Friday, September 6, 2013

I've Been Tagged... Now, I'm It!!!


OK, do you remember when you were a "little" person and somebody ran around and chased you until they finally were able to catch you?  They slapped you on your arm or back and said, "Tag...  you're it!!!"  And that meant you were now the "chase-er" and not the "chase-ee"  And wasn't it fun if the little girl person you were chasing was the cutest little thing you had ever seen???  OK, maybe that was a little later.  All that said...

Back on August 16th, in her Blog, my very good friend, Menopausal Mother (or Meno Mama, or Double M #2, or Marcia D.), "Tagged Me."  And now...  I'm IT!!!  And I'm kinda diggin' being the IT Guy.  In addition to myself, Meno Mama Tagged 4 other Male Bloggers to be IT.  Spreading the Love, if you will.  So, Thanks Marcia for including Slu's World.  Very much appreciated.  You should absolutely click on her Link above and check out her, often times, hilarious Blog.  

There are a few rules to being the "IT" Guy.  The "Tagged and therefore IT" Person (that would be me) has to answer 5 Questions with 5 Answers each.  And then, spread the love, if you will, to some fellow Bloggers.  I just might bend the rules a tee-tiny bit on that one.  But, enough of that, here we go...

#1:  Name 5 Things That I Have a Passion For

a:  (easy) Absolutely, positively, without a doubt, my 'Little Bride'  :-)

Yep...  She's my Passion!!!  And those Lips aren't bad either.  They make a great Smile.
b:  My 'Motley Crew' (all 907 Kids, Munchkin, Little Man George, The Tobester)
c:  Football!!!  Houston Texans Football!!!  Football!!!
d:  I LOVE good Music, I LOVE my Pandora...
e:  OK...  Good Food & Libations (Cooking)

Bonus Round

f:   Betting on Football & Basketball
g:  Roulette (Casino's)
h:  My Ride

#2:  Name 5 Things That I Say A Lot

a:  (Don't necessarily say it, but I type it A LOT!!!) Smiling...  (duh)
b:  "Libations"  (duh)
c:  Dude.  Dude???  Dude!!!  Duuuuuuuuude...
d:  "Hey Buddy"
e:  (This might mean something to only one person, but I do say it a lot)
     "Man, your Lips are so SOFT."  Kudos to my Little Bride's awesome Lips.

#3:  Name 5 Books or Magazines That I've Read Lately

a:  No Angel (reading right now)
b:  No Easy Day (good book, loved it)
c:  Running With The Devil (a very good read)
d:  The Smart Money (enjoyed very much)
e:  Have a few on my Kindle that I check in on periodically

#4:  Name 5 of My Favorite Movies

a:  (easy)  The Godfather...  ("Look how they massacred my boy")
b:  (easy)  The Godfather Part 2...  ("I know it was you, Fredo")
c:  The Bourne Trilogy (counted as one)
d:  Forrest Gump...  ("But Lt. Dan, you ain't got no legs") 
e:  Jerry Maguire...  ("Show Me The Money")

#5:  Name 5 Places I Would Love to Travel To

a:  I have always said, I want to go to Hawaii...  we'll see

That said, my "Little Bride" has a Ga-Zillion places she would love to visit.  And as long as she is along for the ride, I'm down:

b:  She wants to go to...  Spain
c:  She wants to go to...  France
d:  She wants to go to...  Italy
e:  We want to go to...  Blue Water, White Beaches (that can be seen from the
     Pool), Good Music, Food, & Libations

Bonus Round: 

f:   For those in the know, I'm always ready to go to... New Braunfels/Gruene
g:  Ditto...  Lake Charles
h:  Ditto...  Las Vegas

Now...  It's my turn to "TAG" someone, and this is where I am going to bend the rules just a tad.  I'm going to TAG just one fellow Blogger.  She's from Texas, she's Hip, she's Funny, and I'm hoping she's up for being the "IT" Girl from my TAG.  From one Texan to another Texan... 

Tracy from CrazyAsNormal...  Your choice Girlie Girl.  You can play along and TAG someone else, or you can simply remain the "IT Girl."  But know this:  You have been TAGGED!!!  You are now officially IT!!! 

Y'all should click on Tracy's Link and check out her Blog.  Good Stuff!!!  And tell her Slu sent ya.

Takin' it "To the House"
Music:  This week, I'm gonna share a tune with you I heard on Pandora recently.  A tune I have always liked and hearing it the other day reminded me that I needed to share it here.  From Ozzy!!!  Back in 1991, Mama, I'm Coming Home.  Enjoy...  (source

It's Baaaack!!!  As of last night, it is officially NFL Football Season again.  Ajax can't clean the smile from my mug.  Ha...  My Houston Texans play their first game in San Diego Monday night.  Stoked!!!

Market Watch:  So, the Dow crept upward ever so slightly, closing yesterday at 14,937.  Meanwhile, Facebook closed up another point from last week, closing yesterday at 42.66...  Ca-Ching!!!

The End:  Again, thanks to Marcia at Menopausal Mother...  I appreciate you stopping by Slu's World.  Hope to see ya back on Mix Tape Tuesday.  Til then...

Be safe, be smart, and always show your Smile...  "Happy Friday"

adios...  vaya con dios


  1. WHOO WEE who wouldn't have passion for your bride? She's HOT and I'm not even a lesbian. Gotta appreciate a dude who loves football. I'm a college football fanatic so Saturdays are my day for wings, beer and football baby!!!

    1. Debster... you always bring a smile. Thanks!!!

      So STOKED for football: smiling

      Thanks for checking in, Slu

  2. LOVE getting to know more about you and thank you so much for the shout out. Donna is pure beauty, my friend. You are one lucky man! Hey, I'm with ya on the football for sure--I like college football GO NOLES!!!! Also, great choice of a tagging "victim." Tracy is DA BOMB! Awesome post, Slu!

    1. And Thank You!!! Much appreciated... And, Yes I am.

      Will be in Full Blown Football Mode this weekend.

      Thanks for dropping by, Slu

  3. Ok Football is back and of corse its going to be a late TEXANS game next. Seriously.....any way off the subject ..
    Im so stuck on Big glad Amanda got kicked out of the house. Your bride is beautiful. We both picked pretty HAPPY FRIDAY TO EVERYONE!!!!

    1. Late, but I'm Stoked anyway!!!

      Glad to see Amanda go, not so glad to see Elissa go. sigh!!!

      Thanks for stopping by, Slu

  4. Great post cause I learned a few new things about you. Except, of course, I already knew about your love for your bride. And your ride.

    I'm glad you tagged Tracy. I think she's great!

    1. How did you know that??? LOL Have I made that point??? JK... Tracy was the 1st one I thought of.

      So glad you stopped by, Slu

  5. Oh yes mate, I can see why you have a great passion for your beautiful bride Donna. You got yourself a nice catch there. Don't let it go but keep reeling her into those safe arms of yours :)
    Life wouldn't be the same without the great Godfather films. Got them all, and every so often I have to watch them through whilst relaxing on the sofa with a cool glass of gin. I feel so powerful after watching them, not sure why!
    Just love it when the Americans say words like 'dude and buddy', it just sounds so cool.
    Oh no, football's back. I'm not into football, but I always love to hear about all the food that goes around during that time, yum. Enjoy your weekend Slu.

    1. Thanks My Man...

      Love those films. I'm just a 'Dude' & 'Buddy' kind of guy. lol

      And I am so stoked about football being back... got my bets down for today. Fingers crossed.

      Thanks for the visit, Slu

  6. Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.

    1. Ha... Gotta love it!!! Thanks for stopping by, Slu


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