 others.  He then took his own life.  Earlier, he shot and killed his Mother at their home.  So much has been said in the week that has followed.  Debates have begun.  I simply cannot imagine the pain the families are going through as we are only days away from Christmas and family time.  Their loss is unimaginable.  I can only say may God Bless each of them as they go forward from this monumental tragedy.

Also, last week, my Blog spoke of the dangers of Texting and Driving.  Sadly, there was news this week of the death of a 19 year old female student from Texas A&M, as she was Texting & Driving while out and about.  My heart goes out to her family.  Please urge your loved ones to wait.  Text later.


Houston Texans FootballA 29 to 17 win over the Indy Colts propelled the Texans to a 12 & 2 record, best in the NFL, and they clinched the AFC South Division for the 2nd year in a row.  This week, the Minnesota Vikings come into town with Adrian Peterson vying for an NFL single season rushing record.  At stake for the Texans is Home Field Advantage for the entire Playoffs.  A win "seals the deal" for them.

MusicIn keeping with my Christmas Fave's, I hope you will give a listen to Gene Autry's hit from 1947, Here Comes Santa Claus.  How can you not just love this song???  Also, don't you think of the Griswald's when you hear this song?  Ha!!!

Market WatchAnd...  back down again.  Facebook closed yesterday at 27.36, coming back down a little from last week.  The zig-zag continues.

The EndAs always, Thank You for checking in this week.  I appreciate it and hope you will come back next week.  Have a Merry Christmas.

Be safe, be smart, and always smile...  It's "Happy Friday"

adios...  vaya con dios


  1. I like to say to the younger generation..."As you are now, I once was...As I am will be"
    :-) That gets them thinkin!
    Another great one Babe! Love you! Wife 4 Life

    1. Ha!!! I just love that quote... And I really love that "Wife 4 Life" thing... Love you back.

  2. Slu,
    What's with you boys getting better with age? The man at my house keeps getting cuter and I keep getting wrinkles. He looks better as he greys and I have wiry white hairs that I pay a fortune to cover. I'll never get it.

    The puzzle is amazing. We've been putting one together that is to wide for the table. Wins all around because to much of it is put together to move!
    The happenings in Connecticut were horrifying. I just have been numb over it.
    Good luck Sunday. Home field advantage will be wonderful. Not that WE have actually won at home this year! J/K

    Have a wonderful weekend and the Happiest of Holidays, Slu!

    1. Double M: Old Guy's Rule, but mature women are smokin' hot!!!

      I think I have found my new hobby. I really enjoyed the puzzle.

      We kept our grand-daughter last weekend (she's 6)... I couldn't get enough hugs. Truly horrible what happened.

      Happy Holidays back at ya, Slu

  3. Of course the 'old guy rules'. I have never understood why men seem to get better with age and women have to use cosmetics and cosmetic procedures to try to to hang in there. It isn't fair!!! You did a great job on the puzzle :-)
    Love you,
    Big Sis

    1. Ha!!! The puzzle was fun... Happy Holidays to y'all. Thanks for checking in. Love you guys, Lil Bro

  4. I never have the patience to do puzzles like that. Kudos to you!

    1. lol... I found that I enjoyed it a lot. Will do some more. Kind of relaxes me. And the really neat thing was: no pressure, I just hit it when the mood struck me and took my time.

      Thanks for checking in, Slu

  5. Great post, Slu, and so funny. I loved the description of your chest in the "soft butter state". I'm only a few years younger than you and this butter business applies to my waistline!! Don't get me started on all the other stuff going downhill with my advancing age Lol!!! Thanks for sharing some laughs tonight!

    1. Ha!!! It seems like older age has it's "pros & cons." But, I wouldn't trade it.

      Thanks for checking in. Merry Christmas to you guys, Slu

  6. Slu, there's a difference in being a cool "old guy" and being a grumpy old man! You will always be a hip, cool guy. It's who you are. I suspect that when Donna looks at you, she only sees the handsome man she married - the guy that won her heart and holds the key to it after all these years.

    I am still heartbroken for the Conneticut families who lost children and loved ones. I know that God does not "let bad things happen". They just happen (for many reasons). But, I believe that God gives us the grace and ability to learn, see, or do the "greater good" when something bad does happen. I am going to look for opportunities to learn something, see something and do something good from having experienced the news of this tragedy. I am not sure what I will learn, see or do, but I will actively exercise God's grace in my life, so that I can contribute some good in the lives of the people I love. I will do it in memory or those precious souls.

    I hope you and Donna and your family have a wonderful Christmas. I am excited to have my children and grandchildren with me on Christmas Eve. Haiden, Hailee, Charles, Cassandra, Avery and Brynn are all coming to Nana Donna's for Christmas Eve. I still have much to do, so I better get going!
    Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Donna S.
    PS: I stopped by Academy last night and got the new Texans t-shirts for all my boys. Go Team!

    1. Donna, you just continue to amaze me with your kindness & sweetness.

      My Donna & I have spoken about trying to do "something" over the next several months to help those in need as well. Keep us posted & God Bless you for having the heart to love so much...

      As I type this, Donna & I are spending our weekend at the Westin Galleria having a blast. Will post some pics.

      Thanks for checking in & Merry Christmas to your family, Slu

  7. Commenting from my new iPhone is a whole new world of pain. I must be getting old too!! I am a BIG fan of Tim the tool man. My father-in-law often feels the need to grunt! I'm jealous of your puzzling (I just made it into a verb!) haven't had a chance to set one up yet this year. A 15 piece Winnie the poop puzzle does not count!!!

    1. Yay! Success after three attempts! I forget to say very entertaining post! You made me laugh:) Happy New Year Slu x

    2. Congrats on the new iPhone (Santa was good, I guess). And thanks so much... Thanks for checking in, Slu

      Happy New Year to you & the Fam as well...


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