Friday, August 30, 2013

What Qualifications??? LOL


So, this week, I want to share a story with you from a few days ago that still has me shaking my head.  I would say these types of things only happen to me, but I'm sure many of you have similar stories.  And I hope you'll join me in shaking your head as well.

A few weeks ago, I shared with you the story of my new "Button."  That particular button came with a set of wheels that has put a permanent smile on my mug.  Back in June, I bought myself a new ride.  A very clean, low mileage, 2006 Chrysler Crossfire Roadster Convertible.  I love my Roadster.  A lot!!!  But, I'm still shaking my head nonetheless.

My Baby...
A little background on the Chrysler Crossfire...  The first models were released in 2004.  And production followed in years 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008.  After that, due to slow sales and a sagging economy, Chrysler halted production and there have been none built since then.  The Crossfire is modeled after the Mercedes Benz SLK Class.  It actually has numerous Mercedes Benz features.  My engine is a Mercedes Benz engine.  That said, my story...

I do not like carrying multiple keys on a key chain in my pockets.  My set of office keys are on a key chain that I consider large and do not and will not carry them in my pockets.  When I bought the Crossfire, I started placing my office keys inside the small ashtray just in front of my gear shift.  I also started placing all my spare change in the ashtray as well.  A couple of days before July 4th, I went to the office and removed my keys from the ashtray and let myself into the office where I work.  After just a few minutes, I locked the door back, put the keys back inside the ashtray, and left.  Later that same day, I went back to the office to do something that would take just a couple of minutes.  Only this time, my ashtray would not open.  My keys were lodged in there and my ashtray door would not open.  Not having any tools available, I took out my pocketknife and began to very carefully try to open the ashtray door.  After 30 minutes, I stopped, fearing that I would break the ashtray.  I have since found out that the part is $400!!!  At that point, I decided that I would let the mechanic at a Chrysler Dealership work on getting my keys out and hopefully, not break the ashtray in the process.

A couple of weeks later, I drove into a local Chrysler Dealership near where we live.  I pulled into the Service Bay.  I sat there for a bit.  No one came out.  So, I went inside.  I spoke to the first Service Department Representative I saw.  I started to explain my problem and she halted me in my tracks.  She asked me if I owned the Crossfire.  I told her I did.  Right then and there, she explained to me that her Technicians did not work on Crossfire's.  She told me that only "Trained Technician's" could work on a Crossfire, that I would have to go to a certain Dealership near Reliant Stadium where the Texans play, a good 30 to 40 minutes away.  Not a happy camper at that point.

The "Window Button" to the left of the D...  Ashtray is middle left...

So, last Thursday, I drove to the "Trained Technician" Dealership.  I pulled into the Service Bay.  Immediately, I was greeted at my car by a Service Manager.  I was diggin' this.  I explained my problem to her.  In short, she advised me that it would take approximately one hour, that there would be a one hour labor fee, and that she would tell the technician my concerns about breaking the ashtray.  I was smiling!!!  I made myself comfortable in the waiting room.  And as promised, exactly one hour later, I saw my baby being driven up to the service entrance.  A couple of minutes later, the Service Manager brought me my car keys, she handed me my office keys, and also, all the coins from the ashtray.  Then, she told me that the ashtray was working just fine.  I was beaming.  I paid my labor fee at the cashier desk and I was on my way.

I got in the car and immediately noticed that the "Trained Technician" had used his dirty, greasy, hands to repair my ashtray.  There were black, greasy smudge marks all up and down my interior around the ashtray area.  But hey, I had my keys, I could clean those smudge marks, and I was smiling.  No problem-o, right???  I drove back over to my side of town and stopped in at a Whataburger for a quick lunch before heading back to work.  I drove up to the Drive Thru box, hit the power window button to power the window down, and ordered a burger and fries.  After paying and receiving my order at the pick up window, I started to drive off and hit the power window button to power the window back up.  At that exact moment, my power window button disappeared, as my finger pushed it down into the area below where it sits atop the gear shift box.  Seriously!!!  I asked myself right there...  "Are you serious???"  I then asked myself...  "Are you kidding me???"  I then said to myself...  "You have got to be kidding me!!!"  I also thought to myself...  This SUCKS!!!  It was also then that I noticed the tiny trim around the gear shift box was not installed back properly.  My receipt states that the "Trained Technician" removed the AC Bezel and the Gear Shift Bezel.  So, now I'm thinking maybe he didn't put the Bezel back together so well.  And, at least for the moment, I can't put my window up. 

When I got back to work, I got some tools from the shop and went to work on fixing my "situation."  Now, I'm not a Crossfire "Trained Technician," but in less than 4 minutes, I had the entire Gear Shift bezel completely removed, no scratches, nothing broken, and I had the power window button in my fingers.  My first thought...  Well, that was easy.  My second thought...  What did that "Trained Technician" do for 56 more minutes???  To make what is becoming a long story a little shorter, I could easily see how this whole mechanism was in place, what I needed to do, and how to put it all back together.  Except that each time I tried to snap the power window button back into place, the front end would not "catch."  And that would be the reason it fell down inside the "mechanism" earlier.  I then put everything back together except the button.  I just left it down inside.  I called the Dealership and told them what had happened.  They said no problem.  Bring it back tomorrow.  Great!!!  Another long drive to just sit around and wait for an hour.

