Friday, August 24, 2012

Week 14... What I Like


This week, I am back with my "normal" blog after taking last week to enjoy The Liebster Award.  Now, I want to share with you "What I Like," which, I hope, will explain why I will forever say that I am truly blessed.

November 20, 1999
I like being Married... To Donna.  A lot!!!  We have been married almost 13 years now and I still look at her and say, "Wow!"  And then... she smiles and lights up my world.  When we married, I was not such a good "communicator," having struggled in that area in the past.  
She would have none of that.  Our communication is now strong, thanks to her, and is one of the reasons that our marriage is where it is today.  She says she is my "Wife for Life" which brings to me a level of happiness in my heart and my spirit and that truly makes me appreciate each day with her.

I like our "Motley Crew."  It's a "Brady Bunch" kind of mix: My three, her three...  add in a daughter-n-law, a step-son-n-law, a boyfriend, a fiance', an almost, maybe kinda sorta fiance', two grand-children, and Toby (the dog) and it explains why my hair is rapidly turning more and more gray (ha!!!).  Kids will do that to you.  It hasn't always been "perfect," but life with the "crew" has been really good and when you can say, "I wouldn't have it any other way," well, I'll take that any day.

I like my Facebook Friends...  at over 400 and counting, probably close to half are family and friends from my early years in Dallas, or my friends from High School in Houston, several of which I really did not even know well at the time, but have become better friends through FB.  Others that I knew, I have re-acquainted with and the day to day interaction with old friends is both fun and rewarding.  A "place" to "hang" with friends.  Makes me smile...  As well as my New friends within the Blogging Community.  Which leads me right into:

I like the Internet...  How can we look back to the 60's, 70's, and 80's without wondering how we ever made it without the Internet???  Holy Smokes!!!  Well, some might suggest it was better back then without it.  We had Gunsmoke, Carol Burnett, and the Red Skelton Show.  Andy Griffith, Dick Van Dyke, and Lucy.  As kids, we were the remote:  "Get up and go change the channel for me" (there were only 5 or 6 choices).  Large telephones on the wall with cords for crying out loud.  Well, I'm kinda diggin' progress!!!  Kinda diggin' the world at my fingertips.  Lap-Tops, I-Pads, Smart Phones and Smart TV's.  Kinda diggin' technology.  And I'm sure kinda diggin' Pandora!!!  Ha...  

The Golden Nugget
I like my Jeep...  up until about two years ago, I had always wanted a Jeep, but had never bought one.  I talked about it a lot and one Saturday I told Donna I wanted to go buy a Jeep.  I bought the "Golden Nugget."  My very first Jeep.  Nine months later I bought my second and current Jeep.  My "Baby."  2nd in line to my "Little Bride" of course.
My "Baby"

Not "naked"
Nothing like a "stick" with the top down on a pretty Spring or Fall day or every single day in between with Pandora screaming!!!

I like Houston Texans Football...  I recently stated on this blog that I am a Season Ticket holder and have been since Day 1.  And now, finally, after 10 years, it appears that we may be on the verge of really BIG things happening this coming season.  Dare I suggest a Super Bowl???  And for the first time in 10 years, a game on Thanksgiving Day at Detroit an easy win against the Lions, Double M!!!  Ha!!!  If you are a Football Fan in Houston, it is finally "our time."

I like Cooking...  I have cooked off and on for most of my adult life.  But, about 18 months ago, give or take, I went online, found a "healthy" recipe website, selected a recipe for our dinner that night, and prepared it.  I did not "re-invent the wheel," but I did accomplish two things that night.  First, Donna sat down shocked & stunned and genuinely appreciated what I had done.  Second, I really enjoyed being in the kitchen preparing a healthy meal.  Since that night, probably 85 percent of our meals have been truly healthy meals.  I have been in the kitchen for every single one them and absolutely enjoyed my time preparing.  There is no better satisfaction than hearing the words, "Wow babe, we could serve this to company."  The other 15 percent?  Come on now...  can't be perfect!!!

