Friday, January 25, 2013

Week 35... Mortal Music


So, I suppose you could be asking yourself, "What is "Mortal Music?  Where is he going with this?"  Well, hang in there with me.  

Merriam-Webster defines medical Mortal as:  Having caused or being about to cause death...  of, relating to, or connected with, death.

Ok, one day, we all will "assume room temperature," so given that that's a given (a double double: ha...), let's add in some Music to the Mortal and I'll ask you this question:  What song(s) do you want played at your funeral???  Ha!!!  Have you even ever thought about it???  

I have found out this week that this is huge on the internet.  Just Google "Funeral Music."  Go figure...  I was blown away.  There are so many sites to choose from.  And let me tell you, if you don't already have something in mind, you can spend awhile online looking at the different categories.  It's actually pretty funny when you think about it.

On one site,, there are 27 songs listed under Top Funeral Music, The Most Popular Funeral Songs.  I have to add here that:  this is also the site that had a quote from exercise guru Jack LaLanne, who said, "I can't die.  It would ruin my image."  Well, I wonder what music he departed with???

On another site,, there is Top Funeral Songs in North America.  And then, one of my fave's I came across,, there is list after list.  Among them, Top Funeral Songs, Best Funeral Songs, and Classic Rock Funeral Songs (which caught my eye), see below.  

Some of the titles were pretty catchy:  On Obit's Top list, The Beatles' "The Long and Winding Road," Bob Dylan's "Death is Not the End," and Boyz II Men's "End of the Road."  On their Best list, Elton John's "Circle of Life," and leading the Classic Rock list, Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven."  I could not find my request anywhere on any list.  Not sure what that says...

Obit's little slogan on their site is, "Your Final Soundtrack."  That reminds me of a buddy I had in HFD.  His wife worked for Earthman Funeral Home.  At one time, their slogan was, "We're the last to let you down."  I always thought that was just too funny.  It's a business quote, but literally, they are exactly what it says.  Ha!!!

So, yes, I have thought about this for quite a while.  I have told Donna many times over the years that when I die, I want Lynyrd Skynyrd's Free Bird played at my funeral (I just love guitar solo's)...  All ten minutes and eight seconds of it.  As one line says, "Cause I'm as free as a bird now."  My only conflict, if you will, is if I die in the next few years, this song will still be hip and stand the test of time.  However, lets say I hang on for several years and die at age 96 (Ha!!!), will a 10:08 Classic Rock song be a bit too much for all my fellow "Geezers" that are lucky enough to still be living???  You know, it can go one of two ways:  The mid 90's guy can say, "My man Slu still has it going on."  Or, he could lean over to his wife and say, "What were they thinking?"  Heck, will they even hear it being played???  Something to think about.  At least for now, my instructions are: BOOM IT!!!

As for Donna, it's a bit more complicated.  When we first started talking about this subject years ago, she said she wanted a version of "Morning Has Broken" played.  Then, sometime later, she told me she wanted to add a 2nd song, Norman Greenbaum's "Spirit In The Sky."  Recently, she informed me she wanted to add a 3rd song, and as I write this, the name escapes me (note to self: write down the 3rd song).  So, by the time Donna gets around to "Room Temperature," there is no telling how many songs she may have added to the "play list."  I'm thinking at her funeral, we may well have a Concert.  We might have to make sure we have "Bic Lighters" or at least our Cell Phones in order to stand and "request" an Encore Song.  That's the Woman that I know and love.

So, what do you think???  Have you had this conversation with a loved one or a friend while indulging in libations???  What Mortal Music will your friends hear while you are at room temperature the "Center of Attention?"

More Puzzle Mania...

Yes, as I said recently, I have found that I love spending time putting puzzles together.  I'm just not sure why I keep choosing extremely difficult puzzles, because they will "drive you nuts."  But, anyway, here is a look at the latest:

My new collection with a "Roll Up" mat...
My 1000 Piece Underwater Puzzle, laid out with the border in the middle...
And I got started this week...  Slowly but surely.
Market WatchAgain, not much to speak of regarding Facebook, having closed yesterday at 31.08, and staying pretty much where it has been for a few weeks.

