Friday, August 2, 2013

A Little Chillax Time...


So...  You know, it's that time of year when we all get to, or at least should get to, "get away" and re-charge our 'batteries.' There are a million different ways that we each choose to do just that.  Last week, for us, we chose to drive just 20 minutes from where we live and spend a few days having fun in the sun near and in the water.  Below:  Our stay in Galveston at The San Luis Hotel... 

The VIEW from our Balcony...

We had two choices of water that were "right there" for the picking.  My Little Bride will always choose the water with chlorine over the water with salt.  Ever see the movie Jaws???  Well, someone said to us last week...  "There are things out there that will eat you!"  Enough said for my Woman.  She likes to see her I think very beautiful toes when she is in the water and she likes those same toes to be touching a white firm surface, most likely, made from gunite.

Option #2 Straight Across the Street...  A "No-Go"
The Swim-Up Bar...
And you know, the ocean just can't compete with a "Swim-Up Bar" or Cocktail Waitresses coming by your lounge-chair every 10 to 15 minutes to ask if you need anything, like Libations!!! 

And when we weren't at the pool or EATING...  We spent some time on the Strand, one of our favorite hangouts.

Looking at all the Shops on Both Sides of the Street...

Tola...  A Favorite:  You can Clothes Shop, have Libations, and use the Restroom here...  :-)

As close as Donna will ever get to being under water in the Ocean...
Ooops!!!  How did my Baby sneak in here???  Smiling...
Fixin' to enter another Fave...  Yaga:  'Mo Bettah' 
Went in...  Did not Buy...   But still left Fabulous!!!
Back To The Balcony

We didn't spend a whole lot of time on the Balcony, but when we did, the sights were amazing...

Someone was flying a Kite...
Someone was 'Living Quite Dangerously'

OK...  Can you tell???  The Pelican's were everywhere!!!  Above us, below us, and everywhere else and the Seagulls were looking for someone to break the rules and feed them.  And when no one did, they just scooped in and stole food that was unattended for a bit.

The Rain Forest Cafe...
The Pool View at Night...
July 22nd Super Moon...
And that was a pictorial of some of the "goings on" from our trip to Galveston last week.  Lots of fun, lots of eating, lots of sun, and of course, lots of Libations!!!  And the Bonus:  My Little Bride...  Smiling!!!

Takin' it "To the House"

MusicBack on Tuesday, while visiting all the various sites for the Mix Tape Listings, I came across a clip from one of my Blogging Friend Participants...  Clark, from The Wakefield Doctrine.  I had never heard this particular song version before.  After viewing it, I fell in love with both the song "version" and the Duo singing it.  Their chemistry is amazing and the Band, in my opinion, NAILS IT!!!  Please, please, please check out this video and let me know what you think.  Robert Plant (from Led Zeppelin) and Alison Krauss perform the Led Zeppelin hit:  Black Dog.  You will should find your smile on this one.  Enjoy...  (source) 

Market WatchSo, I take off for a week, and the Market explodes!!!  Holy Smokes!!!  The Dow closed yesterday at 15,628.  That is remarkable by itself.  But, Facebook, in the last week has literally caught fire.  Opening at 38 on the same morning that this Blog launched a little over 1 year ago, it went South and has never been close to matching that opening.  Until the last several days.  While teasing at over 38 during the daily run a couple of times this past week, it has closed a few times in the mid 37's, closing again yesterday at 37.49.  Wow!!!  In one day during this past week, Facebook's main Man, Mark, made over 4 Billion Dollars!!!  Yikes...

The EndSo glad you stopped by.  Always appreciated.  Thanks and I hope to see you back on Tuesday for another Mix Tape.

Be safe, be smart, and always Smile...  It's "Happy Friday"

adios...  vaya con dios


  1. Nice vacation, very relaxing, so glad both of you were able to get away and enjoy Galveston.
    Big Sis :)

    1. Thanks Sis... It was fun. Hope all is well, Lil Bro

  2. Really great pics.... Slu, tell me you didn't eat at the Rainforest Cafe... To many really good non-chain restaurants in Galveston!!!! Looks like a really great trip....

    1. Ha... Absolutely DID NOT!!! lol It was just in our view from our balcony. We did eat some very good food... It was fun.

      Thanks, Slu

  3. LOVE me some Robert Plant!! They made an album together several years ago that I keep meaning to get. His most recent solo album is great! Glad y'all enjoyed your gulfshore holiday. Karen F

    1. Thanks Karen... We absolutely did. And yes, the video clip is from a collaboration they made together. If the rest is anything like the above, I'm in.


  4. What a beautiful vacation spot!!!! So glad you had a wonderful time away together. I'm with Donna- I much prefer the pool than the beach because I have a fish phobia.

    1. Debster... Thanks, it was fun. lol: She's right there with ya.

      Thanks for stopping by, Slu

  5. Great getaway for you and Donna. Donna and I have many things in common. We like the beach, but not the ocean water. We like to shop (I am still loving the blue purse you got on your last trip to Lousiana). We like to play with our handsome husbands. We like to go places. I think she could really be a sister of mine. I LOVE that Zepplin song you posted. It was fantastic.
    Great blog this week. As always, you made me smile. Tell Donna hello from the other Donna.
    Donna S.

    1. We were at dinner last night and I gave her my phone to read your comments: Big Smile lit up on her face. And she says 'hello' back.

      And yes, the video is just too awesome.

      Thanks so much for stopping by, Slu

      Have a great weekend!!!

  6. Hope you had a great time. Cuz

    1. Hey Cuz... We really did. Thanks for checking in. Hope all goes well on Monday. cuz

  7. That looks like a great place to re-charge.

    I love the pelican pictures!!!

    I'm on the fence w/the video. I think if I hadn't been such a huge fan of the original I'd really like it, but it makes me want to go put on the old one. :)

    Happy Sunday to you!

    1. Ha... It was. And the beauty of it is that it's just 20 minutes away. The Pelican's were everywhere!!! lol

      The video: I hear ya. Can't beat the original. But, still... lol

      Thanks for stopping by, Slu

  8. Oh I can see you both had a great time and only 20 minutes away can't be bad. Now the big question is, why wasn't I invited? I would have been there in an instant mate.
    I'm totally with the wife. I don't fancy being fish food on holiday, so stay with the chlorine. You get a certain amount of peace whilst relaxing in the water AND you get to enjoy another day.
    That bar looks great but since I have issues swimming, I'd be the one with big floats on my arms and around my waist, with a life-guard on standby just in case, and I don't mind taking the shame ha ha ha.

    I'm sure you are both totally relaxed and ready to jump back into the hazardous world.

    1. Smiling RPD... Wish you could have been there. We did have fun.

      The 'Swim up Bar?' You actually could have walked over to it in 3 1/2' water.

      Monday morning... Fixin' to get after it!!! ha

      Thanks for coming and bringing a smile, Slu

  9. Your trip looks FABULOUS! And aren't you lucky to be within easy driving distance! I love the beach--live just 5 minutes from it here in sunny South Florida. Your pictures are awesome and it looks like y'all had a blast!

    1. Yes... Seems we are both very lucky in that regard. Smiling!!!

      Thanks, we did. Appreciate the visit, Slu


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