Our Fave "His & Hers" Cups
I like Sunday Mornings...  Semi quiet, Smooth Jazz playing in the background, a cup of coffee and the aroma that it brings to the room, and my "little bride" close by.  The Tobester laying nearby.  Maybe a small breakfast.  Casual conversation...  It all adds up to, as the Commodores sang, "Easy like Sunday Morning." 

These are just some of What I like and what absolutely make my world "go 'round."

As Neil Young sang in "I am a Child,"  "You can't conceive of the pleasure in my smile."

Slu's version...  "Wow"
Recipe's:  This week, I can't say this is a "healthy" recipe, but it is absolutely "to die for."  After preparing this twice and LOVING every bite in the last couple of weeks, I have to share this recipe.  Called Chocolate Chess Pie, the recipe can be found here.  Please check this one out...  You will find your smile.

His & Hers:  Wine & Jack

Libations Anyone???:  In keeping with the title of this Blog Post, the pic at your left should "say it all."  Nothing like a few bottles of Wine & some Jack at the "ready."

Market Watch:  Two weeks ago, a new low was reached as Facebook was clearly heading South...  nothing much has changed in that regard.  In these past two weeks, more losses to the tune of closing yesterday at 19.44.

The End:  In the last week, my Blog "page views" numbers have set an all time high.  I truly appreciate your time spent here on this page and as always, I want to say Thank You.  Next week, check back for "Livin' the Dream."  

Be safe, be smart, and always smile...  It's "Happy Friday"



  1. Loved reading your likes and your genuine appreciation for life. I was just telling my daughter that I couldn't imagine having FB or an iphone at her age..I remember gabbing on the phone and cursing the fact that the cord would only stretch so far...Ahem. Okay, Slu. You must go on the "internet" and look at the cover of the upcoming game "Madden 13". You will find on the cover your 2013 Super Bowl Champions. Happy Friday :)

    1. 1st: Thanks... 2nd: I will look for a good laugh!!! ha... take care, slu

  2. you use to have hair?

    1. Ha!!! as a member of the "crew," you should have known that... and it was black too.

  3. Liked this very much!!! Your "likes" help everyone know exactly who you are. They describe you perfectly. I'm going to have to make this pie this weekend. Howard was admitted to the hospital Monday for an overnight stay. He had been having pain and finally swelling in his leg. Went to the ER Monday (I was in Tulsa for a few days - came home that afternoon) and was admitted with a large blood clot in his left leg. They put him on blood thinners to help dissolve the clot. He came home Tuesday afternoon and Home Health Care is coming out each day through Sunday to give him shots with blood thinners plus he is taking oral blood thinning medication. He will be on the oral medicine for a minimum of 6 months. His leg is still swollen and he can't get around very well, but he seems to be getting a little better each day.

    1. Thanks Sis... tell Howard we said "Hey." Keep us posted. take care.

  4. Hey, Slu! I enjoyed reading your blog today....your optimism is contagious....thanks!

  5. I like your likes! Donna sounds amazing and I totally love the fact that you cook also. My guy does too and is always experimenting with ideas. I don't do FB anymore but I do enjoy Twitter ..what in the world would we do without the www. as back in the day I used to "meet" people via snail mail. Now with the internet it is a lot cheaper and easier..less cramping of the hands lol great post!

  6. This is such a wonderful post! No wonder you received the Liebster Award--you are a very talented writer--always entertaining! I like what you said about marriage--it is truly a blessed thing. I'v been married 28 years---so long that we think too much alike. I always come to him when I am writing a new blog post--we sit in our backyard garden with a bottle of wine between us and I start writing. I bounce ideas off of him and he comes up with some great stuff--a lot of that off the wall humor comes from him!! I also love my Sunday mornings--we sit on the front porch and sip coffee with our chocolate biscotti and watch the word go by. Then the cooking--oh man do I love to cook--especially baking! Nothing makes me happier than cooking for an appreciative and hungry crowd!! The internet--I am new to tho sub tI love it and can't believe what I have been missing out on. I have not only become addicted to blogging but also Facebook. What fun!! How did we ever survive the 60's, 70's and 80's without it???? Thanks Slu for sharing this--what a great read!

    1. you are just absolutely too kind... very sweet comments. i truly appreciate it and always look forward to what i will find on your page next. take care,slu


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