Friday, August 3, 2012

Week 11... In Just 15 Seconds


This week, I want to share with you a story of just how proud a Dad can be, in a given moment, in fact, "in just 15 seconds."  And that Dad would be me.  If you are a parent, we have all had these proud moments through various activities of our children.  This one is mine and it will last forever.  

As I have previously stated on this Blog, I have two sons, Justin and Shane.  I have a story in mind for Justin that I will share in the coming weeks.  Today, I want to share a special memory I have regarding Shane.  

I need to preface this story by telling you that I am a football "freak."  I love football, period.  I grew up in Dallas watching Dallas Cowboys football every Sunday with my Dad and have loved it ever since.  I have been a Houston Texans Season Ticket holder since Day 1.  The day they announced that Houston had received the rights to another NFL franchise, I knew then and there I was going buy season tickets.  With that said...

Soccer boy: Looks like he just scored
Shane began playing organized team soccer at age 4 and continued playing each year for several years.  I remember his first "goal" on a Saturday morning as a 4 year old.  

Once in Junior High School, he played on the school basketball team.  As a Freshman entering Bellaire High School, he decided he wanted to try out for football for the first time.  Other than him and I throwing the football around to each other, he had never participated in any type of organized team football up to that point.

As a Freshman, he was automatically assigned to the Junior Varsity Team.  Shane's body style made him an easy choice for the coaches to put him on defense.  During that first year, because of his work ethic, the JV coaches selected Shane to be a Defensive Captain.  He would settle in at the linebacker position.  In his Freshman year, he played Middle Linebacker.

Entering his second year as a Sophomore, Shane had high hopes of possibly making the Varsity Team.  More than anything else, his weight probably dictated that he would spend another year on the Junior Varsity Team, and again, he would lead his team as Defensive Captain, and play Middle Linebacker.  With two years of playing experience now under his belt, he was expecting to be selected to the Varsity Team going into his Junior year.

At the end of summer practices in 2008, heading into the new school year and upcoming season, Shane, now a Junior, was told by his coaches that he would again be on the Junior Varsity Team.  There would be no "Friday Night Lights."  He was disappointed for sure, but his attitude was to be the best he could be for whatever team he played on.  For the third year in a row, he was selected to be Defensive Captain.  He was moved to Outside Linebacker for his Junior season.  During the course of the season, there was a routine practice play where he was in on a tackle and on that play, he hurt his wrist.  He felt it, but he continued to practice.  He mentioned it to me, but he downplayed it and said he was alright.  The next day was "game day."

On this particular Game Day, a Thursday, Shane's team would play on their "home" field, behind the school.  I would stand in my "usual" position for games along the sideline.  Other parents would sit nearby in lawn chairs and there were a few parents that would sit in the temporary sideline stands.  This game against rival Lamar, was a close game.  Heading into the second half, Bellaire had a slight lead.  Shane was playing a good game.  He had made several tackles and helped make some good stops.  In the 4th quarter, the score was still close, with Bellaire maintaining a slim lead.  Lamar had the ball.  Time was running out.  Lamar came to the line of scrimmage and prepared for their next play.  The quarterback took the snap, dropped back for a pass, looked down field to his right, and threw the football in that direction.  On this particular play, Shane, reading the quarterback, would step just in front of the intended receiver and intercept the ball.  He returned the ball down the far sideline for approximately 40 yards before being pushed out of bounds at the 2 yard line.  On the very next play, Bellaire would score a rushing touchdown to put the game out of reach due to the time left on the game clock.  Lamar would not have enough time to score twice.  Game over.  Bellaire wins!!!

In the "Big Scheme" of things, let's be honest...  this game was played on a Thursday afternoon on a practice field between Junior Varsity players.  There may have been 40 to 50 parents and a few students watching the game.  There were no College Scouts in attendance.  But on that day, on that field, between two football teams, Shane was absolutely the best player playing football.  After he was pushed out of bounds following his interception, several nearby parents looked right at me and said, "Your son is really good."  That one play, from start to finish, took place "in just 15 seconds."  And in those 15 seconds, as a Dad, I had more joy in my heart than I will ever be able to convey in words.  Those 15 seconds of joy will remain with me forever.