Friday morning.  Same Service Department.  Same Service Manager.  Same "Trained Technician."  They took my car away.  And literally, 5 minutes later (when they are not getting paid, isn't it amazing how fast they can actually work???), they brought my car right back.  I thought, wow, that was fast!!!  The Service Manager brought me my keys and said:  "Done."  We exchanged pleasantries and I checked my button.  I rolled the window down:  Check.  I attempted to roll the window up.  FAIL!!!  One power window button right back down inside the Gear Shift Box mechanism.  I walked back inside and explained to the Service Manager that the same thing just happened, that very clearly, a plastic piece had broken on the part.  She told me that the "Trained Technician" had told her that it was fixed.  It very clearly was not!!!  She informed the "Trained Technician" of what had just transpired.  He came back up and took the car back to the Service area.  And, no I'm not kidding...  within 4 or 5 minutes, he brought the car back up front and spoke to the Service Manager.  She then came over to me and explained that The "Trained Technician" had to order a new part and that it would not be in until Monday.  You know how when you, say, write something, you go back and proof read it to make sure there are no mistakes???  I'm now thinking that "Trained Technician Dude" does not "proof read" his work.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

School started on Monday and it was way too busy to make it over there.  But, on Tuesday, I snuck out and made it back to my favorite Service Department.  And just like clock work, here comes my favorite Service Manager.  She takes my car to the back while I go and find my favorite waiting area.   And I look up, not 5 minutes later, and here comes my favorite car, my Baby.  I'm thinking...  Wow, that was fast (again).  And that automatically means, in my mind, my buddy, Mr. Trained Technician Dude, did not "proof read" his work again.  I was handed the keys and I went and sat in my car and just "played" with my window for 5 minutes.  Up and down, up and down, over and over.  And my button stayed "top-side."  Ha!!!  It all makes you wonder about their "Qualifications."  You know, the really "Trained" ones...

Music:  This week, I'm bringing back my man, Billy D (and the Hoo Doos) with another tune from his most recent release.  The title track, Somethin's Wrong.  Hope you enjoy...  (source)

Market Watch:  Two different directions...  The Dow is edging downward, closing yesterday at 14,840.  But, Facebook is moving in a Northerly direction, closing yesterday at 41.28...  Ga-Zillionaire Mark has got to be smiling.

The End:  Thanks so much for the visit.  Always appreciated.  Hope to see ya on Mix Tape Tuesday.  Stoked about the "theme" this week.  Til then...

Be safe, be smart, and always Smile...  It's Happy Friday

adios...  vaya con dios


  1. Man, that is one hell of a fine looking car.

    You see, I know the problem here. That's exactly what happens when you have a fancy car mate. Everyone wants a bit. That technician wanted to take all he can from you for having 'his' dream car so he messed it up a little. Now, sorry to say this but, when no pay is involved the car got fixed might quick! 5 minutes compared to an hour is a big difference in my books. Maybe you should go back round there and as a big thank you, pick him up from work and drive him home. He'll appreciate it, and if anything goes wrong in the future, he's your man.

    Lovely looking car Slu, you deserve it mate. Just honk your horn 3 times when you go past my house... Enjoy the weekend mate :)

    1. Thanks My Man...

      Ha!!! You may have it figured out. I'll honk... Be ready. lol

      Thanks for the visit, Slu

  2. I will tell you what makes me upset, when I tell a mechanic I hear a noise my car is making and they roll their eyes at me like I am crazy. Had this happen to me and the next day driving down a tall hill, the brake blew up in the back wheel. cuz

    1. Hey Cuz...

      I know exactly what you are talking about. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

      Hope all is well. Thanks for dropping by, cuz

  3. Whenever I get a new car I always try to find someone knowledgeable in that care who can work on it for me when need be and keep me from having to go the the dealer. I've never had good luck dealing with the service department of dealerships.

    1. Absolutely on my list of things to do... Just all so aggravating.

      Thanks so much for stopping by, Slu

  4. I can't stand taking my car in to get fixed. I always get patronized because I'm a woman so clearly I don't know what I'm talking about. (Ok, I don't have any idea what I'm talking about, but they shouldn't assume that just because I'm female!) And I always feel like I'm getting ripped off.
    I think I'm just going to do it up old school style and trade in the Durango for a horse and buggy.

    1. I'm with you... can't stand it. And lol: Life would be easier, but much slower. Ha!!!

      Thanks for dropping by, Slu

  5. Hey Slu...nice sled

    I would say something about my experiences with car and service on my car relative to your Post, but seeing how I'm from the Y-chrome side of the fence and (our) reality in regards to cars, car repairs and car mechanic is pretty much carved in stone, I will not say a thing! lol

    But it's good that it ended well, aggravationally speaking. Love the idea of a convertible ...have a moonroof, my wife just got herself a ragtop, totally loves it. (Just like a motorcycle without the 50 mph bugs on the forehead).

    see ya tomorrow at the TMTT

    1. My Man... Yes, it is good. And kudos to your wife. I know she will have fun times (and you're right. been there with the bike).

      Thanks for stopping by, Slu

      TMTT :-)

  6. WOw nice ride! I saw it when you bought it but the jealousy never really settled in properly... I was frustrated for you just reading this...your right my head was shaking.... glad it worked out...

    1. Thanks Zoe... So glad you stopped by. Hope all is well, Slu


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