Friday, January 11, 2013

Week 33... Couch??? No Way, Jose


A picture of a box of Kleenex and "Couch???  No Way, Jose" for the title might have you scratching your head or not!!!, but hang in there with me as I try to explain and bring this all together.

On my work desk...  Using every couple of minutes!!!
In the movie Stripes (from 1981), there is a scene where it is pouring down rain, it's cold out, and the platoon, in Basic Training, is about to go out for an exercise run.  Bill Murray's character, a Soldier in training, tells his Drill Sergeant, Warren Oates, that "It is the Cold and Flu Season," hoping to get out of drills for the day.  It did not work.  

But, as I write this, it is definitely the "Cold and Flu Season."  All OVER the place!!!  Reports this week have said that as many as 41 States have reported "outbreaks of the flu."  Headlines such as "US emergency rooms inundated with flu patients," and "Flu patients overwhelming hospitals" are popping up. Yikes!!!

So, that brings me to last Friday.  I woke up sometime before my alarm went off and noticed that when I swallowed, it was really sore.  Of course, I thought, here we go.  I'm busted by the "bug."  And of course, it went South from there.  Over the next 24 hours, it did get worse and I went Krogering Saturday morning for my "Cold and Flu" fave's:

I love me some NyQuil (Kroger style)...  The DayQuil:  3 Times a Day
And I pop these bad boys every few minutes...
Now, up to that point, Donna had felt fine.  She was scheduled to work last Saturday, and then again this week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  And this week was very important to her in that it was her last week at the Salon she was at and wanted to and needed to finish it out.  (Stay Tuned for some Great Info!!!)  So, as I got worse, I think it was Saturday night when Donna said, "Babe, I can't get sick.  One of us might have to sleep on the couch."  One of us was Code for me.  Immediately I'm thinking, there are two problems with that statement...  1:  I don't sleep on the couch, period (and I told her that), you know, "No way, Jose."  2:  I don't like sleeping without Donna, period.  So, "Houston, we have a problem."  

Have I mentioned I don't like to go to the Doctor???  So, I've got to get well fast (take my meds like clockwork), I've got to stay out of her face (no kissing, grrrrrrrrr), and I've got to make sure I cover my mouth on every cough, every sneeze, and every little whatever that might expose airborne germs.  A happy wife is a happy life.  Ha!!! 

A week later now, I'm happy to report that I did get better (still on the meds), nobody slept on the couch, and Donna has not gotten sick.  A win-win situation all around.  Now, about that bed...

When I met Donna, I had a Queen Size bed.  And to this day, we still have that Queen Size bed.  Donna has wanted to buy a King Size bed and I have refused to.  As I said earlier, I don't like sleeping without Donna.  And I like being in close proximity to her while we sleep.  She did text me one morning several months ago and said, "I have made an Executive Decision.  I bought a new mattress this morning." My only thought was, Queen or King?  Yes, it was a Queen.  Smiling.  When we stay at Hotels, we get a King Size bed.  My problem with them is that I feel like we are sleeping in different counties.  I need my binoculars to find her and that drives me nuts!!!  Crazy???  Maybe...  But I love my "Woman."  Speaking of my Woman...  I am proud to say:

And then, there was "Primadonna Salon"

Starting next Tuesday, January 15, my "Little Bride" is going "Solo."  After working in a salon(s) all these years, she is opening her own Salon, as the Owner.  A small one, as she will be the only Stylist, but it's hers and that makes me very happy.  Congrats Babe...  Best wishes.

Houston Texans FootballWow!!!  They did it.  The Texans won their 1st Round Playoff Game against the Bengals, 19 to 13.  They now travel to New England for REVENGE to play the Patriots on Sunday.  The winner will play the following week for the right to go to the Super Bowl.

Libations Anyone???Last week, I showed a picture of some Choco-Shots we had on New Years Eve.  I had enough inquiries to warrant a show here in this space.  Click on this link:  Cocoa Vino Chocolate Wine and see just how good this stuff is.  Get "Chocolate Wasted" with Choco-Shots!!!  Ha...  

MusicThis week, I'm having a little fun at my own expense with my song selection...  This coming Monday, the 14th, is my Birthday and "This Old Man" will turn 57 (yikes!!!).  So, with that said, I hope you will click on the link here and enjoy an "oldie," This Old Man.

Market WatchHoly Smokes!!!  This week, a measurable climb as Facebook upped its way to 31.33 yesterday...  Can it hold???

The EndAgain, Thank You so much for checking in at Slu's World.  I really appreciate that you stopped by.  I hope you will come back next week.

Be safe, be smart, and always smile...  It's "Happy Friday"

adios...  vaya con dios


  1. Congrats to Donna's success! And I have to admit, I send my sick husband to couch Siberia, too. Thanks for sharing this fun post---I'm off now to get chocolate wasted!

    1. Thanks... We are so excited about the Salon. Enjoy the "wasted-ness."

      Thanks for checking in, Slu

  2. So glad you're better and I'm glad Donna didn't get sick. I'm glad to hear about her new salon, I know she will be very successful. I hope you both have a great weekend and 'Go Texans'!!!

    1. Thanks... sick is never much fun. New clients are already calling. It's amazing and we are excited. Fingers crossed for the Texans.

      Thanks for checking in, Lil Bro

  3. Lady's First: Donna, Congratualtions on opening your own business. It must feel great to be in the driver seat and know that you have Steve as the perfect "wing man." I am sure the feeling of success will be almost as good as feeling the love and support of your husband. BRAVO!

    You are lucky that the over the counter stuff worked for you to kick the flu. My daughter-in-law is the director of nursing for the Hermann Children's hospital and she said that the hospital is full of sick kids (and adults). I am glad you are kicking it.

    We are sharing a birthday month. My BD is on January 30th. I think all the really cool people were born in January. Happy birthday my friend. I don't think you are the kind of guy that could ever be called an "old man".
    All the best to you on your birthday and lots of happiness and luck to Donna.

    Donna S.

    1. DS... Thanks so much!!! Donna & I are so excited. We've talked about doing this for a long time. It's done & we are smiling as we go forward.

      I was lucky indeed. Could have been much worse. Smiling about that too.

      January is a good month. Ha!!!

      Thanks for checking in... Always look forward to your comments, Slu

  4. Congrats to Donna on her new venture! She's daBoss, now! Just like at home. ...Hahaa

    So sorry you were sick. We all need bulk in Nyquil and Dayquil, Sucrets and Kleenex; oh, and Lysol. I hope you are absolutely on the mend by now. Sorry also that I'm so late responding. I will just say YAY! to the Texan's first win, and BOO! to the other game. I do not like the Pats at all.

    Thanks for the awesome shot recipe. I'm also wishing you a very happy belated birthday. I hope it was amazing and gets to make it into your next Friday story.

    57 is going to rock, man :)

    1. Double M... She likes to think she is the boss at home. Ha!!! We are both so excited. She opened today and it was all good.

      Was sick... could have been worse. Seem to be better now.

      Texans: Can't complain too much. We had such a good season.

      Get Choco wasted!!! Ha!!! Enjoy. My birthday (ha!!!) Maybe next weekend.

      Thanks for checking in, Slu


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