The EndWeek #35 is in the books...  Thank You very much for stopping by Slu's World.  I really appreciate it.  Hope to see you again next week.

Be safe, be smart, and always smile...  It's "Happy Friday"

adios...  vaya con dios


  1. I guess Donna's departure could be considered a musical, but, what a way to go. Love cuz

    1. Ha... It's heading that way. Thanks for checking in, cuz

  2. as discussed new years,"over the rainbow" original version by Judy Garland.It may be a "trendy" funeral song, but its got sentimental value to me. I bet mom appreciates the puzzle roll up. Let me know if it works!

  3. song number three..."I Will Remember You" Sara McClachlan. :-) FYI...they are written inside my brown leather Bible. I will keep a running list for you ;-)
    Wife 4 Life...D.

    1. Ok... it's "locked in" now and on the "playlist."

  4. Enjoyed the blog...funny. Love you, W4L

    1. You gotta know I'm smiling... and I sure dig that "W4L" thing. Love you back.

  5. Another really good blog... :-) I love your thoughts and I like the musical idea, that sounds nice... Love y'all, Big Sis

    1. I can just hear Free Bird playing and everybody getting into it... Ha!!!

      Thanks, Lil Bro

  6. Haha! I have NO idea! I like Donna's 'spirit in the sky' idea. But it's not really a tear jerker (not that I want everyone sobbing over me, I'd much rather they got up and had a boogie). The hubs is saying a U2 track (Either One, or where the streets have no name). You've got me thinking now....

    Oh, and I'm glad you're still on your puzzle run. no time for puzzling for me - too busy blogging;)

    1. Kind of fun to think about, huh???

      I love "The Streets Have No Name."

      I'm loving my puzzle... I know for a fact you're too busy blogging: I can't keep up with you. Holy Smokes!!!

      Thanks for checking in. Take care, Slu

  7. Love your song selections. I also like Tim McGraw's "Please Remember Me." Also love that song that My Immortal came out with years ago--I forget the name but it alway made me cry when I heard it--so beautiful.

    1. "Double M #2": I like "Please Remember Me." It's easy to get carried away with this... ha!!!

      Thanks for checking in, Slu

  8. Well, I've got it covered mate. I'm from the East End of Lovely London UK, and I sorted me own funeral from time. My bod is going to science. If they don't accept it for any reason my coffin will be draped in the British flag (cheapest coffin of course) then the guests will each pay for a slap up meal of British Pie n Mash n liquor, no more than £3.50 per head, followed by a drink at the pub at their own expense.

    At the actually funeral, they can play the ole Vera Lynn classic - We'll Meet Again - don't know where, don't know when, but I know we'll meet again, some sunny day...... I'm all choked up right now just singing it. OR down the pub, they can sing the ole favourite 'Roll out the barrel, let's have a barrel of fun'........ A good old English knees up, if you know what I mean.

    1. LOL... You have got it going!!! When that time comes, it sounds like everyone will have a blast with fond memories. Ha!!! Smile & enjoy, Slu

      Thanks for checking in.

  9. Oh Slu,
    This is such a funny topic (Morbid, I know) because of my last post, but...I would totally have somebody playing "Hot Potato," a song I taught in Kindergarten. People would play it with my ashes in an urn and the last person with the "hot potato Urn" would get all my jewelry.
    Hahahahhahahahahaha. I'm totally kidding.

    I'm jealous of your puzzle map! I've been putting together that VanGogh puzzle and it's killing me (pun again).
    Did you forget to post that the Freaking Patriot's lost???? Woo Hoo!
    I'm glad to be caught up with your going-ons, man
    Take care,

    1. The Patriots LOST!!! Ha Ha...

      I am loving my puzzle, although it is extremely hard.

      I've thought about this music/funeral thing for years.

      Thanks for checking in, Slu

    2. BTW, I really can spell. Auto correct hates me.
      I meant puzzle mat.
      Patriot's loss...

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