Shane would play just two more games after the Lamar game before succumbing to the overbearing pain in his wrist that he had hurt in practice one day before the "interception" game.  A few visits to the Doctor would eventually reveal that his wrist had been broken.  His season was over.  And during the summer, he had surgery on his wrist which would result in his inability to play football during his Senior year.  His football playing days were over.  But watching him practice and play football for those three years put a smile on my face and a memory within me that I will always have.  
Another Sunday "At the Game."

Now...  well, since he is away at College, Shane and I are always "talking" Houston Texans football and I love it!!!  And if he happens to be in town on a given Sunday during the seson, we are always in our "seats."  Let me ask you... "Are you ready for some football???"

Photos:  Some recent Moon shots...


I can tell you the Moon is very hard to capture without the use of a tri-pod.  It's like chasing a "moving" target.  Ha!!!  Not easy to keep on the screen.

Recipe's:  I want to share with you a household favorite from what I refer to as our "go to" site,, and you will be "thanking" me if you give this a shot.  Check out Sweet & Fiery Pork Tenderloin with Mango Salsa and put a smile on your face. 

Libations Anyone???:  Holy Smokes...  I recently mentioned in this space one of my favorite "after dinner" drinks, which was a Cognac.  Today, I am highlighting what would be my "very close 2nd" favorite after dinner "libation" and that would be Baileys Irish Cream.  Served chilled, like really cold, and it is amazing.  Wake up the next morning and spike your coffee with some and you will absolutely find your "smile."  Enjoy...

Music:  I will say this about Shane...  if there is one thing that we don't agree on, it would be music.  We go in different directions there.  But, back in the day when he was younger, we would be driving around in my Camaro Convertable with the top down and blasting Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers and the two us would do our "best" Tom Cruise (from Jerry MaGuire) by screaming Free Fallin'.  Give it a listen. 

Market Watch: Wow!!!  The definition of "Obliterated" says: To do away with, To wipe out, To erase.  While I would not go that far in my assessment of Facebook and its decline in value since Day 1 on the Market, I will say, "It ain't lookin' good."  At the close yesterday, it fell to 20.04!!!  Now down 18 points and clearly heading South.    

The EndAs always, Thank You very much for spending time in Slu's World.  Sincerely appreciated...  Check back next week and see what's going on with "Starsky & Hutch???"

Be safe, be smart, and always smile...  It's a "Happy Friday"



  1. hey ..yeah you are one proud dad..No wonder ;)Loved reading your son's story.
    Moon shots are just amazing.
    Thanks for sharing recipes.
    Follow each other ;).

  2. My youngest daughter Casey, bless her heart, didn't get any of the Sluder height, that never stopped her from playing sports. She was only five foot two. She was a competitor in what ever she went after. (that she got from the Sluder's I sat on the sideline and watched with great pride, just because she was there doing her best. She was a scrapper and other players learned she was no push over. The moral of the story is - It doesn't matter what your doing, just do your best and don't give up.

    1. absolutely cuz... it's amazing to watch and be a part of. we are blessed. slu

  3. Oh Slu, I was thisclose to telling you what a great story this was. While I do love that your son had the chance to rock a play and that you had the wonderful honor of witnessing it.....I just can't get past the fact that you once rooted for Dallas. Dear Heavens. :) A quick scan up the page shows that, yes you are from Texas...I just never put the two together. I'm going to have to think this one over...(HAHA)- shellybean; a DIEHARD Detroit Lions fan. Our motto? ABD (anyone but Dallas).. Enjoy your week. :)

    1. Ha!!! "Double M," surely you can see: "that was then, this is now." die-hard Texans fan now... and guess what??? Thanksgiving Day, baby!!! it's on now like Donkey Kong!!! thanks, take care... slu

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  5. Hi Slu! Being a Brit - and a 'girl' the chances of me being the target audience of this particular blog post were pretty slim - but I still loved the read! I must admit I was lost over some of the American Football terminology - but I got the sentiment all the same! Your comment on my GBR vs USA kicked off a bit of American Football bashing - so cheers for that;0
    Anyway - ulterior motive here - I want to pass on the Liebster Blog award to you if you would accept:D the details are on My Go Momma blog (post is called 'Go Momma')!
    Cheers Slu - Happy blogging!

    1. wow!!! 1st: i appreciate your kind words and thoughts as well as you trying to understand my American football lingo.

      2nd: i'm stunned... words can't convey my absolute "Thanks" to you. absolutely I will... it would be an honor to accept. slu


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