Friday, March 29, 2013

Week 43... Another Wine Festival!!!


With absolutely no intentions of not posting last Friday, at the last minute, I decided not to because quite frankly, I had nothing to say...  zip, zilch, nada.  Nothing in the tank.  I did enjoy reading quite a few other Blog's while being  lazy, all of them so very good.  There is a lot of talent out there.  OK, that said...

Well, you would think we mark our calendar for all the Wine Festivals throughout the year.  But then again...  they are fun, so yeah, we like to hang where they pour wine.  And the music is not bad either.

So, last weekend, League City held its 1st Annual "Uncorked" Wine and Music Festival and we thought we would check it out.  It helps that we live just 5 minutes from the park where it was held.  We called up some friends that are "wine-ers" as well and invited them.  It sucks for them that they live over an hour away, but they were "troopers" and came anyway.

Looks like a "Hole in the Wall" place, but it's actually quite nice...
Now, what's the best way to get your "Wine Festival" groove on???  Well, you meet up at the Main St Bistro just down the street and enjoy some good food and good wine and Whiskey too, of course, along with some good company.  And then on to the Festival...

Through these gates...  Walter Hall Park in League City

One of the Early Bands performing a "Sound Check" prior to playing...
I was asked:  "Did you get a pic of that young girl?  Well, that was her Grand-daughter."  So, here she is...
My Buddy, "Boom-Boom," Myself, and my wine glass of Whiskey...
Kenneth Earl, his bride Pat, along the Wine Trail...
A couple of future Festival Go-ers, getting a "Free Ride"
The "Four-Leggers" were out as well enjoying the Sights & Sounds"
Is this our Future for the Military???
And yet another Band in the all day lineup...
Kenny & Pat, as we settled in for the Night Music...
My Little Bride & Myself, getting cosy, if not tipsy...  Ha!!!
The Setting Sun, trying to hide behind a row of Trees...
And finally, Kenneth Earl got a shot of the Band Headliner...  The Mambo Jazz Kings, getting their "Groove On"
And so, that's how our day went last SaturdayLots of fun with good friends.  This Saturday, and that would be tomorrow, we're going to do it all over again:  Different setting, different music.  Dinner at Sambuca's in Houston to hear the Shape Shifters... an awesome Classic Rock Cover Band.

A Couple of My Recent Moon Pics

From Last Night (Thursday)

Up Close...

Recipe'sSince Donna and I have been on the Gluten Free bandwagon, we have been eating more Salad's with our meals.  That said, I have tried to find several different Salad recipe's to keep from eating the "same old thing" every night.  All have been really good thus far, but one that I found was just a complete "Knocked it out of the park" home run!!!  We both really like Salad Recipe's that have a homemade dressing and this particular recipe had just that.  I found it on Pinterest and it is on my "Ain't No Gluten Here" Board.  From "Laylita's Recipe's," you will absolutely find your smile with Mango, Avocado, & Arugula Salad with Spicy Orange Vinaigrette.  Hope you can give it a try.

MusicWhile listening to Pandora over the last couple of weeks, I've heard this song a few times and it is truly one of my fave's.  It will no doubt get you in the mood for a little "Boogie-Woogie."  So, my song selection for this week is from Lynyrd Skynyrd.  I really hope you will check out their Live Performance from 1977, when they just "nail" Call Me The Breeze.  Please experience Gary Rossington on lead guitar and then Billy Powell on piano.  Holy Smokes!!!  They were absolutely on fire.  You will find your smile...

Got Eggs???

Not only is it "Happy Friday," it is also "Good Friday."  And that means it is Easter Weekend...  Have fun with the Little Ones, enjoy your Family, and know this:


Market WatchWell, "Goin' South" should be the theme for Facebook over the last two weeks, as it dipped to 25.58 at the close yesterday.  The Market as a whole, however, is very strong right now, maintaining its power at over 14,500.  

The EndAnother week is in the books and I am very happy that you stopped by.  Thank You so much and I look forward to seeing you back again next week.  Have a great Easter weekend.  

