Friday, June 13, 2014

Random Tid Bits (again)...

Hey Yo:

So, once again, I have been on what I refer to as a "Spanish Pause."  And that would be because I (we) have had a lot going on that has taken up so much of my (our) time lately.  Oh, how I (we) long for "normalcy" again.  Just BREATHE!!!  Didn't Faith Hill once say (sing) that???  Yes, she did.  That said, here are some Random Tid Bits to chew on...

...First and foremost:  May is gone and Summer is absolutely here.  Hello 90's!!!

...OK, Packing to move is certainly a lot of fun!!!  Said no one ever!!!  Seriously.

...Having to move twice in 30 days: Priceless!!!  That's Code for $$$!!! 

...Yes, I just said that.  No, it is absolutely not on my 'Bucket List.'  Or any list.

...But that is exactly where we find ourselves.  We are now "Tweeners."

...As in living in a Hotel for 30 days while waiting on construction completion.

...Yes, I'm paying for TWO storage spaces for 30 days while living in a Hotel.

...On the bright side:  We have FREE breakfast and house-keeping for 30 days.

...Well, Free is relative as I'm sure it's actually hidden in the Bill Total.  I'm sure.

...There's a story behind all this craziness, but it's just too "crazy" to go into. 

...Nope, I won't even tell you about complaint calls from the front desk on Toby.

...June 27th:  It's ONLY 14 days away.  Two Weeks!!!  We can do this.  I think.

...OK, so, it could be worse.  We are right across the street from Lupe's!!!

...And Carrabba's, Pollo Campero, Freebirds, Buffalo Wild Wings, Salad Express,

...Angelo's Pizza, Jimmy Johns, Taco Cabana, BJ's, Jason's Deli, Marble Slab,

...Kolache Factory, Ben & Jerry's, Genghis Grill, and Thai Cottage (last night).

...Grand-Baby Update:  Holy Smokes!!!  More G-B's right around the corner.

...Munchkin will be in the 3rd Grade.  Malachi is 6 months old already.  Crazy!!!

...Little Man George (2) up in Brooklyn, is about to meet his new Baby Brother.

...Like in the next 3 to 4 weeks.  His debut will make him # 4 in G-B's for us.

...And #'s 5 & 6 will soon follow right here close to home.  As in TWINS!!!

...And we found out just a couple of weeks ago that they are a He and a She.

...Coming very soon:  He will be Samuel Gordon & She will be Hannah Grace.

...And if I may get a little serious for just a quick bit, please hang with me:

...Mom & Dad were told by their Doctor that Hannah is just fine.  However,

...Samuel is going to be born with Spina Bifida.  OK, there!!!  I said it.

...A little shock, lots of tears, and certainly, lots of Prayers for this Little Guy.

...And Hannah needs our Prayers too as she will possibly be at risk through this.

...Mom & Dad need our Prayers as well as their lives are about to change.

...That said, through Grace and Faith, these 2 babies will be loved beyond reproach.

...This Family is Strong and our Support System for them will be truly amazing.

...And if I may be so bold:  Your Thoughts and Prayers too, Please!!!  Thanks!!!

..."We don't need no stinkin' badges!"  Well, maybe we do.  No, really, we do.

...You see, two days ago, my ex Partner & I met up at the HPD Shooting Range.

...We are required to qualify with our weapons annually to carry them legally.

...After the smoke had cleared and the dust had settled & no one was shot:

...We will have the privilege of carrying our weapons for yet another year.

...Of course, that's only if we choose to.  Or not.  But, we can if we want.  Yo!!!


...So, as I wrap this up, with all this talk about Grand-Babies, there is now

...As of this week, a Brand New Member of the Family for you to meet.

...Fresh out of College and itching for a new Buddy, Shane introduced us to:

...Zoey!!!  His new 3 month old roommate & she seems to like her new digs.

Shane & Zoey...  Ignore her Freaky Eyes!!!
My Parting Music:  In honor of Lauren & Stephen & Sambo & John going to Lake Charles next week for a Casino visit to see one of their Favorite Bands, I'll play my Favorite Song here from that Band, Counting Crows.  Please hit the Play Button and enjoy Miami...

The End:  Lots going on recently and it's just been difficult to get a Blog written, let alone spend some time visiting other Blogs, which I so enjoy doing.  And for that, I apologize.  That said, please know if you found this Blog today, I greatly appreciate you taking the time to stop by and check it out and say hi.  Thanks so much.  Hope to see ya back next time.  Til then...

Be safe, be smart, and always show your Smile...  Happy Friday.

adios...  vaya con dios