Be safe, be smart, and always Smile...  It's "Happy Friday"

adios...  vaya con dios


  1. Cheers from one wino to another! Looks like a great festival, plus ya gotta love a guy who ain't too proud to drink him some whiskey out of a wine glass.

    1. Ha... Cheers back at ya!!! I figured since it was a "Wine" Festival, I should drink my Whiskey from my Flask from their wine glass.

      Thanks for checking in, Slu

  2. Toasted walnuts, sliced pears, goat cheese and arugula salad with a balsamic vinegar dressing... Jazz Feast in NO is coming up... I am sure they might have a little wine.

    1. That Salad sounds amazing as well... Anything in NO sounds amazing!!!

      Thanks for checking in, Slu

  3. Like to never have got the yellow fish fed. He isn't very fast or smart. Hope you had a great weekend and have a great Easter with the family.

    1. Ha... Too funny. Thanks for feeding my fish. Back at ya!!!

      Thanks for checking in, cuz

  4. I want to hang out with you guys because you KNOW how to have fun! Hey, got an award for you--swing by my site and grab it! Congrats!

    1. Well, come on with your Bad Self... and hang out!!! Ha...

      You are just too sweet... and Thanks so much. Be Glad to.

      Thanks for stopping by, Slu

  5. We love wine. My hubs especially loves French Reds, but any wine will do for me living in a house with teenagers. Love your beautiful pics.

    1. My Little Bride is a Wine Lover on another level... I get it with teenagers: Ha!!!

      Thanks on the pics.

      I appreciate you stopping by, Slu

  6. Did you bring your wineglass-on-a-chain? I loved that.
    How exciting for your Grand daughter to be up there singing!
    Donna is gorgeous and your photos of the moon are incredible (I like the up close one with the craters)
    Lastly, I adore your sign about Grace. Grace plus nothing...I've been focusing on that one lately. Sunday our eldest, Alexandra was baptized. Still soaking/reveling in that feeling..
    Have a blessed Easter weekend, Slu.

    1. Double M... Actually, THEY brought theirs. We don't own any :-(...

      I must be clear: That was not Munchkin. Some lady told me that was her G-Kid that I had taken a pic of.

      Thanks for Donna and the Moon Pics: I think so as well and I love taking shots of the Moon.

      I loved the Grace pic when I saw it... CONGRATS on Eldest: Enjoy!!!

      And to your Family as well.

      Thanks for checking in, Slu

      PS: I loved the "Cone of Shame" pic... :-)

  7. Wow, two awesome weekends back to back, have a wonderful time!! Great pictures.....
    Love y'all,

    1. You just gotta have some fun along the way...

      Y'all have a great Easter weekend and say Hi to everybody.

      Thanks for stopping by, Lil Bro

  8. Well, that's exactly how I found out about wine, by going to lots of wine tasting events over a period of time and man did I have a good time. It's amazing how you think you know about whiskey/gin or rum until you taste the real smooth stuff compared to the stuff that strips the juices off your mouth. What fun I had for sure.

    Well Happy Easter, if you celebrate it and I'll be back to read and listen to some more..

    1. My Man RPD... That's what it's all about: Having fun and learning something along the way.

      We absolutely do celebrate Easter and thanks.

      Thanks for stopping by... I truly hope you enjoyed the music this week. Take care, Slu

  9. Whiskey in a wine glass! Apparently I need to start heading too some wine festivals! Looks like you had a blast. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. LOL... Just how I roll: Ha!!!

      They are lots of fun & it helps to have a "Flask."

      Thanks so much for stopping by, Slu

  10. Hey Slu! You may not know it, but I love your blog man. Gave you a shout out on my latest post. I hope you'll stop by for a read sometime. Take care...

    1. Dude... 1st: Welcome

      2nd: You are "Too Cool for School." I appreciate you stopping by and certainly I am Honored to accept and very much appreciate the "Shout Out."

      3rd: Absolutely... I'm "there" & looking forward to it.

      Finally, Congrats to you for being the "Recipient."

      Take care yourself, Slu


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